TV Talk: True Blood (S4E6, “I Wish I Was the Moon”)

So, the episode almost began with the long built to (I’d have used long awaited, but I haven’t been waiting on it) hookup between Eric and Little Miss Sunshine. It was busted up by Bill, but not before Eric showed him who was boss. Or at least who would be if there weren’t “Royalty” involved. Bill tosses Eric into jail and then asks permission to have him executed. Obviously they weren’t going to go through with it though, this isn’t “Game of Thrones”.

I liked Erik’s reaction when he saw Pam. “Oh.”

I couldn’t decide which line of Pam’s I enjoyed more, when she called King Bill a “Self loathing, power hungry, pompous little dork” or when she told Eric to “snap the #%&$ out of it”. Both of which genuinely needed to be said. I’m completely sick of Eric the wuss now.

Little Demon Baby and his dolly took a match and busted the joint out! I love it! Of course he was outside, where else would you watch a house burn down? Who was that lady he saw though? Haven’t seen her before.

Jonesin’ Andy Bellefluer threatens to go through the ashes of Arlene’s toasted house (owned by Sam) but Sam barks back at him. Andy don’t care, he goes next door and picks himself up a witch!

I know it was Tommy and not Sam, but DAMN that was good to see someone talk to Sookie like that. She probably IS the world’s worst waitress anyways. Of course the real Sam would never talk to her like that. He’s very Sookie-esque in the way he always takes the annoying moral high ground. I swear, I was happier when Tommy did that then when he hooked up with the shifter chick.

Marnie the Forgetful Witch of the South still has her issues with cutting. She should see a shrink about that. She recalls her past life again, or sees the life of the spirit possessing her, or whatever the hell is happening to her, and it turns out she used to be able to cast a fireball spell! Finally at least though it seems like she and the spirit are one. It’ll be good to see her not have to cut herself and beg and whatnot every time she needs to use magic. Cause now they’re one, and she’s like a vampire puppeteer. Just gives the vamps the heavy metal sign and down they go!

Jesus and Granpa Brujo share a breakfast, and that’s when Grandpa tells him he needs to bring him a sacrifice for being such a wussy and running away all these years. It turns out Jesus can snatch rattle snakes barehanded in the grass, in the dark! What the hell does he need magic for? Turns out he can’t dodge the snake when it’s thrust at him by hand, though.

It may be Lafayette’s turn to play forgetful witch… now that he’s swallowed a ghost.

Jason couldn’t be dumber if he tried, could he? He probably would need someone to change his kitty litter, I doubt he could figure it out by himself. He had the nerve to call the Bagheera city folks dumb? LOL. Jessica got way too little screen time, but she made the most of it. Checking out her body could get my mind off my problems, too. I hope all this stuff between her and Jason pays off. Hoyt can go bye bye now.

Tara’s gf tracks her down. Basically so they can head butt and make up. I hope Pam gets them both.

Alcide and Debbie continue to be a plot I want to fast forward through.

The episode ends by finally getting the deal sealed between Eric and Miss Sunshine. While I’m glad it’s finally out of the way, I actually felt a little creeped out by it. Anybody else? It just seemed WRONG.

Tell me what YOU think!!!

5 thoughts on “TV Talk: True Blood (S4E6, “I Wish I Was the Moon”)

  1. I would never condone the hitting of a female, but if I could punch Sookie in the face with brass, spiked knuckles, you would have to drag me off of her to stop. She’s just too annoying. Is there anyone on the show she doesn’t/hasn’t slept with? Sam, Bill, Eric, Alcide……And Fogs, I am totally in agreement with the Eric being a dork really sucks a$$. How pathetic was the , I’m crying, can I lay in bed with you scene? Hell, the old Eric would have had her chained to the ceiling and been violating her in many ways. I miss the cold hearted (pun intended) snake he was. Somehow, by the end of this season, I have a feeling Eric will be back to his old self. Sookie didn’t listen to her grandma, it won’t last she said. Bill should still be nailing his great, great, great (however many greats it is) granddaughter. Funny how she mentioned how many states don’t even care about banging your relative anymore. Pam is going to kill Tara’s girlfriend sadly, I would rather they keep her than Tara. I’m glad dumb ass Jason didn’t turn. And how funny was that dream scene, well that is unless Jess wasn’t being shown, whew….Hoyt kneeling by the bed was pretty hilarious. Sam is going to find out about his brother bumping with his shifter girl and give him a marshmallow bath, remember, gators love marshmallows – you should know that. I think we just met Luna’s baby’s daddy last nite, the leader of the pack, but yes, that story line is only around to give the women viewers some eye candy with 6pack alcide. As always, I appreciate the time you take doing this and I enjoy giving you a different perspective.


    • Digger, you know I love doin’ ’em, so no problem at all!

      Here’s the funniest thing I got off of your comment. This is how I read this sentence at first.

      “Is there anyone on the show she (Sooki) doesn’t/hasn’t slept with? Sam, Bill, Eric, Alcide……And Fogs”

      😀 I was like, Thaaaaat’s right! LOL. Although, she drives me nuts too.

      The only way that wussy Erci can redeem himself is if its revealed that he played this all along to be able to get in Sookie’s pants. Then I would laugh.

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