News Worth Sharing: The First Pic of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

WB is in a giving mood as of late, and this morning brings us our first pic of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle in the upcoming Batman movie, “The Dark Kinght Rises”.

I don’t think I really saw her as the Catwoman type… not sure this picture helps. But I’ve learned that I don’t really know shite when it comes to casting, because I thought Heath Ledger was a terrible choice to play the Joker, and he sure as hell proved me wrong.

It’s not the purple spandex outfit from the 90s (Dammit!!) but this is probably more reasonable, I guess.

Like the Cavill pic from yesterday, WB isn’t content to just pose the folks in their uniforms… maybe they learned something from David E Kelley’s failed Wonder Woman pilot. Instead, the first pictures being released all imply some sort of action… I’m already curious as to how she got ahold of the Batcycle.

Aren’t you?

5 thoughts on “News Worth Sharing: The First Pic of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

  1. Hmm… on the one hand, the action shot does indeed raise intriguing questions regarding what she’s up to. On the other hand, for a “Catwoman revealed” picture, it’s… not all that revealing. We can basically see one quarter of Hathaway here behind the bike, and somehow I’m thinking the goggles aren’t her normal head gear (largely because they don’t really say “Catwoman” the way a mask and cat ears do.) Still, it’s a pretty cool pic overall, and I thought Hathaway would make a reasonable Catwoman from the beginning.

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