The Ides of March

In the short time that I’ve been doing this movie blogging thing, I’ve come across the “Head vs Heart” conundrum several times already. Only usually, it’s the reverse of the situation I’m in now. See, typically it comes up when I’ve just watched some movie that I know most critics are going to call a piece of crap, and I recognize as a piece of crap, but I find myself coming up with excuses for why I enjoyed it.

Now, however, I just got back from a movie that… by all objective measures was excellent. It’s excellently acted, it has a very complex and engrossing plot, and Clooney did an excellent job calling the shots. The film looks great.

I just can’t get past the fact… I didn’t LIKE it that much.

I’m certain that most of that is intentional.

“Ides” tells the story of a fictional Junior Campaign Manager (Gosling) for a Presidential Candidate (Clooney). Along the way, he has to play down and dirty politics against and with the Senior Campaign Managers of both his candidate’s campaign (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) and the opponent’s campaign (Paul Giamatti). When he comes across a proverbial “Skeleton in the closet” of the man he’s working for… he’s faced with some difficult choices and a tough position to manuever out of personally.

So, this isn’t supposed to be enjoyable, exactly. This is a look at the dark underbelly of big-ticket politics. The mechanisms of a political campaign that show just how much it’s not necessarily the person running and their ideals, qualifications, etc., but the greased palms, the backroom dealings, the media spins, the damage control and the backstabbing that goes on behind the scenes that is what truly places people into office. Thus you get a movie that’s cold, calculating and cynical. It’s a game of chess with real life implications on a grand scale.

Gosling, Clooney, Hoffman, and Giamatti all do an excellent job. These men are not big names actors for nothing folks. They strut their stuff here, too. In many, many, many movies this dialogue would be what I would call “overwritten” that is, I’d be watching and I’d be thinking, c’mon, no one is THAT quick, or no one is THAT smart. Not with these four guys. You believe they’re that fast on the draw, they really pull it off. They might all be upstaged by Evan Rachel Wood, though. She’s phenomenal as the young, attractive, impressionable intern on the campaign. She really is lights out… they give her character a wide emotional spectrum to cover, and she’s more than up to the task. And even though her role isn’t the big here, Tormei was great too. Excellent jobs across the board here, the acting was really the strength of this movie.

But… I’m really trying to personalize these reviews, here. There’s such a wave of reviewers out there that intellectualize the shit out of everything as if you were supposed to watch every movie like it was a film class assignment, you know? And that’s just not me.

And my biggest problem is, even though I certainly don’t want to turn this into a politics debate or anything, but my biggest problem is I have SUCH a distaste for politics right now, that the LAST thing on earth I need is a movie that focuses on how distasteful politics is. It’s not the movie’s fault, I know. But I had a real problem with it. I know that that’s the point of the film. It’s supposed to churn your guts over how awful the system is. But I have it up to my eyeballs already with that, this just felt like pouring salt on the wound. It’s just bad timing for it… I’m sure Clooney was furious over the whole debt ceiling debacle and the subsequent anti-political backlash, knowing that that was going to hurt his film, above and beyond any frustration he might have had as an American over it.

So. Usually I find myself saying “there’s no way I could call this ‘good’ but I liked it”, but this time I’m saying “there’s no way I could say this film was anything but excellent, but I didn’t enjoy it much”. I mean, my largest criticism of the film aside from the baggage I brought into it personally was that the film didn’t really NEED a scandal. The chess match and back room dealings were fascinating enough… if anything the whole “scandal” element brought the movie back down to earth.

So, anyways, if you have the stomach right now for a movie about dirty politics, God bless ya. This is a movie you’ll probably enjoy.


23 thoughts on “The Ides of March

    • I liked it…

      I mean, if I were to have watched this movie two years ago, or hopefully maybe two years from now I wont be so angry… but if I didn’t have MY baggage… say, oh, if I were from Canada (LOL) I would really have to say this movie was excellent. It’s very Godfather 1ish in the whole rise to power aspect of it.

      You going to write it up? Oops. I guess you did since I was there. I’ll stop by to check out your take shortly

      • Im still not sure what I think of the ending. I’m going to see it a second time again on Monday with the family (us Canadians have Thanksgiving this weekend), so maybe I’ll like it slightly more afterwards, but I was kind of disapointed after the first screening.

        Holy crap Ryan Gosling though right? This has been one hell of a year for him, definitely one of my favourite actors now. You hear he’s going to be doing the Logan’s Run remake with Nicolas Winding Refn?

      • Yea he and Gosling are also doing this odd Thai Boxing movie called Only God Forgives. Not quite sure what the deal with that is, but it’s exciting to see the makings of what could be a pretty substantial Actor / Director coupling.

    • Yeah, so is Ryan, actually, that’s why I made that joke.

      Honestly. You’re right. If I didn’t have the whole I hate american politics thing going on right now, I would have liked this flick very much.

  1. I regret not going to the Venice Film Festival last moth, I could have watched it there. So, as usually, I’m still waiting.
    Anyway, I understand when you say: “It’s supposed to churn your guts over how awful the system is. But I have it up to my eyeballs already with that, this just felt like pouring salt on the wound. It’s just bad timing for it…”. That same thing happens to me with most italian movies.
    So good, but so frustrating!

  2. Hi there, found your blog through my friend ScarletSp1der. Nice review, man. I don’t like political movies, dirty or otherwise, but this looks intriguing enough to rent. I’m generally not a fan of Clooney so I usually don’t see his movies on the big screen.

    • Sure, yeah. I’ve seen you around Castor’s place too (A.M.). Welcome!

      I like Spider’s site. Lots of cool trailers and news and stuff. Very informative over there.

      Clooney isn’t front and center here really, if anything it’s Gosling getting the most screen time by a mile. It’s definitely worth a rental. Easily worth a rental….

  3. Very intriguing that you felt like you didn’t like the movie much at all, and yet, felt compelled to give it such a high rating. Never been a huge fan of political dramas so this is probably going to be a rental for me.

    • Had to calll it like I saw it.

      It was really really well done, great acting, great story, etc…

      But it’s like, imagine you had just been in a serious car accident. You wouldnt exactly be up for a movie that was about a car accident would you?

      Thats basically how I felt here

  4. Every actor is at the top of his or her game, and I think that’s what really kept me going for this film because the story wasn’t really new to me. However, I had a good time with this film. Great review Dan. Check out mine when you get the chance my man.

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  6. I saw it, eventually!
    For once, I must disagree with you. The movie is excellent indeed, but I also enjoyed it. A lot.
    The main reason is that I felt so engaged, as in an action thriller. Words cut like knives in. But I also have to admit that I’m a huge fan of politics in movies… Speaking of which, have you seen Starz’s new series, “Boss”? So theatrical, so tragic, so “excellent” 🙂

    • You know? I caught the first episode, and then never got back to it.

      It wound up really good though huh? I bailed because of time, and not anything else.

      Meanwhile. I was ABOUT to say that you’re probably not sick of politics because you’re not from the US, but, LOL. Italians have their own political wreckage to deal with, don’t they? 😀

      Thats why I still gave it a high grade though…

  7. Gosh, don’t make me talk about Italian politics… We’re finally about to get over a terrible year. But yeah, I still like politics in movies, though.

    As for Boss, you should definitely try to pick it up again. It grows so much, every episode is better than the one before!

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