Under the Radar?: “Moon”

“The finger can point to the moon’s location.

However, the finger is not the moon.

To look at the moon, it is necessary to gaze beyond the finger.”

                                                                          – Buddhist Parable

Please allow me to point out “Moon” for you. I hope you won’t settle for reading this, but will actually see this movie. I promise you will find it rewarding.

“Moon” is a 2009 movie starring Sam Rockwell, the voice of Kevin Spacey and just about no one else.

In the near future, man has discovered how to obtain energy from harvesting materials found on the moon. As such, we’ve built a manned lunar station which houses moon-tractors to harvest the rock and rocket bays to launch the rocks in tubes back to earth. This lunar station is manned by a single operative, Sam Bell (Rockwell), who has committed to a three-year tour of duty. He is accompanied by a service robot equipped with a limited artificial intelligence (Spacey).  

When communications with the Earth break down, Sam is left in an even greater degree of isolation than normal, and he begins to mistrust his perception. When this leads to an accident during a harvest run, that’s when things as Sam knows them REALLY breakdown.

“Moon” is an extraordinary film, mainly owing to the incredible performance of Sam Rockwell. As his character… unravels, Rockwell sells us on every second of it. It’s really incredible. I honestly couldn’t believe he didn’t get nominated for an Oscar. And Kevin Spacey is perfect as GERTY, his robot. “I only want to help, Sam.” : )

But the movie also boasts an excellent, excellent story. It’s definitely completely engrossing.

By the end of this movie I was wishing we could get more movies of this calibre every year, and found myself keeping an eye out for the director’s (Duncan Jones) next work. (Source Code, which I’ve yet to see, but I hear its good too!)

Solid A.

2 thoughts on “Under the Radar?: “Moon”

  1. Rockwell is amazing in this role because it’s basically just him and he makes everything seem so distant. The problem is with this film that the mystery in the end doesn’t make much sense since there is only one real dude after all. Good Review!

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