Now showing on cable: “The Town”

Making its debut tonight on HBO is Ben Affleck’s second directorial effort, “The Town”.

“The Town” is an amazing heist film that stars Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm and Pete Postlethwaite. It earned Renner an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actor, and it currently holds a 94% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes.

I like it a lot myself.

I think the most amazing thing about it is that Affleck directed it. This is only his second effort, but seeing as his first effort, “Gone Baby Gone”, narrowly misses my personal top 20, I have to consider him a director to watch now. Have to. Who’d’ve thunk it?

Anyways, the story revolves around a gang of bank robbers based in Boston. During one of their jobs, they’re forced to take a hostage (Rebecca Hall) in order to escape. After the job is done and she’s released, Affleck’s character tries to find out how much she knows by running into her “accidentally” and taking her out. An unanticipated relationship grows between the two.

Meanwhile, the FBI – particularly the character played by Mad Men’s Jon Hamm – is closing in on them. Their next job erupts in a fiery shoot out. Now Affleck wants out. Of course Renner, and the local mob head (played by Pete Postlethwaite), will have none of that. There’s one more job to pull, and it’s a big one.

Fenway Park.

All told, this movie is an engrossing heist movie with AWESOME shoot outs and escape sequences. I’ve always held the “Heist” had the best robbery shootout, but hell, now I’m not so sure. And the character performances are excellently delivered by a top-notch cast.

Highly recommended.


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