Now showing on cable: “Megamind”

Premiering this weekend on HBO was “Megamind”, 2010’s animated movie featuring the voices of Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill and David Cross.

It poses the question: What would happen if Evil triumphed?

Ferrell stars as the titular large headed, blue skinned evil genius with a penchant for mis-pronunciation. He escapes his dying planet at the same time as Brad Pitt’s Metro Man escapes his. Together they grow up as polar opposites… Metro Man the heroic champion of the city, and Megamind his despicable arch nemesis.

When Megamind succeeds in his plan to kill Metro Man, he realizes the true meaning of “Be careful what you wish for.”

In the absence of a hero to battle with, Megamind finds himself overcome with boredom and regret. He has the city under his rule, but he finds it to be hollow and unfulfilling. He attempts to fill the void by creating a new hero for the city, but like so many of his plans, his effort goes horribly astray. When his new “hero”, Titan (Jonah Hill), turns out to be even more villainous than HE is, Megamind has to decide which side he’s truly on.

Running through the heart of the movie is a romance between Megamind and Tina Fey’s Roxanne Ritchie. Megamind not only proves himself to be vulnerable and insecure, but finds his perspectives changing.

So can evil not only triumph, but also win the girl?

I think a lot of people’s enjoyment of the movie is going to hinge on their appreciation for Ferrell, since such a large portion of the humor here comes via the dialogue. But even if you’re not a fan, “Megamind” has a fun story, and plenty of action. It features a fantastic, heavy metal laden soundtrack, and the requisite in-jokes for adults, including Ferrell’s Brando impersonation and nods to Donkey Kong and Connect Four.

Code: Very, very good movie.


13 thoughts on “Now showing on cable: “Megamind”

  1. I don’t like it when kid movies sneak in “jokes for adults”, I don’t understand why you must do that, it’s lame to me. But whatever, I didn’t think Megamind was bad, just not as good as the Pixar or most of the Dreamworks stuff. Curious, what’s the Donkey Kong ref?

    • There’s a training sequence where Meagamind – in his Brando disguise – is training Titan. And he has him jumping over flaming barrels that Minion is rolling down at him down a series of broken ramps. It’s like they’re putting him through a Donkey Kong level.

      I like the in jokes for adults angle. I think they realized that if they didn’t add some appeal for grown ups, the only business they would do would be families. Kids. So nowadays, you have animated films that have much more across the board appeal. Being an adult myself, I appreciate that. Otherwise these movies wouldn’t have much for me…

      And its definitely a step down from Pixar, thats for sure. LOL

      • Oh the barrel thing? Lol.. I didn’t realise that was supposed to be Donkey Kong, guess I’m not that big of a DK fan…

        I think if you want to do a Brando ref “for the adults” then meh (I don’t appreciate it), but the problem is the Dreamworks movies tend to stretch these “adults jokes” waaay too long. That’s why I hated the entire middle section of Megamind, so lifeless and un-entertaining

      • I dunno… pretty much all cartoons have always referenced stuff that was “for the adults”. IMO, it’s really a matter of whether or not they do it well. Looney Tunes, Disney works, Toy Story, Animaniacs, the great stuff did it fantastically.

      • I’ll tread the middle ground here. While you’re definitely right, it does go way back… I think it’s far more intentional and business oriented now. Not that that’s entirely bad, I enjoy the “adult content”, seeing as I’m an adult.

        But it’s definitely more… Calculated I think is a good word now.

        I dig it though. So…

      • I think I see what you’re saying with “calculated”, and that’s probably a great word for it… that or streamlined maybe… Corporate? Like an Anti-Poochie-The-Dog… geared for adults instead of kids?

        I don’t doubt that they’ve gotten their evil fat cat hands in on this stuff… but I don’t know that I’d buy that there was a suit telling anyone “We need to have a Brando in this one,” while watching Megamind dailies.

        I think that’s what I mean by doing it well. Whether or not it feels like it was “Added *FOR* the adults/fans” or “*ADDED* for the adults/fans”. Was it done with love for the original subject, or with some kind of adult joke quota or something. I guess whether or not one will feel that way depends on how they feel about the subject being used/paid homage.

  2. They added this to Netflix Canada last week. Caught it, really enjoyed it. I didn’t know anything about it going in. Loved the little twists it took. Really well done. Ferrell and Cross particularly nailed it.

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