Now showing on cable: “Little Fockers”

Premiering this weekend on HBO was 2010’s “Little Fockers”, starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro.

“Little Fockers” is the third movie in the “Meet the Parents” series. “Meet the Parents” was released in 2000, “Meet the Fockers” in 2004 and “Little Fockers” in 2010. I mention this to bring attention to the fact that this film is a full decade removed from “Meet the Parents”, which may not have been the greatest comedy ever, but it had its moments.

This movie, however, had none. It was excruciatingly unfunny.

As loaded with talent as this movie is, it’s surprising that there isn’t a single humorous performance amongst the bunch. Granted, the script is terrible. But you would think with these people someone could have made something seem funny at some point.


We’re long past the point where watching Robert De Niro’s dour father in law act is funny. Unfortunately, that’s about the best that this movie has to offer. Other than that there’s awkward sexual humor, uncomfortable misunderstandings, people get vomited on, blood spurted on them, and the “pull my finger” joke makes an appearance.

With no exaggeration, at one point Ben Stiller and Jessica Alba insert a medical apparatus into a patient’s anus together, and later, Stiller administers an injection into Robert De Niro’s erection.

Got an idea of what we’re dealing with now?

I honestly don’t think I laughed once. There might have been a mild smirk when Focker and his father in law finally came to blows, but that’s about it. Every time I paused it and my DVR displayed the runtime remaining, it seemed as if there was an intolerable amount of time left to go.


12 thoughts on “Now showing on cable: “Little Fockers”

  1. Dan, I totaly agree with your comments on this one. I actually saw it in the theater with my wife. This was a series that got steadily worse. I personally thought the first one, Meet the Parents, one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. But that’s just me. The second movie was ok and this last movie was just plain bad. Sometimes, these producers should just stop when they have a hit. One of my favorite movies is a classic, Mad, Mad, Mad, World. Came out in the 60’s. Had all the big stars during that time and was hysterical. Old slap stick stuff. Well my point is they didn’t try to have a sequal or multiple sequals. They knew enough back then that hey if “I make a great movie then just move on and make another great movie.” Not any more. A D rating is about right although I might give it a D+. Might.

    • D+ might be generous.

      As far as sequels go, the business of Hollwood has changed. Not for the better, either. But I bitch about the enough around here, I’m sure you know my stance.

      The original WAS a very funny movie. De Niro can actually be a funny guy. Stiller, too. The volleyball scene? The nipples line? There was a lot to like.

      But this flick totally exemplifies how good originals can turn sour if there’s no GOOD reason for a sequel.

  2. Yea no. The trailer for this looked horrendous. Absolutely no way I would waste my time on this movie. Hopefully, this will be the end of this “franchise” as the law of diminishing returns is finally catching up to them.

    • If you were a movie blogger who had locked himself into reviewing the latest movies being released on premium cable channels, you might.

      Oh wait, that’s me. LOL

      Dude, you’re not wrong. In the least. It’s every bit as bad as you imagine.

  3. The worse movie I’ve seen in a long time! To add insult to injury…. I brought my poor 12 year old daughter…… stupidly thinking it was going to be about the grandchildren! A big fail in Mommy moments….

  4. I’m ashamed to say that I actually paid greenbacks to see this hot mess in a movie theater…The wife and I had the rare chance to see a movie and had had a very long day. We felt like we needed something that required little thought and boy did this garbage deliver and then some! I think we’ve all gotten used to DeNiro mailing the occalsional one in…but in this case, it’s an entire cast and production- Keitel’s cameo- throw a stamp on it! Hoffman/Streisand- Oy lets give it a rest…Stiller- this guy has talent, but I suppose its hard to turn down a big paycheck…I have no doubt that the movie made a fair amount of money…
    Like you said earlier, the first one was really funny, well written and really well acted…This is the comedic equivalent of Godfather 3, but at least that movie offers (unintended) comic relief- sadly this comedy does not.

    Whew- that felt good !

    • K, here’s the question now?

      Who came off the worst?

      I have my answer already, I’ll let you know once you decide.

      Dustin Hoffman and his Flamenco dancing

      Owen Wilson’s tripping out zillionaire stalker character

      Babs Streisand who basically plays a full grown Dr Ruth

      Deniro as an old man with erection problems

      Alba, who never added anything to a movie ever, as a ditzy slut homewrecker

      So much to choose from. It’s like a smorgasbord of awful characters!!

    • I was going to go Streisand. That’s Barbara &#%@ing Streisand… what the hell is she doing?

      I think its a sad state of affairs for Robert DeNiro that he walks around with a hard on at one point, and yet neither of us are appalled by how low he’s sunk. He’s totally made some crappy role decisions these last few years. We should be outraged by this, but he’s weaned us off of him to the point where we’re not.

      Anyways, they all suck.

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