News Worth Sharing: Laurence Fishburne cast as Perry White

Yesterday the news broke that Laurence Fishburne has been cast as Daily Planet Editor Perry White in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman film, “Man of Steel: Please Make Me Forget ‘Superman Returns’ “.

Ok, Ok, it’s tentatively called “Man of Steel” right now… but that’s what we’re all thinking.

Fishburne fills out what is becoming an absolutely loaded cast. Henry Cavill (The Tudors) will play Superman, and he’s probably the biggest unknown. Amy Adams will play Lois Lane and Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire, The Runaways) will be General Zod. Providing the family wisdom from Smallville will be Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Ma and Pa Kent.

Oh. And the movie is being produced by Christopher Nolan. Yep.

While I don’t expect this casting to reignite the online comic book superhero casting race debate that took place when Donald Glover recently campaigned to be the new Spider-Man, the casting has drawn a degree of note over the fact that Fishburne will be the first African-American to play the role.

Personally, I felt during the Glover debate that the wrong questions were being asked. As opposed to why shouldn’t we cast different ethnicities to star as pre-defined characters, I think the question should be why aren’t there more non-caucasian A-List Superheroes to begin with? And why aren’t we promoting the top tier African American Superheroes we have now?

No Black Panther in the Avengers movie? Are you Kidding? WTF?

Back to Fishburne, I’m sure he’ll be awesome, and I’m officially exicted for another Superman onscreen – June, 2013. I still think it should be titled something akin to “Man of Steel: We’re so sorry about ‘Superman Returns’ ” though.

What do you think folks? Laurence Fishburne, awesome, right?

14 thoughts on “News Worth Sharing: Laurence Fishburne cast as Perry White

  1. Laurence Fishburne should do a good job as Perry. He’s a good actor, and while I generally feel that the actors should at least remotely resemble the character they’re portraying, Perry White’s race doesn’t really matter much. As long as he looks like he could be the editor of a paper, that’s all that matters (just like Michael Clarke Duncan was perfect for the Kingpin; “The Kingpin is white” didn’t matter as much as “The Kingpin is absolutely freaking huge”.)

    And personally, while I acknowledge the validity of the “Please Make Me Forget ‘Superman Returns'” subtitle, the main subtitle I’ve been adding to it is “Please Justify Their Faith in Zack Snyder”, because right now, I’m not feeling it. If “Man of Steel” winds up being another of Snyder’s films where everything is over-saturated yellow-and-brown with super-slow-motion that speeds up at the last instant and a sonic boom on every punch — and with the possible exception of the owl flick for kids, he hasn’t shown the ability to do otherwise — it’s going to be very hard for me to give this anything above one star.

    • Ohhhhhh…. shit! Hater in the House!!


      I’m going to admit, Sucker Punch stank out loud. No love for Watchmen then I take it?

      And I’ll agree, MCD made a great kingpin. Too bad that movie wasn’t the Daredevil movie we wished it would be. Its not as bad as its rap, but its not the greatest thing either.

      • I’ll admit, I didn’t watch “Sucker Punch”; but it looked awful, and the reviews were awful, and the box office return was pretty bad, so I feel justified in my initial impression of it as a “do not watch” movie. “Watchmen” was good (and I like Ozymandias’s scheme in it better than the version in the comic book), but it definitely had some flaws, and those flaws definitely belong at Snyder’s feet. And “300”, for all its love from 17-year-old boys, was a turkey a movie. I barely made it ten minutes in without laughing out loud, and my opinion went down from there. So right now Zack Snyder’s one for three with me, and that’s not encouraging for someone who is going to be directing the very-easy-to-screw-up character of Superman. Especially when Snyder clearly has a certain style (“300”, “Watchmen”, and “Sucker Punch” couldn’t be more obviously from the same director), and that style doesn’t fit Superman. So, yeah, more than a bit of trepidation here.

      • I might counter point that the common DNA that makes 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch so obviously related is notably absent from Dawn of the Dead, so I think he IS capable of leaving it out.

        If you’re not a fan of his visual style then don’t even bother with SP. If you take that out, there’s nothing left.

  2. All right, I haven’t seen his rendition of “Dawn of the Dead” (and had forgotten about it), but from the previews, it seems you’re right about it lacking his signature style. Still, that’s still 3 out of 5 for his theatrical releases, and I’d say those three are all arguably the same genre as “Superman” while the two outliers aren’t. It’s still not very encouraging. And it still leaves the other question of whether he can make good movies overall or if “Watchmen” was just a fluke… I’ll admit it may be unfair to him to judge his other works without watching them fully, but “Legend of the Guardians” received the typical kids’ movie reception (kids liked it, adults tolerated it), and as for “Dawn of the Dead”, I’ve yet to be convinced there’s such a thing as a 4-star zombie movie, and I haven’t heard from mainstream fans (I.e., those who don’t watch zombie movie marathons) that “Dawn” is one (“Zombieland” is the only one I’ve heard get praised by mainstream fans). At this stage, I’m feeling like Snyder needs to prove himself more than even a complete newcomer would. He’s shown me he can be terrible a few times. He’s shown me he can be good only once. He’s like M. Night Shyamalan, only he led with “The Village” before “The Sixth Sense”, and he skipped over “Unbreakable” and “Signs” (a merely OK film in my opinion, by the way) to “Lady in the Water”. It may not be fair, considering I haven’t seen 100% of his work… but what I have seen is making me feel that way.

    • I think I will have to say… youre probably being a little too harsh. But, if you havent seen or dont like Dawn of the Dead, I can see where youd be coming from. (And yeah, I watch Z Movie marathons)

      300 is easy to dismiss as all style and no substance, if you dont like it (I did like it, personally) and Sucker Puch practically redefines the term. So, you’re probably a little over harsh on him, but I completely can see why.

      That out of the way… I bet you there’s no way in hell Nolan and WB let him “Snyder” this movie up. Especially after Sucker Punch nosedived. They’ll rein him in, you watch.

  3. Yeah, like CO, I’m very leery of Snyder. I hate, hate, hate his action sequences… and I want Superman to have lots of action sequences.

    That said, cast-wise I pretty much love everyone involved. Hopefully Fishburne’s casting gives the character a little more weight, makes Perry more of a force than just a catch-phrase spouting set-piece.

    • Great Cesear’s Ghost! You can’t be serious!

      The action sequences in Dawn of the Dead were good. I hope he hasn’t forgotten how, has heard some of the criticism of his work, and learned a thing or two. Plus, Nolan will sterr him right…

      I hope. I didn’t think Bryan Singer could screw the pooch either, but he did…

      • I honestly felt that most of the problem with “Superman Returns” wasn’t Singer’s directing, it was the story itself. “Lois’s Super-baby she had after induced amnesia” isn’t a story I particularly wanted to see, and the rest of the plot was basically a rehash of the first Superman movie. Which is not to say I thought Singer did a great job, there, just that it wasn’t the primary problem.

      • My personal belief is that the director is responsible for the onscreen product.

        I realize that that’s an oversimplification, and there are times when they get dealt shit hands, or when the studio interferes, or when Heath Ledger dies and you have to use 4 different actors to finish. I get it.

        But if directors are going to take all the credit and be given all the credit for their films like they are… then they need to be held responsible for the finished product. I know Returns had 1,000,000 scripts and whatnot. But if it wasn’t right, Singer should have pushed it back for 1,000,001.

        So… while I hear you, I still blame him at the root of everything. (LOL… I’m not going to make it two years til the new movie comes out… I hate “Returns” so much. SO much) 😀

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