Now showing on cable: “The Green Hornet”

Premiering this weekend on Starz was this January’s buddy comedy/superhero flick, “The Green Hornet”, starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou.

Rogen stars as Britt Reid, son of a millionaire publishing magnate. When his father passes away suddenly, Reid inherits his father’s newspaper, his mansion and his fortune. However, unbeknownst to him, the most valuable thing he inherits is the service of a skilled martial artist and mechanic who was in his father’s employ… Kato (Chou).

Both hilarity and action ensue.

I was genuinely surprised at how much I liked “The Green Hornet”.

I went with no expectations whatsoever. In fact, I was completely skeptical about its potential. Seth Rogen headlining a movie featuring a character that hadn’t been in the public eye since the late sixties? Plus, the “Development Hell” this movie went through is practically unparalleled. As “Development Hell”s go, “The Green Hornet” visited the Ninth Circle.

But then, a funny thing happened. Literally. This movie is funny!

The movie plays as a Buddy Comedy, with Reid and Kato getting to know each other and deciding to fight crime. Reid has been a spoiled good for nothing playboy his entire life, living off of his father’s wealth and fame. Shortly after he meets Kato, his father’s genius mechanic, the two have a run in with some street punks. After defeating them handily (well, after Kato defeats them handily), and then escaping the cops in their gadget equipped car, the two decide to become heroes and fight crime.

But it’s not as smooth as most superhero movies. Make no mistake, this is a superhero comedy. The main focus being the interplay between Kato and Reid, the Green Hornet. Kato has all the skills. He builds the gadgets, he kicks the ass. Reid has the money, sure, but in action he is NOT carrying his fair share. And yet the media latches on to him (The Hornet) as the hero. The friction this causes between the two crime fighters, above and beyond your typical buddy comedy antics, is definitely worth the price of admission. The villain (Waltz) has some funny moments as well. Even Diaz gets some laughs.

The action and plot here are fine, but they’re nothing memorable within the Super Hero genre by any means.

If you approach it going in knowing it’s a comedy though, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!!


10 thoughts on “Now showing on cable: “The Green Hornet”

  1. I’ve zig-zagged on my expectations for this movie since it was first announced. The Green Hornet getting a movie? About time! Kevin Smith is writing it? Huh. Smith is off, and it’s in development hell? Uh oh. It’s back out of hell? Great! Seth Rogen is going to be the Green Hornet? Are you kidding me? Rogen’s actually looking like he’s getting in decent shape for the role. Maybe he’s actually going to give it the proper respect after all (i.e., on the correct side of the line between comedy and farce). Oh, here’s the trailer. And we’re back to “uh oh”. And the reviews, both professional and from friends, left it rather firmly in that position.

    This is the first favorable review I’ve seen of it. Maybe I’ll give it a shot after all.

  2. See I thought it completely DIDN’T work as a buddy comedy. The chemistry between Rogen and Chou was less than non-existent. It was flat out painful to watch. Rogan was so completely dis-likable through most of the film that I thought Kato must be brain damaged not to punch him out in every scene they were in together. Believe me, my expectations were ground level low going into this, and the film STILL lowered them.

    • Not much I can say to that. “Watch it again, maybe it’ll get better?” LOL.

      I dunno. Do you like Rogen at all? I think, obviously, if you dont this movie wouldnt be for you. I think that a lot of that was intentional though with the Hornet annoying Kato though.

      Anyways… So you wouldnt say a “B” then I take it? Too high? LOL…

      • I liked Rogen in Knocked up and Freaks and Geeks, but not much else.

        No, certainly not a “B”. A “B” would be a good, enjoyable movie with some flaws. Green Hornet is a terrible movie, with a couple of fun moments. Letter grade (charitable) from me would be “D+”

  3. Funny you commented on this flick. I’m watching it now on my DVR. Well at least trying to. I’ve been catching it in pieces and I’m almost through. Part of having a family. Never any real time to sit down. I agree with your comments on this movie. As I recall, you and I say it on the big screen. I’m enjoying it just the same the second time around. The movie is funny but with Seth Rogen as the Green Hormet, I expected it to be more comical than a serious crime fighting super hero movie. Jay Chou definatly adds to the movie, I think without him the movie itself would be more of a flop. Well just my take. Hey Dan, how about a comment on Two and a Half Men!!! Interested on your take.

    • Don’t watch 2 1/2 men, never did, so wasn’t going to tune in just to see Ashton Kutcher…

      I DID see the Charlie Sheen Roast though, and 1) It was very good compared to some of the roasts I’ve seen on CC 2) Charlie was SHOCKINGLY lucid. He almost seemed normal. Healthy even!

      Back to GH –

      Yeah, we caught this together, and we both thought it was good. We were both cracking up. I’ve been catching it in pieces too on cable, and it’s fun! I have no problem with this flick.

      I don’t see anything prior to NYCC that I think you’d want to hit, but if I’m wrong let me know.

  4. If it wasn’t structured so poorly it could have been a total blast, but as enjoyable as it is in some aspects, it’s hard to focus on the good stuff when you could really care less about the story it’s trying to tell. Good review.

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