TV Talk: True Blood (S4E11, “Soul of Fire”)

When we last left Bon Temps, the “V Team” was just rolling out of their van, packing some major league ordinance. And that’s right where this episode picks up. Pam asks, “Can we blow up these Wiccan dipshits already?” and I couldn’t agree with her more. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be so simple though.

Inside “The Hotel California”, Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso briefly springs out of Marnie, after Marnie kills one of her disciples/hostages. Lafayette then delivers what has to be considered one of the frontrunners for “Best line of this season”.

“Oh, shit. Marnie just puked a bitch out!”

Immediately afterwards, he enters Whoopie Goldberg mode, interpreting the action for the rest of the Sookie Doo gang. Isn’t much to tell though, as it isn’t long before Marnie sucks Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso back down like an ectoplasmic bong hit.

Pam sums up Sookie nicely by calling her a “Gash in a Sundress”. But Jason is able to use the fact that she’s trapped inside to talk the vamps into aborting the assault. With the bazookas at least. The “V Team” still hang around, just beyond the Vampire force field. They have to give Jesus more time! After they turn Marnie’s Vampire Zombies into pepperoni pizza purée, Bill calls Marnie out to parley.

Thank God for Pam. In what has to be the most ludicrous moment in True Blood’s lengthy litany of ludicrous moments, Bill and Eric both agree to commit suicide if Marnie will let Sookie go. I was dumbfounded that that got out of the writer’s room. Pam, however, turns out to be the voice of reason. “The True Death to save Bo Peep? I don’t $&%#in’ think so!” Whereupon she busts out the Bazooka!! Fire in the hole!! Now, I don’t think Bill would have gone through with his end anyways, he did have a twitchy smile when he was about to kill Eric. But did anyone actually think they would be dumb enough to do that? Was Sookie even in danger from Marnie? You know, aside from the fact that Marnie’s a bit unstable around cutlery?

Its all ok though, in the aftermath of the explosion, Jessica has to give Jason a whole boatload of her blood. I smell smuuussh uppppps! Too bad freakin’ Marnie makes the vamps do the hokie pokie towards the force field right after. They have to give Jesus more time!

Does anybody else get pissed when Sookie uses her “powers”? I swear, every time she does, I’m like, why didn’t you do that two hours ago? It’s ok, Marnie put her in the burnin’ ring of fire… That was some baaaad acting in that CGI fire, Anna. Eesh. I know you were twelve when you won your Oscar, but seriously. Come on.

Meanwhile, this whole time, Jesus and Lafayette have been brewing up some Brujo brew. Once they finally get done with it, Jesus breaks out the witch doctor face, breathes some fire, and releases Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso’s spirit for good. Farewell, Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso. You’ll be missed. I mean it. I think next season’s going to be about Faeries…

How AWESOME was it to see good ol’ Eric back in action? Ripping that redneck’s heart out of his chest, sucking on an artery like it was a straw, right in front of Marnie’s face? That was fantastic. After, Bill fills Marnie with more bullets than Sonny Corleone. It was good to see her get what was coming to her, but it turns out she’s not gone! She gives Lafayette a big “possession” bong hit at the end of the episode and now it looks like she’ll be back! That’s ok, she’s probably one of the series’ best major villains, I don’t mind an encore.

In other Bon Temps news:

Sam’s a runt, huh? Still kicked Marcus’ ass though. Gets a little assist from Alcide at the end there though. After Marcus is dead, Alcide gives Debbie Hairy the “piss off” in Wolf-speak. I guess Were-couples have a ritual for breaking up. Reminded me of Steve Martin’s “I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with thee,” except without throwing dog poop on her shoes.

Jonesing Andy Bellefluer is having a nice walk, detoxing from V, talking to himself, minding his own business, when he gets attacked by a $&%#ing faerie. I hate those things already. Andy doesn’t though, he gets some!! After Mirella pulls some ET shit on him, he gets it on with her!

Just ONE episode left this season, True Blood fans! Next week is the Season Four season finale! Now’s the time to put your predictions out there… Next time I post the Bon Temps Weekly Gazette, the season will be over!

Let me hear what you think!!

8 thoughts on “TV Talk: True Blood (S4E11, “Soul of Fire”)

  1. Last night, while watching this episode, I told the hubs that I have decided to stop thinking (saying and posting) “that wasn’t in the book.” And I am glad I did! I enjoyed this episode, almost as much as I did reading your recap!

    I agree, I think Bill had another motive when he agreed to sacrifice himself and Eric. One think that I do not think has been covered yet this season is the blood bond. With Jessica giving Jason her blood, I am pretty sure this is the third time – yup, they are bonded. I like this building relationship. Both are immature and impulsive. A match made in Alan Ball’s wacked mind!

    Can you just see Debbie coming back to really be a thorn in Alcide’s side?

    Lastly, I loved ending this episode with me and hubs saying “Oh f%^&!” I am so happy with Lafayette’s character. He has becoming one of my favorites. He is the Glee’s Brittany of Trube Blood. He gets the best lines and side stories!

    • I dont know from Glee.

      I DO think Debbie Hairy could return and throw some bits in to the kibble though! Thats a good idea…

      I think Jess and Jason are a good couple. Hell, anybodies better than Sookie and Erik. Vomit. Lafayette and Jesus are better than Sookie and Erik!

      That’s why I try to stay away from “Source Material”. The last movie I read the book before seeing the movie was Fellowship of the Ring. After I vowed never to do it again. Why ruin the viewing experience with an endless mental comparison?

      Thanks for the compliment and the comment! Next weeks the Finale, it seems like its picking up steam!

      • Im a huge Jessica, and i haven’t been a fan of the love triangle the writers put her in. Seems like a waste of both Deborahs and Ryans talent(Seriously, what was the point of the hotshot storyline. He didn’t turn into a werepanther, and he didn’t seem to suffer any emotional consequences or develop a a character because of it)

        And i don’t really mind Sookie and Eric. For me the worst pairing this show has had was Jason and Crystal. That one was far, far too rushed to be believable.

      • I’m with you on that. I thought the “rushed” was believeable because Jason is impetuous and not too bright. That doesn’t mean I’m a fan though, by any means.

        They sure as hell dropped that storyline quick, didn’t they? It’s like they only set it up in order for him to be in a situation where he would need Jessica’s blood. By the way, doesn’t Bon Temps have a hospital anywhere? Or a medical center? All these people do is drink V when they’re hurt!

        But yeah, they dropped “Hotshot” like a hot potato.

        Thanks for posting!

  2. This episode was a little better. Still a horrible season, though. I wish they would have left Marnie dead for good. Hopefully, they will be able to use her possession of Lafeyette to kill them both. That would make for a good ending.

    • Oh come on now.

      No love for Lafayette? He’s one of my favorites! Of course, now that he’s among the supernatural side of the show, that may affect things. I always thought he made for a great skeptic.

  3. Bill volunteered for a true death to win Slutty back. I would really like Pam to rip out Slutty’s heart after Eric chose her over Pam, but we all know we couldn’t be that lucky. Is it possible that the whole panther garbage was really to get Jason and Jess together? At least we didn’t have to see a whining Hoyt on this episode. I thought Sam put a hella beatdown on that mangy mutt Marcus, but then ole Alcide decided he needed to be king of the pack and end that ish once and for all. Of course, after that really weird ass break up with Debby Harry, you know what that means – hell, another dude for Slutty to bang. He’s single, in love with the whore and you know her, she’ll just throw Alcide into the mix too, no biggy. I too was hoping Marnie was done, I figured that the last episode would deal with the whole Slutty, Bill, Eric love triangle, but I guess not. Fogs, I totally agree with how annoying Slutty’s powers are. The fairy and Andy part was pretty funny though. Of course, that story line has almost beat itself to death. I can’t say I will be sad when this season ends, except for the fact that this blog will be done. It’s been fun. Too bad you have to miss the finale Sunday nite Fogs, we got bigger fish to fry that night. Oh and Fogs, I think the “gash in a sundress” might compete with Lafayette for line of the year. I love Pam….


    • Pam is great, man. She gives the show somthing it really needs… some sarcasm.

      Andy’s been one of my favorite subplots this season. But he and Arlene and Terry and hell, even Sam all feel completely uninvolved. Do they even know Marnie? Have any of them ever met Eric? I think there’s just too many characters.

      Oh well, more for Slutty to love.

      I know. That sucks about Sunday night. I’m trying to think of was around it. I can’t stay up afterwards and do it, I’d be up to 2 in the morning! Most likely this post will just be up Monday night 😦

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