News Worth Sharing/Random Rants: Ridley Scott is Going Back to “Blade Runner”

I’m sad, too, Sean. I’m sad too.

Why? Just. Seriously. Why?

Did Robin Hood suck so bad that Ridley Scott lost all faith in trying new things? First, he “revisits” Alien… although, thankfully that movie was spared a direct sequel/prequel/pukequel and wound up becoming the upcoming “Prometheus” instead.

Now, as the good folks at Anomalous Materials point out, Deadline is reporting that Ridley Scott has signed a deal with a company that purchased the movie rights, and is now going to “revisit” Blade Runner.

I believe the comment I left on the “A.M.” thread sums up my feelings.

“I want to puke.

But I can’t stop crying”.

WHAT THE %$@&??!!!

Blade Runner, which incidentally has a draft in queue for a “Movies Everyone Should See” post is one of the greatest films of all time, and one of my personal favorites (Please, no dissention… I’m in a fragile state of mind). It blends science fiction and noir elements to achieve an incredible result, a truly unique and thought-provoking piece of fiction. It’s emotionally moving, it has tons of themes to ruminate on.

And due to the fact that it was never a “Hit” when it was released (the theatrical version was screwed over by studio involvement, and the movie didn’t really begin to shine until Scott re-released alternate versions closer to his intention), we were mercifully spared sequels.

It is one of the endangered species in Hollywood. It is a great movie which stands alone.

God damn it. Seriously, I’m so pissed off right now.

All of my ranting from the “Cameron Crowe may bastardize make a sequel to Say Anything” still apply.

I would like to grab Crowe and Scott both by the back of the head and shove their faces up against a flat screen tv showing a marathon of “Godfather III” “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull” and “Star Wars: Episodes I-III” on a non stop loop.

I can’t even write anymore right now.


20 thoughts on “News Worth Sharing/Random Rants: Ridley Scott is Going Back to “Blade Runner”

  1. Why? Because he obviously wasn’t satisfied with the Theatrical / Director’s / Final-No-Really-I-Mean-It-This-Time cuts. Feh. I own the Director’s cut (the first one), and yeah, it’s a good movie, that I think falls just a bit short of being great because it’s so obviously not a finished, polished work in that form. I’d still heartily agree with it as a “must-see” though. I haven’t seen the theatrical cut, so I don’t know how bad the changes made actually were in execution (I’ve heard of them, and on paper they don’t automatically kill it for me), and I haven’t seen the supposedly-Final cut so I don’t know what he threw in there that he couldn’t do with the previous Director’s cut. But I’m getting a very, very strong sense that, like George Lucas, he can’t resist the urge to tamper with what’s arguably his most revered work. And, like Lucas, it feels very, very ridiculous that he do so.

    Incidentally, from what I gather, “Robin Hood” may actually be symptomatic of his inability to do new things right now. I’ve read that the original screenplay for that was titled “Nottingham”, and featured the Sheriff as the PROTAGONIST, having him be a sympathetic character who eventually comes around to helping Robin restore the rightful monarch. It would have been a radically different take on the Robin Hood mythos, but when Scott acquired the project, he basically reverted it to standard. I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know if it’s as bad as its reputation, but it sounds like the original vision had the potential to be great, and I don’t think it should have been squandered for the sake of a standard version that, frankly, hasn’t been improved upon since Errol Flynn.

    • Yeah, I heard all that Robin Hood stuff too… the film that might have been, you know?

      And the actually film that got made got kicked around so bad I lost interest in seeing it.

      The thing about the difference between Lucas and Scott is that 1) The end product of the tampering made “Blade Runner” a MUCH better movie, whereas if Lucas thinks those CGI redos are “Better” he really IS a hack 2) He just did a recut. Instead of jarringly including modern cgi and whatnot (although I’m sure it was touched up for Blu).

      I’ve watched all the re-releases as they’ve come out… so like acclimating yourself to a pool by stepping in a bit at a time, I can’t tell you what’s deifferent from which to which. I do know I’ve watched the “Final Cut” twice and its insanely cool. Just a visionary, awesome film.

  2. Godfather IV. Seriously. Just announce it tonight. I’m ready. There’s plenty of time to tell a story in between Michael’s daughter’s death and his.

    Godfather IV. Michael seeks revenge. Again. I’m in. %$&# it. I surrender.

  3. Scott has been toying with the idea of a sequel or prequel for years. It will never be a reboot. Never. He would lose all credibility. N.E.V.E.R. I’ll bet any of you motherfuckers that. Lobster dinner.
    If there’s a movie that deserves a second chapter, it’s Say Anything. The whole idea of the film is what does the future promise. Unlike say Cathcer in the Rye (I know it’s a book) which is a tone poem on being an adolescent. Can’t add to that. It just is. SA begs continuance.

    • You and I disagree hardcore on Say Anything.

      But I would take that bet with you on Blade Runner if you want. Too early to tell now, nothing’s been announced… so I would just say any use of the character as the main character Deckard qualifies as a reboot.

      Want to “Shake on it”?

      • Hmm… not exactly… depends on what your definition of
        “boring” is… I think Ridley Scott’s other movies Blade Runner and Alien are “boring” but they are boringly good. o.O

      • If you want to hear something funny, when I woke up, this was on right at the start on HBO. So I watched it – seeing as we’ve been mentioning it.

        I now know exactly what you mean about it’s not bad, but its boring. There’s a lot of high quality elements that keep it from being a horrible movie, but there are times when it gets boring.

        Although my definition of boring is still the one that I find in the dictionary 😀

      • And I watched the “Extended Cut” of Robin Hood…. (even more boring! lol)

        That’s how I feel about Buried, there’s nothing wrong with the acting or the filmmaking, it’s just that after the movie is over you are like “so what?”.

  4. I am trying to think of any remakes or re-boots of “classic” films that have been any good? Tim Burton has done a couple. The best thing about his Planet of the Apes was that Helena Bonham Carter was actually pretty hot as a monkey (yes, I said it) but that was about it. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sucked! Johnny Depp is a great actor but his performance does not hold a candle to Gene Wilder in Wonka…even Wilder’s HAIR gave a great performance in that film! Bad Karma to Burton though because I read once that he never liked the Willy Wonka film so he did not care to do it justice when he made his own.

    Oceans 11?

    I know some foreign filmmakers have redone their films “Hollywood style”. The Vanishing is a good shitty example!

    • Ha! Its almost worth that Tim Burton misfire to eventually hear you say Helena Bonham Carter was hot as a monkey!! LOL!!

      I dunno. Nice challenge. That Battlestar Gallactica TV reboot was good. Obviously the recent Batman reboots worked. James Bond has been jump started a bunch of times.

      Most of the remakes that are awesome though are from films that weren’t classic themselves – The Thing, The Fly… I dont think either of them were classic first. Its never awesome/awesome.

      And Wonka the first was classic as hell. No topping that one.

  5. Cannot get behind a sequel to say anything. Im surrounded by 40-something, underachieving, sold out on their hopes men and their pathetic rehashings of their glory days every day. I surely don’t need to pay to see lloyd dobler in that category. Its perfect. Its hope. Its “if you just believe dreams can come true”. Even in a best case scenario lloyd dobler becomes the king of an mma empire and lives happily ever after with diane….well then its crap for being fake or its crap because he’s buying and selling Mom or its crap because underneath it all his dreams sucked. Any way you slice it its crap. For the love of god please leave this alone….

    • Agreed. Totally.

      The good news is, that news is still just Crowe, speculating… So it still may never come to pass.

      The bad news is, that’s how this shit starts. That’s the first things you hear…

      At least it’s not definitely in the works, like Blade Runner. Excuse me while I go start crying again.

    • LOL!!!

      Funny thing is, I think it got you again!!

      “Calm” Spellcheck??

      Is that supposed to be “Damn” Spellcheck?

      We all go through that. I hate that there’s no edit feature for your own comments. Not here, but when I post to other blogs I deal with typos. Here I can edit… Just guests can’t. 😦

  6. Even if they do a sequel/prequel/whatever, it won’t ruin the original. Raiders of the Lost Ark is still a classic despite how bad Crytsal Skull was. If they do a sequel/prequel/whatever and it sucks, I’ll be disappointed and pissed, but I’ll still have the original (well, The Final Cut but, you get what I’m saying). And if they make a sequel/prequel/whatever and it’s good, well then right on.

    • Not always true.

      Indy is a good choice to support your position, but I would counter with Godfather III, where Michael Corleone is a crying old wussy. Or the Star Wars prequels, where Darth Vader is an obnoxious brat. I literally have to pretend they don’t exist when I watch the originals.

      Here’s a great example of how they could f up Blade Runner. The new movie sucks, plus, in it, they conclusively answer whether or not Deckard is a replicant.

      So we lose one of the great film debates of all time, all delivered by a piece of crap that doesn’t measure up to the original.

      And I don’t know how it COULD measure up. I’m doing it’s MTESS Sunday, I just watched “The Final Cut” last night. It’s incredible.

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