News Worth Sharing: Jamie Foxx signs on for “Django”

It’s official. Jamie Foxx has signed on to play the lead character in Quentin Tarantino’s next film, “Django”.

I don’t remember liking Foxx that much in anything outside of “Ray” (Which was incredible), but we’ll see how that goes this weekend, when I check out “Horrible Bosses”. Regardless, I have to say, I could NOT wrap my head around the idea of Will Smith in a Quentin Tarantino movie. For those of you who hadn’t heard, Smith was reportedly Tarantino’s first choice.

“Django” will also star Leonard DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz. It will be a revenge tale revolving around a freed slave (Django – Foxx) teaming up with a German bounty (Waltz) hunter to get revenge on his former plantation owner (DiCaprio) and free the woman he loves.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard the high concept of a Tarantino movie and not gone, “Huh”? There’s always just that touch of crazy to it. A slavery/revenge tale sounds reasonable enough, but… where does a German bounty hunter fit in? LOL. That’s Q.T. for you folks.

What do you think? Anyone a big Tarantino fan out there?

4 thoughts on “News Worth Sharing: Jamie Foxx signs on for “Django”

  1. I don’t have high hopes for the Django movie, but I think Foxx did a good job in “Collateral”, working besides Tom Cruise. I didn’t see “Ray”.

    • That’s a good one Ray. LOL… you’d think you’d have caught it with a title like “Ray”, no?

      Anyways, Foxx was incredible, he deserved that Oscar bigtime.

      I was always “meh” on Collateral, I dont know why…

  2. You talk about the Quentin Tarantino movies, and I just saw this past week the Kill Bill movies played back to back all week long. Where do these movies fit in to your blog?

    • Nic new icon, btw.

      Uh. Well. One of them definitely would make “Movies that everyone should see”. Pulp Fiction for sure. that’s in my top five all time.

      Unfortunately, its not out on Blu yet, so the screencap community doesnt have any nice high res pics for me to pilfer. LOL. 🙂 It will have to wait.

      I WAS thinking of doing a rebuttal to a piece I saw on Castors site “Anomalous Materials” where one of the authors did his top ten Tarrantino characters and I pretty much vehemnetly disagreed with him. I may figure something out post-comic-con.

      Kind of tough to fit into my current categories… Do you think any of them except PF rise to the “Movies that everyone should see” level?

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