TV Talk: True Blood (S4E10, “Burning Down the House”)


We rejoin the comedy action already in progress as Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso and her strike force of hypnotized vampires are attacking the human/vampire coalition meeting. Sookie gets in between Bill and Eric multiple times, saving each of them in turn. I wish she had let one of them die, this triangle is getting on my nerves.

Sookie then uses her repulser beams on Eric, and he regains his old memories. She couldn’t have done that earlier this season?

So now that old Eric is back, Sookie immediately dumps him. Normally I’d crack jokes about what a bitchy move that is, but I’m so happy to see it end between them!

Nan is left with a bunch of dead people. I wonder how she’s gonna spin that! She and the rest of the undead gang have a silvered slumber party in the King’s dungeon.

Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso gives new meaning to the term split personality. She pops out of Marnie, and then the two of them have a little strategy session. Just in time to meet Jesus in the streets. She’s put up a deflector shield around her Wiccan head shop, and she makes him crawl through it in order to prove his strength. Apparently he’s got some voodoo face shit going on that we can’t normally see. He and Marnie wind up having a touching reunion, where Jesus discovers it’s not Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso after all, but Marnie who’s in command

Jonesing Andy Bellefleuer wakes up in a recliner with his pants undone. That was happening to him before he was on drugs though. He was getting chewed out by Terry and Arlene because of V. Together, Andy and Terry head off to their old tree fort, and Terry’s weapons stash. They proceed to have a shooting contest, an argument and a fistfight. Terry resents being called stupid, but what else do you call taking a detoxing junkie out into the woods, arming him, and pissing him off? Apparently though, Terry therapy works, as Andy swears off the V for good.

We’ll see.

Jason wants to be glamoured so he’ll forget the truck $&%# ever happened. If I were him, I’d be asking if she could glamour all the minute details deep into my memory banks so I could repeat it like a DVD chapter on a loop. I might ask her to glamour last year’s Cowboys out of my mind though, I could see that.

Debbie Hairy is dangerously close to hooking up with the greasy, scuzzy Pack leader. I might take the “Deborah Ann Woll Needs To Put It On The Record” funds and see if we can keep that from being shown. We don’t need to see that.

Finally, RIP Tommy Mickens. You were an annoying little punk.

Next week looks cool as the Vampire women bust out the bazookas!! What do you guys think? Looks like a blast!!

13 thoughts on “TV Talk: True Blood (S4E10, “Burning Down the House”)

  1. I know you were secretly turned on When Jess stepped out of the SUV packing that bazooka. I was extremely happy Eric got his stones back, then he had to ruin it by practically crying because Slutty loves Bill still. “You gave yourself to me fully”. Someone needs to grab Eric by the whootsack (however you spell what Jamie Lee Curtis says in Trading Places on the train), give em a little squeeze and tell him to man up. I really hope it’s Pam too. You could tell it disgusted her to have to thank Slutty for bringing back the old Eric. I thought Jason was gonna man up and tell Hoyt, that is until Hoyt had a meltdown. Jason, seriously, you’re only really good at one thing, smushing. If Jess wanted to smush me, I wouldn’t care if it was in the back of the pickup next to a chainsaw, smush away Jess, smush away. At least that scene gave us a laugh, “ugh, I’m going to find a human to feed on”. I don’t think Sam is going to get the chance to put a beatdown on Marcus. Once Alcide walks in on him and Debby Hairy bumping whatever it is that wolves bump together while smushing, he’s gonna show who the real leader of the pack is. I would have to say that the baby is just a baby now, otherwise his large cranium would have gotten some story time. I used to like Nan, now she’s just a bitch. By the way, since when do Vamps need to go packing heat like that? Ok, the bazooka was cool, but AK’s? And boy is Jesus ugly with that demon head. Nobody fu@ks with the Jesus!!

    • I dont know if “turned on” was the right phrase? Maybe Proud? Atta girl! That sort of thing? And Hoyt has becomne severely annoying. He needs to become a casualty of war.

      “Slutty” heh.

      Demon Baby is just recouperating. He went through an ordeal, dude! Even evil demon babies need to rest and whatnot…

      Finally, I can’t believe I’ve been ragging on this show for months and you beat me to the “Nobody $&%#s with the Jesus.” I feel like I just walked into a door. It was right in front of me the whole time….

      God one DIGGER!!!

  2. So I have to totally agree about the love triangle thing being annoying. I mean, pick a dude and stick with him already. Sheesh. Did she break up with Eric?!? I guess I missed that somehow. I mean, I saw the part where she told him she loved Bill and he was right on the verge of messing up his pretty little face with those nasty bloody vamp tears, but I thought she said she still loved him too. I’m confused. And highly disappointed that Eric’s getting his memory back wasn’t more of a big deal. I mean, all the hype about it happening and then when it does…nothing much changes. Well, except for Sookie switching sides again. And why is it that she can only access her super cool laser beam hands in a dire emergency? She really needs to work on that because if she could’ve zapped Eric sooner we could’ve avoided all that mushy smushing (mushing lol). I was surprised that Pam didn’t ask Sookie to fix her too. I gotta tell you, I am sooo happy that Pam’s face isn’t falling off anymore. God, that was gross.

    Jason wanting to be glamoured to forget doing Jessica. Wow, ouch. Was it really that bad? Well, the truck hump couldn’t have been that bad for Jess ’cause she sure did work up an appetite.

    I was surprised to find out that Antonia actually has a heart, not so surprised to find out that Marnie has an evil streak and a hunger for power. Saw that one coming. Apparently, her and Jesus are like total bff’s. I was half expecting a sleep over with a pillow fight and hair styling.

    Deb and Marcus doing the hairy werewolf beast with two backs – yeah, ew. No thanks. However, if that happens and Deb and Alcide break up then he’d be single and ready to mingle. And we all know who’s bed he’d wind up in next. Woot, woot. Riding the train all the way to Sookie town. Bawn chica bow-wow.

    So, Tommy is gone now. Hmm. Somehow I’m wondering if his death might translate into skin walking powers for Sam. I know he didn’t kill Tommy, but he was there when he died and I dunno, I’m thinkin maybe….

    As for the Andy and Terry storyline, I could give a s#*!t. Seriously, not that interested.

    So yeah, the vampire mod squad were totally hot getting out of the van wearing all black and carrying bazookas and whatnot. Too bad they don’t know Sookie’s in there and about to get blown to bits with the witches. Jesus is gonna have to access his inner demon to get them outta this one.

    • Yeah, how DID Pam fix her face? That monster doctor? Convenient.

      LOL @ Jessica working up an appetite. Humans just smoke. Jessica’s like, I’m getting me a blood filled juice box!

      “However, if that happens and Deb and Alcide break up then he’d be single and ready to mingle. And we all know who’s bed he’d wind up in next. Woot, woot. Riding the train all the way to Sookie town. Bawn chica bow-wow.” “LOL” does not due justice to the laugh I just let out when I read that. Oh my god.

      I promise, if he and Sookie do get it on, I will incorporate the phrase “Bawn chica bow-wow” I even think the “Bow Wow” at the end is a little canine humor. You’ve got your A game working this week, that’s for sure! LOL

      I think Sam will get his shape shifting powers by killing “The Leader of the Pack”.

      I like Jonesing Andy! He’s one of my favorite characters this season. Best contribution he’s made to the show yet!

      Too bad the Bazooka gang wont succeed… Sookie’s in there. What’s going to happen? Nothing. 😦

      • The hairy werewolf beast with two backs….love it, as long as I don’t have to see it. Maybe Debby Hairy can smush him without crying. And yes Meira, once Slutty finds out Alcide is single, you know she’s gonna try some werewolf. Fogs, I don’t see how Sam could get that shifting power by acing Marcus. That storyline is going to be more about Alcide becoming leader of the pack. And can I get an amen that Pam is back to normal? She’s probably my favorite character. Someone please shoot Hoyt and put him out of his misery. Maybe he could move back in with mommy and then they can write both of them off the show. Meira, if Alcide does become single and rides the train to Slutty town, she should get a sign like McDonalds with the number served. She’s pretty much hit most of Bon Temps already.

      • Ahhhh haaaa haaa!!! Sookie with the McD’s counter. THAT is funny!

        I wouldn’t mind Sam leading the pack I guess… He needs SOME storyline. He’s an ok character. I still think if he kills a werewolf it might count, but I don’t know.

        It’s good to have Pam back, yes. They need to give her more screentime. If they’re looking for characters to scale back, there’s no shortage of them.

      • Thanks Dan, you know that “bow wow” at the end was coincidental but you’re right about it being canine humor. Tehe, good catch. I thought you had to kill a member of your family to be a skin walker? Pam “fixed” her face with 6 injections a day. She’s still rotting from the inside out (supposedly). And yeah, I kinda figured that they wouldn’t get to blow shit up with the bazooka…damn that Sookie. Foiled again. Would’ve got away with it to if it wasn’t for that meddling Fairy.

  3. I hate, hate, hate, hate this season. What a piece of shit it’s become. At least HBO took my advice and killed off Tommy. Now if they’d just kill everyone else off. Also, when Jesus had his voodoo face shit going on, I nearly laughed my ass right off the couch. Are the people that make this show even trying any more?

    • I wonder that myself. Not that they’re not TRYING per se, but I wonder if they’ve realized the show has become a joke… It’s totally laughable.

      And yes, Tommy was an annoyance. Wouldn’t it suck if like… He wasn’t really dead? Lol.

  4. I remember when this show first started. I loved the storyline of the vampire/human controversy so much more than the actual storyline. Should vampires be allowed to marry? If you kill one is it murder because they’re already dead? Should they be allowed to vote. This is the kind of stuff that interested me. The characters were likable enough and the story itself wasn’t bad.

    Since then it has slowly gone down hill for me. They’ve moved completely away from the questions posed by vampires integrating into human society (or “mainstreaming” as they call it) and focused completely on Sookie/Bill/Eric. Which, after all, is what the show is about.

    I’m done with my rant now. As for this episode and season in general I’m enjoying it. I’ve never thought about a necromancer controlling vampires. It’s a really cool concept to me and I’m liking the storyline. The whole Sookie/Bill/Eric love triangle is getting old but, again, it’s part of that core plot so they won’t drop it any time soon I’m sure.

    Marnie being the one in control was definitely a surprise to me as they hadn’t hinted at it at all. It was actually pretty cool to see unveiled. I’m glad Eric got his memories back too. He’s one of my favorite characters. As for Andy, Terry, and the whole werewolves deal I couldn’t care less. To me it’s really just added filler. Tommy was definitely annoying and I’m happy to see him leave. I wish the human shifting didn’t take such a toll on the person because I was secretly hoping he would make Sam kill him in the end so Sam would gain the ability to shift into other people.

    All and all not a terrible episode and I’m looking forward to the final two. You touched on all the bases and I enjoyed the review. I’ll check back for your thoughts on the season’s end.

    • Cool Ken, please do. Love hearing what other fans of the show have to say. Don’t worry about “Ranting” lol. I encourage that here!

      You touch on some good points. I think the primary one being that the show has far too many characters now. It adds new ones every season but never drops old ones. As a result, you get a lot of storylines people don’t care about, and the the storylines they DO care about don’t get as much attention.

      I think the show was ALWAYS outrageous, but over the years it’s moved into ludicrous territory. You make a good point noting the themes in Season 1, too. Although the show was never exactly a “Thought Piece” it made a little more effort early on to provide some substance with the Soap.

      Now it’s nothing but Soap.

      Still fun though! Thanks for chiming in, nice contribution to the discussion!

      • Yeah, far too many characters. Lafayette used to be one of my favs and now I can’t stand his story line. Even if it works into the current main plot. Definitely still a fun show though.

        P.S. I forgot to mention. Nice Iron Man reference with repulser beams. Assuming that’s what you were going for haha.

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