Two New Blogs to the Blogroll

Hey everyone. I wanted to take a second and draw your attention to the addition of two new blogs to the blog roll, Fat Guy With Glasses and Morgan on Media.

I realize the blogroll here isn’t very prominent, so when and if I add someone to it, I’ll probably give a shout out about it. In my journeys around the blogosphere since I’ve begun this blog, I’ve seen a lot of bloated blog rolls, and I’m really trying to keep this one tight. The blogs listed there are all people who post here – “members” of this community. These blogs are no exception, they’re the blogs of the commenters you guys know as Morgan Lewis and Bruce (Spikor).

We actually go wayyyy back. I’ve probably known these guys online for almost a decade now, and although we’ve never actually met, I consider them friends. So demonstrate that interconnected blogosphere spirit and stop by check them out! Hopefully you’ll see something you like and maybe even make it a part of your internet time!

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