Horrible Bosses

“Horrible Bosses” isn’t horrible at all.

In fact, it’s really, really good.

Laughs straight through from start to finish, every member of the cast represents well, and it doesn’t stretch its material and wind up overstaying its welcome. I have no reservations about recommending highly.

Let’s start, just like the movie does, with the bosses. This is a trio that make Bill Lumberg of “Office Space” look like the Boss of the Year. Jason Bateman’s boss, played by Kevin Spacey, is an outright asshole who loves lording his power over people. Running Jason Sudeikis’s company is Colin Farrell. Farrell’s character has just inherited the company and doesn’t give a crap. All he wants is more money to feed his coke habit. And playing a sexually harassing, sex-hungry cougar is Jennifer Aniston.

To say that Aniston takes the cake is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, Spacey and Farrell are both hysterical. They get every ounce out of their screen time, no doubt. But the phrase “playing against type” just isn’t strong enough for what Jennifer Aniston does here. Not only is she portraying a sexual deviant, not only does she constantly grope and come on to her employee (and her patients), but every word of her mouth practically is FILTHY. LOL. She make Diaz’s “Bad Teacher” seem well-behaved. After this weekend, people may just start talking about Aniston as a comedienne again instead of a rom-com star and US weekly cover model.

These three characters abuse the three leads to such an extent that, over a night of drinking and commiserating, the three leads decide that their only option is to have them killed. This leads them to an inner city bar where they running into Jamie Foxx. Jamie’s character, “Mr” Jones (heh) refuses to kill their bosses for them, but agrees to be their “Murder Consultant” and offer them advice. Foxx doesn’t have that many scenes, but he makes a nice contribution. Very funny. I now have a movie I liked him in aside from Ray.

Of course, each of these characters I’ve mentioned so far are really only supporting roles. The three leads get most of the screen time, that goes without saying. Sudeikis isn’t given all that much funny to make… there’s only so much to go around. Jason Bateman does fine, he does his Jason Bateman straightman with a touch of snark thing. But the real star of the trio is Charlie Day. I’d be shocked if he didn’t come out of this movie as “This Year’s Zak Galifianakis” that is, a comedian who’s been working hard, but suddenly gets that one big movie and everybody talks about him. Day is go go go from day one here. Whether he’s freaking out over Aniston’s advances, coked out of his mind and talking a mile a minute, or panicking over the most recent series of events, Day is hysterical. I’ve only seen one season of “It’s Always Sunny”, so he wasn’t on my radar that much. But he will be after this, for sure.

Together the three of them bumble their way through trying to pull off the triple hit. I mean, the Government gets more stuff done than these guys do. When it’s all said in done, there’s lots of laughs, a few twists you didn’t see coming, a really funny car chase finale, all wrapped in a nice tidy 1:40 package. I felt like it flew by, but hey. Time flies when you’re having fun.

A-, only because I don’t see this movie entering any “Classic Comedy” conversations…

3 thoughts on “Horrible Bosses

  1. I got to see this movie last night and must agree with you about Charlie Day. He and Jennifer Aniston really were the dominating performances. But everyone really does a good job. The situations were funny and outrageous and delivered well. I liked the movie overall and laughed at the outtakes at the end. But I have some story and casting criticisms. I feel that Kevin Spacey’s jealousy issues were not quite developed enough in the film. A few more comments or one more focused scene may have satisfied me. The casting issue is with Jason Sudeikis. I think his distraction with women would have been better understood if the character was more of a womanizer or pretty boy, to me he just didn’t fit the role and was less natural than the others. Still it was worth seeing.

    • Ray. Nice summation. I agree with every single thing you point out, including Sudeikis. He’s the least integral of all threeof the main guys. I dont think his character brought a single laugh out of me.

      Thankfully for the movie, the rest of the cast brought plenty of laughs to the table.

      I appreciate your swining back and adding your thoughts on this. I hope people feel free to do that as we build this place up!!

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