TV Talk: “True Blood” (S4E3, “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”)

Tonight’s episode began with a tiny, but important bit of information. For a half a season and a couple of episodes, we’ve been informed that Sookie’s blood is a delicacy to Vampires. And as such, she smells delicious to them. Well, tonight, thanks to Mindwiped Eric, we finally learn what it is exactly that she smells like.

Honey Bunches of Oats.

I like Mindwiped Eric. Sure, he’s vacant, dull and clueless, but he says things spontaneously and gives us a break from cocksure Eric, which was getting pretty stale.

The plot thread of the night had to go to captive Jason. Held prisoner in “Bagheera City”, he struggles to deal with the fact that these people are trying to turn him into a were-panther. Of course, I don’t think these people are 100% reliable, do you? At this point I wouldn’t bet on them to be able to make ice if you gave them a freezer and water filled ice-cube tray, let alone another “Ghost Daddy”. I mean, I thought the point was they had to “Turn” Jason first. Still seems human to me. But that doesn’t matter to Crystal. She’s like “It’s Mexican Viagra time for you, buddy!!” and off she goes!!

I wanna send that whole hillbilly city a crate of wet-naps so they can wipe their freakin’ mouths.  

Back in Bon Temps Proper, Andy Bellefleur had one of his best moments of the entire series. He’s fiendin’, he’s itchin’, he’s droppin’ F-Bombs during the Serenity Prayer, then he just goes for it! “V”! It’s finger sucking good!! Once he’s jacked up on that shit, apparently you had better get out of his way. Who knows what the hell will happen. He’s liable to get up in your face and write you up a speeding ticket for mowing your lawn.

Bill Compton is a new character this season! I like him much better now that he’s not slaving over Sookie. He’s walking tall, throwing his rank around, having chicks throw Co-worker with benefit arrangements at him. He’s livin’ the life. I just want him to send that chick out to do his bidding so I can officially use the phrase “Pimpin'” to describe him. As long as he remembers she doesn’t have a twist off cap, it looks like she’ll do whatever he wants!

Sam sticks to the moral high ground and Jessica continues to… not take the moral high ground. Guess which character is more fun? Still, you have to agree with Sam, his brother is a tool. I have a feeling that before the season ends, Sam ends up killing Tommy in self-defense or something, but basically winds up getting human shifting powers. I mean, they didn’t add that little bit of exposition in for nothing, right?

Evil Demon Baby got a toy!! “Dirty Dolly Can’t Get Rid of Me” is his new best friend!! Don’t get too excited over the previews for next week though folks, he’s playing with a red marker. I know. I slo-mo’ed it.

Apparently, the Wicked Witch of Bon Temps gets her power through cutting. I thought that was just a high school thing? No? (shrug) Learn something new every day.

And finally, the brain trust of Tara, Lafayette and Jesus are caught up in Fangtasia with Pam. When Pam promised to “Fuck, Eat and Kill” them, I was dying for someone to ask “In that order?” Is it just me or does she have the longest fangs in the show? Either way, I’m glad to see her role expanding, she’s a really fun character too.

The four of them shouldn’t have been so worried about Eric though, he was busy tapping a juice box of liquid Honey Bunches of Oats. “You killed my Faerie Godmother!” Sookie exclaimed! “Now can you do all her friends?”, I asked. Probably not. The Nosferatu-Tinkerbell clan will probably make a reappearance at some point, it can’t be avoided.

I just hope there’s a legion of Vampires there to chow down when they do.

What did you think, True Blood fans? Leave your comments below!!

8 thoughts on “TV Talk: “True Blood” (S4E3, “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”)

  1. I’m loathing the show each passing week more and more. I’m seriously considering taping it and just watching the Eric and Alcide parts. Alan Ball ruined a perfectly good story due to his undying love for St Bill and his own admission that BIll+Sookie=OTP. *shakes head*

    • I acn see how you would find that disappointing “Mrs Northman” 🙂 But I’d say… Eric can do better anyways. To me being stuck with Sookie forever… now THAT would be the true death.

      No love for Evil Demon Baby and Jonesing Andy Bellefleour? They make me laugh.

  2. Ok Fogs,

    Sookie is turning into my least favorite character, the whole, you ate my fairy godmother was a bit over the top for me. She’s a slut and wants to bang eric, bill and aldice. Besides, she smells like a Sam Adams Summer Ale. Can’t have her cake and eat it too. As for Eric, I don’t like the childlike, innocent, ignorant version. I didn’t realize vamps could be tickled. Sam’s brother is going to kill his mother so he can change into any human he wants – like Sam’s girlfriend, which we both know is going to Sam at some point. Pam is still probably my favorite character. She’s a true vamp and I kind of dig it. I can’t believe the line of in bred trailer trash that is lining up to be impregnated by Mexican viagra Jason. Andy is a good character this season the junkie. I will say that I’m digging Bill this year also. He finally seems like he is back to his old vamp self and that whole, we can just add sex to the mix, well yes we can. Funny how he wouldn’t bite her though. And by the previews, I keep waiting for Godrick to appear. Jason can’t “turn” until the next full moon so we shall have to see. Can’t he just call for Sookie or Bill? Until next week……Machete


    • Why does everyone keep bringing up Godrick, is he supposed to come back this season? I hope he does. I liked that character a lot.

      And yeah, Pam has my vote for best Character right now. Although Jessica’s got potential to change that at any given moment. Right there, just waitin’… LOL

  3. In the season previews, they show Godrick, it seems like he’s a vision to Eric. And yes, Jessica, is slowly becoming my favorite, although doing that jedi mind trick to Hoyt to make him forget she was sucking on another man’s neck, not cool.

  4. So far I am not into this season like I was the other 3. The witches have yet to play out for me. Might work out. Though I am finding much more humor. Tonight’s show was funny when the book Sookie was reading was “Charlaine Harris’, the writer of the series the show is based on. Plus I like mindwiped Eric, he adds humor as he does something, then just looks innocently and says ‘sorry’. I need to catch up on E4 tonight but I have a feeling someone in the “were” group is going to help Jason out. Can’t have everyone becoming something, we still need regular old humans.

    • Heh. I wont comment further til you catch up. Hope you do though, then come by to join the discussion.

      I’m still completely bummed about the True Blood panel, I’m going to do some kind of rant post about all the things that irritated me about the Con this year. Wont do that til I’m home though, there may be other things… they may not be done pissing me off! LOL

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