TV Talk: True Blood (S4E9, “Let’s Get Out Of Here”)


Thankfully, Sookie took some of Bill’s blood, and healed up quickly from her gunshot wound. Phew! The maudlin BS of her “Dying” didn’t get stretched out as long as I feared.

Now that she’s had some of Bill’s blood, she’s dreaming of him again, too. She’s like a Bon Temps yo-yo. A Ho-Yo. Leave it to Sookie to have a lucid dream starring her two lovers, and she dreams about lecturing them, even if it is a lecture about doing them both.

If I see one more gauzy, slo mo scene between her and Eric, even if there IS double teaming involved, I will literally vomit.

Don’t call Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso “Marnie”, that’s for sure. She flips out if you do. Apparently as long as she’s in power, Vampires need to sleep all silvered down. Motel Bill, we’ll leave the chains on for ya. Later in the episode, Debbie Hairy leads Sookie into the witches den for some low IQ power play, trying to get back at the Bon Temps Ho-Yo for playing with her man. She may not have pulled it off, but her heart was in the right place. It’s only a matter of time before Sookie does Alcide, he does live in town.

Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso finally unleashes her “Vampirian Candidate” plot, but Sookie foils it. Sigh. Let’s keep all of Sookie’s lovers in play…

In the best plotline of the night, Evil Demon Baby and crazy, possessed Lafayette join forces to bring some highlights to this episode. Lafayette’s got Jonesin’ Andy Bellefleuer’s gun, but Andy doesn’t need one. He’s hopped up on V!

Shots fired! Shots fired!

Andy picks the wrong time to detox, but thankfully he’s got Jason on scene as backup. Jason calls Jesus, who uses his Brujo powers to show “Mavis” she has a penis now. This leads to her surrendering the Baybe. Eventually, she gets her dirty, skeleton baby back, and Jesus whips out some Brujo shit that nobody knew he knew how to do, and Mavis makes her glowing, singing lullaby-bye.

Even all bloody and runny make-up faced, Jessica’s still hot. Her ex is apparently trying to move on. If you have a rooster crowing as your cell phone alarm sound, you might be a Redneck. Hoyt sends Jason off to Jessica with the “Monster Box”. She had a monster box for him, though! It certainly wasn’t everything I had hoped it would be, but the season finale is yet to come. Remember, you can send your donations to the “Deborah Ann Woll Needs It Put It On the Record Fund”, c/o

Tommy got his ass kicked, thankfully. He deserves it, the punk.

What do you think True Blood fans? Will Sookie realize her dream of a polygamist society? Now that Evil Demon Baby’s ghostly nanny is gone, will he still be an Evil Demon? Or just a baby?

9 thoughts on “TV Talk: True Blood (S4E9, “Let’s Get Out Of Here”)

  1. A ho-yo. I think that might have been your best line yet big guy. I kept waiting for Alcide to appear in her dream too. I loved the scene with Bill and Nan. Wow is Nan a bitch huh? Or when Jess was crying to her, that was a classic scene. I really hope that after the Lafayette incident, that they leave the baby alone and he’s normal after that. Andy is out of his mind and when Jason has to talk sense into you, you know you are in trouble. I was hoping that they would at least tell you who the guy was that knocked up Mavis. Thank god that Jess and Jason finally did some smush ups in the back of the truck. I don’t care how they explain it to Hoyt, I’m just glad it happened. You know that next week Sam is going to put a beatdown on Marcus for what he did to his brother. I could care less about Sam’s brother, but they should keep Luna that’s for sure. I still have a feeling that Bill is going to try to use Tara to get to Marnie Conchita Alonso. She can’t cast spells on the living and Tara does owe Bill for saving her life. I love the Debby Harry reference. Keep up the good work my man.

    • Ok. Sorry for the delayed reply. Didnt feel I could do it justice from the phone.

      They better not turn Evil Demon Baby into Normal Boring Baby now. He’s the best thing that the characters of Arlene and Terry have ever had going for them. I should have mentioned I’m looking forward to Lafayette being the shell for a slew of future ghosts now, like a Bon Temps Whoopie Goldberg.

      You’re right. If Jason is the voice of reason in your life? You are messed up LOL!! Still, I hope Andy doesn’t get clean right away, he’s been so much fun this season. I want him to drink like a gallon of V and go on a rampage through the town like there’s no tomorrow.

      Luna has actually been good, you’re right. But I hope Tommy gets killed. Its been a long time since they killed a major character, not that he’s “major”, but a fetaured player lets say… and I think he’s the best candidate. Plus, if Sam does it, he could people shift. Then that would lead to some fun things maybe… If Sam wasn’t Mr. Moral Highground. Can you picture if he and Sookie got married? Their kids would get beat up everyday cause all the other little kids would hate being lectured by the little baby moral highgrounds.

      You dont know me that well if you dont think I laughed to myself and patted myself on the back when I came up with “Debbie Hairy” I laughed out loud, I really did. Welcome to the show Deb, you’ve got a nickname now.

      Finally, as glad I am that Jess and Jason did the deed, that scene is dwarfed by the dream he had earlier in the season – even with Hoyt sticking his dumb mug in. And its one of the tamest sex scenes ever to grace the show. I feel ripped off. I wanted Bill twisting his maker’s neck backwards or Eric and Sookie on in the woods doin it level sex. Gypped. Tellin’ ya. Gypped.

  2. OK, I love the books but I want to find Alan Ball and pull a Lucas on him for ruining this series!

    there are a few kudos… Lafayette was amazing! He really did justice to Mavis’ character. I am praying that Charlie Manson baby is now cured!

    Well, I said a few kudos but nope, all I can find I liked was Lafayette.

    The one thing that made me ROFL was when Hoyt was packing the monster box, he tossed in Twilight!

    • Must have missed the “Twilight” detail, saw you posted that on Facebook to though.

      Lafeyette was great. He’s consistently been one of my favorite characters, and this season is no exception. I hope they give him lots of spirits to be possessed by so that he can show off his skills (Nelsan Ellis that is to say).

      So why has the series been ruined, Andra? The books aren’t comedies? I mean, even from season one, the show was basically a soap opera. It is pretty much completely farcical right now, but I figure that has to be why everyone loves it. I know thats what I like best about it…

  3. Ok, so first of all I didn’t understand how Sookie healed because they showed her NOT taking Bill’s blood and then after the show opener she was all better. Did he force feed her? And also, didn’t she still have enough of Eric’s blood on board to help heal her? Apparently not…. I’m really not liking the new ho’d out version of Sookie. I mean, first she falls in love with Eric because he’s all goody-goody now and then she wants him and Bill to run the train on her? WTF? I guess vamp blood will do all kinds of crazy stuff to you.

    I have to question your take on the scene where Debbie and Sookie visit the witches…wasn’t she just helping to distract them so Sookie can break in and steal Eric? I know it did kinda look bad when she pointed a finger and said “I brought you Sookie”, but I just figured that was because she already had a gun pointed at her and that was the only thing darling Deb could think to say to go along with her cover story about being on the witches side. I do agree about Alcide being on Sookie’s “guys to do” list though. Definitely going to happen at some point.

    As for the hook-up scene between Jason and Jessica, totally lame – they skipped over the best part, the foreplay. Must’ve been a guy who wrote that scene.
    I really don’t know what Tommy was thinking when he went to that meeting as Sam. It almost was like he wanted an ass kicking. I did love him as Hoyt’s mom though. The snorting and cussing and messed up hair – hilarious.

    I’m thinking the baby is just a baby now that evil ghost nanny is gone. And that crazy power of Jesus’ to expel a ghost out of a person might come in handy if someone wanted to, oh I dunno, unpossess a witch type person….maybe someone named “Marnie”….just throwing it out there.

    • Meira!! Woot!! 😀

      Anyways, yeah. Good points, good points.

      Lets start here. True Blood is NOT a show based on any kind of realism at all. So Sookie could be dead for like three days, and people are trying to move her around and complaining that she’s stiff from rigor-mortis and maybe she’s even already been embalmed…. and then they drop some Vampire blood on her tongue or something and all of a sudden she pulls a Finnegan’s Wake and sits straight up?

      I wouldnt even blink. I’d be like. Yup. True Blood, baby.

      New and improved Ho’ed out Sookie (now with ten percent more Faerie action!) does suck though.

      Ok. You’re right. I surrender. You have a good point on the Debbie thing. I was probably too busy laughing from when I thought up Debbie Hairy. LOL (Still annoyingly pleased with myself over it. :))

      I think we’re due a special two hour episode where Jason and Jess make up for the disappointment of the “Truck %$&#”.

      However, whoever DID write that scene has probably been writing the nauseating Eric/Sookie romance that’s been going on, so if THAT’S their idea of the feminine romance/love scene, whatever, I will take a pass. Jess, Jason… trucks right over here…

      And Evil Demon Baby better still be an evil demon. I would hate for him to be Happy Baby, Demon is Gone. That would suck.

      Thanks for posting up!! The finale has to be coming up quick, I hope you stick around and let us know what you think!

      • Meira,

        I agree that Debby Harry telling the witch that Sookie was behind her was all part of the plan. Sookie didn’t seem too pissed when the both met back up in the wolf’s car. It’s refreshing to hear a woman say Sookie is a total whore. Maybe she could toss Sam back into the mix too. I also think the baby will be just a baby. I think they did all of that to set up the whole Lafayette is a medium and to show how powerful his gift is.

        Now, as a man, I would have never and I repeat NEVER have written that scene between Jason and Jess the way it was done. It could be because I have a total crush on Jess, but I would have made that scene much longer. Besides, they’ve made us suffer through those horrible Eric/Slutty oooh we love each other so much love scenes, the least they could have done was hook us up.

        Next week should be good with the battle scene. I just can’t wait until Eric remembers who is was and tells Slutty to piss off and that he only wants her fairy blood. But then, who will the slut have sex with?

  4. Hahahaha!! i love this! I am a huge true blood fan but i can safely say this season is really spoofy. Always appreciate someone who can laugh at this serious shit. The thing I liked about True blood when it started originally is that every now and then it could.
    But now suddenly Eric is this pussy whipped ragdoll, Sookie has gone from having no sex life to ho-yo as you put it and Bill is a politician to throw some drama in there.
    By the way, im still to torrent this epi but I couldnt wait. Im going to laugh my ass off thanks to this! Good on you!

    • Cool Pia, glad you enjoyed! I wrote ’em all up, so check them out as you catch up!

      The whole mind wiped Eric/Sookie romance was the worst aspect of the season. A definite low point for the entire series.

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