News Worth Sharing: “Arrested Development” returning for mini-Season on TV, then Movie

News broke yesterday out of The New Yorker festival that “Arrested Development” would be returning to television for an abbreviated tv season prior to release of their long-awaited movie.

Creator Michael Hurwitz announced that they will be shooting nine to ten episodes, with each revolving around a single character from the series, in order to catch audiences up with what the members of the Bluth Family have been up to for the past five years. Producer Ron Howard confirms.

My question to you is, Can you freaking believe it? 😀 😀 😀

Rumors of an “Arrested Development” movies have been swirling since the series was cancelled by Fox in 2006. It seems as though every member of the cast has had some rumor to share, opinion about its chances, etc etc. At various points in time, we’ve heard it couldn’t get funding, that Michael Cera was holding it up, and that too much time had passed. Well now, apparently, not only will we be getting a big screen movie, but a return to the small screen as well.

From all indications, the entire original cast will be participating: Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Portia  DeRossi, David Cross, Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, Tony  Hale, and Alia Shawkat. No word yet on what network will air the episodes… Netflix is even mentioned as a possibility. But trust me, someone will pick it up.

I couldn’t be more excited.

I waiver back and forth between “Arrested Development” was tragically cut short and thinking that its cancellation after three seasons was a blessing in disguise… killing the show before it had any chance to erode in quality. The timing seems right for this though, for sure. If anything, “Arrested Development” has grown in stature since its original tv run. Obviously they weren’t getting a large enough tv audience to sustain a network sitcom, but on DVD and in reruns, its found a fanbase at last.

If you’ve never watched it, it’s my highest possible recommendation. A++ It’s easily one of the funniest shows ever in the history of anything ever historical. In history.

So what do you think? Are you as excited as I am? Do you have any hesitations, like… a movie franchise that returns for a sequel too many years after the fact? I can’t get over it, I’ve smiled just thinking about it several different times today!

12 thoughts on “News Worth Sharing: “Arrested Development” returning for mini-Season on TV, then Movie

  1. Ha, ha. Yeah… Like the guy in the $1000 suit is going to believe a rumor being reported all over the internet.


    *places a banner that reads: “I sincerely hope this is true and lives up to all our expectations.”

    Check out banner, Michael!

      • Thanks. Also, I don’t prefer anything. Bruce is my name, but Fogs knows me better as Spikor… thanks to the days long ago when people on the internet didn’t use their real name for anything.

      • LOL. Trust me. Howie knows who Spikor is. Check out, you’ll probably love what they’ve got going.

        I’m going to make a proper post about them and my stuff there once we get a podcast up.

        Wanted to get a foothold if you will…

        But yeah, I figure there’s some content there You’ll appreciate. 😀

  2. Call me a cynic, but Ill believe in the existence of any additional Arrested Development properties only once I’m able to actually sit down and watch them. Google “Arrested Development movie confirmed” and look at the publishing dates of the majority of the articles, you’ll be less excited about this “news” :P.

    • You certainly don’t need to be a cynic to be skeptical about anything regarding this movie. I don’t need to Google it, I’ve been following it all along and I know all the ups and downs it’s gone through…

      This feels pretty legit though. It was VERY loudly proclaimed. This wasn’t a rumor, or just one cast member popping off. It seemed as though they all are saying the same thing in unison.

      I think it’s for real.

  3. Really excited about this especially the prospect of an entire episode about Dr Tobias Funke. I definitely agree that the cancellation may have been a good thing as there was a small dip in quality mostly around the british plot with Charlize Theron and that attrocious accent!

    • 100% true. I thought the whole british portion of season three was the weakest section of the show by a mile. I mean… by season five, say, I’m sure we’d have been saying “Wow, what happened? It used to be so funny!” LOL

      That said, I’m glad its coming back!

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