TV Talk: True Blood (S4E4, “I’m Alive, and On Fire.”)

Turns out Diggs was right last week. Faerie blood IS like Sam’s Summer Ale!

Eric goes off skinny dipping once he’s all blasto from slamming that juice box. Turns out he should have worn some sunscreen. Oh, about SPF 10,000 or so should do it. Of course, that’s alright. He makes a sympathy move on Sookie later…

I think Jason was a Ghost Daddy already. The way the women of Bagheera city took to him? Turns out he’s all of their favorite man! By working his Svengali magic on lil panther virgin girl, he was able to escape his bindings. All he needed to do was fill her head with some Rom Com nonsense about boys who bring flowers and candy. Who wants to bet her first time would have wound up being with her panther uncle if Jason hadn’t got him?

Did anyone else think of “Sex Panther, by Odeon” every time they played that panther growl? I know I did. “It’s made with bits of real panther, so you KNOW it’s good.”

Alcide makes an appearance so he can take his shirt off. Ya don’t build abs like that and then NOT take your shirt off, people. He doesn’t seem too happy about being Sookie’s friend though.

Speaking of being topless, Crystal stays topless long enough to paint a picture of her. She’s pretty happy Jason killed her mate, cause now she thinks she’s getting some Ghost Daddy ass voluntarily. Jason says nuh uh. We’ll see if he sticks to it once he “turns”… and you know he’s gonna turn.

We get to meet Jonesing Andy Bellefluer’s granmama, who won’t let him have a Red Bull. I wonder what she would think if she saw him all whacked out on V? I guess that means Bill’s new ex sack-mate is a Bellefluer too? This town’s full of them. Of course that’s not his primary genealogical concern right now. Looks like he’s been keeping it in the family!

Does Lafayette curse better than anyone short of Samuel L Jackson, or what? Tara’s no slouch either! Together they confront they Forgetful Witch of the South, who apparently is bothered by their swearing. Awkward. Of course, an angry Pam in a leather bustier probably didn’t help. She gets her witch on in time to give Pam a nice case of face rot. Which is a bummer… Pam was kinda hot.

Evil Demon Baby can write already! He’s gonna be one of those 16 year olds who goes to Harvard and shit. I was hoping he’d write “Redrum”, but instead we got “Baby not yours” which we all knew already anyways. If the baby WAS Terry’s he’d be Goofy Dummy Baby and not Evil Demon Baby.

I feel ripped off that Jessica’s only appearance was to heal Jason with her blood, but if that means Jason has the kind of thoughts about her that her sister always had about the male vampires in her life after they fed her their blood. Is that too much to ask??

As always, I’m hoping to hear YOUR thoughts, below!

2 thoughts on “TV Talk: True Blood (S4E4, “I’m Alive, and On Fire.”)

  1. Mr. Fogarty,

    Is it me, or does everyone feel the desire to punch Sookie right in the face this year? I’m getting tired of the whole I want Bill, Eric and Alcide. I hear you about Jess’s only appearance being that scene, but who knows, maybe the v will prevent him from turning. I like Jason being all simple and whatnot. Besides, not everyone can be something other than human. Eric was hammered and it was pretty funny, but that could spell trouble for Sookie. The previews for next week show Godrick telling Eric to drink. Is it too much to ask that he drinks up on Sookie like he did with her fairy godmother? Unfortunately, yes, yes it is. And the whole time Andy’s grandmother was on the screen, the only thing I could hear was the theme to Soap. Not cool what that bi, I mean witch did to Pam. I’m hoping a little vamp blood can cure that little blemish on her face. And last but not least, how long before Sam’s brother kills both the parents and is able to turn into humans like Sam’s girl – who by the way should definitely get more screen time. Ok, maybe now one more last thing, who’s the wolfman she was with? Alcide? Not a lot of wolf characters on the show right now. Keep up the good work Mr. Fogarty and Mrs. Fogarty, I like your style.


    • Yeah Diggs. That’s what she needs. Encouragement. LOL.

      The “Soap” theme would have been great there. This show is so whacked out that it would fit in with half the scenes in any given episode.

      I don’t think Vamp blood works the same for vampires as it does for us. I think she just needs a week of Dirt Time. Unless because it’s witchy magic it’s permanent. Imagine that? We thought she was a snide bitch before…

      Sam’s brother is this seasons “Plotline I couldn’t care less about”

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