San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Spending time on the floor


Greetings from a bench outside of Gate D.

Taking a break, thought I’d do a pic dump.

Today is all about shopping and seeing all the cool booths and displays on the floor, including my favorite, Sideshow Toys!


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I’ll do a gallery when I get back home.

Later I’ll upload a ton more pics of the vendors and their displays. In the meantime, just because costumes are rarer on Sunday, doesnt mean they’re not around!!




2 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Spending time on the floor

  1. I’ve kept up with most of the con posts and pics but I would LOVE to shake the hand of the guy that came up with the pimpin vader and boba fett. To steal a phrase: that was AWE SOME.

    • They’re great. Ran into them again and got a couple other shots too.

      Saw them last time too.

      One other costume I Didn’t see this year, but I heard was attending was “Chef Vader”. Darth Vader costume, chef’s apron, big spatula, Jar Jar Bink’s head on a platter…

      Lol. That’s a good one too.

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