Chick Flick City



You asked for it. You got it.

Tangible, living proof of the lengths I will go to in order to see this blog succeed.

Like walking on fire or breaking boards, I’m about to perform a feat of… dahhghhh FORGET IT, there is NO WAY to make this sound manly. Just none.

But it’s cool. It’s all in good fun.

Let’s go over the facts, for anyone who may stumble across this post as their first exposure to my blog (Oh God, please no. Seriously, not this one, ok?)

  • I am not well versed in chick flicks or romances. Period. Without a woman in my life to neuter me accompany me to such films, and certainly not choosing to watch them over more manly forms of movies of my own accord, I have developed a significant hole in my film watching resume.
  • This blog has a number of female readers. When they want to reference these movies, I shouldn’t be in a perpetual state of “Duhhhh…” Plus they all seem to enjoy this concept, so…
  • James Bond, Classic, Cheese or Crap won’t last forever. LOL

So here we go. At least for the first one, I’ll put up a poll. I’ll keep it open ’til Sunday midnight. Anyone can feel free to vote, so men, if you will get a chuckle over seeing me subject myself to one of these movies more than the other, knock yourself out. After which, I’ll find a way to watch the selected movie… in all honesty, I will probably buy it on blu ray in order to simultaneously address the lack of estrogen in my blu ray collection.

I’ll have the first post up a week from today. Next Thursday. I don’t know if we’ll make this a weekly thing, but we’ll give it a go for a while and it will be at least quasi regular enough to be considered a “series”. I don’t know if we’ll necessarily use a poll each time to select the next flick, but I will definitely be relying on guidance from the peanut gallery.

When I post, I’m going to give you 100% total, complete, upfront honesty. If the movie made me cry, I will fess up. If it made me all mushy and made me reconsider living in the “Fortress of Solitude”, I will fess up. If it made me call my Mom to tell her I love her, I swear. Cross my heart. I will fess up.

But on the other hand. If I watch some steaming pile of reheated estrogen extract on a plate, whose only redeeming value is as an impulse buy in the feminine hygiene products section of the supermarket, I’m going to call it like I see it, too. Ok?

The selections above are culled from a mini “Facebook Campaign” that broke out yesterday. LOL. I’d like to thank Mary for starting it up and Deb and Beth and Lynn and Kim for participating. I culled the results from the movies they listed. They were the most palatable of the bunch, to me. Polls with more than five options get… weak.

Have at it, and feel free not just to discuss your choices, but the series as a whole, what you’d like to see in it, should we stick with a poll, suggest some other movies, list some addresses where I can turn in my “Man Card”… whatever you like.

Go to town.

49 thoughts on “Chick Flick City

  1. I love The Notebook & Steel Magnolias,,,,but as a first attempt, and as a guy, i think you will find them very long…The Notebook is a little predictable….although still great. Magnolias may even have you double checking yourself, to make sure your balls are still…maybe work up to those two after a weekend watchIng Lifetime or We. I personally think you will like Pride & Prejudice. You will enjoy Kiera Knightly, the wit and sarcasm, deeper storyline…. And it’s a classic novel, that has already withstood the test of time.

  2. I voted Steel Magnolias because I saw a headline yesterday that said BET was remaking it with an all black cast. And we all know how much you LOOOVE remakes. LOL!

    I’m thinking if you review this one, you may be locked into reviewing the remake, as well. That’s 2 chick flicks for the price of 1!

  3. Which P&P though? The Firth/Ehle mini-series or the Knightley one? I hated that…. I have the Firth one though… Was tempted to recommend the Notebook though, that would have been my second choice! (A good later choice – assuming you, like my OH, are a Gerard Butler fan, should check out a couple of the rom-com’s he’s done, they’re not too bad…cheesy but OH watches them!)

  4. I voted Pride and Prejudice thinking you meant the BBC series, since that’s the picture you have up, but if you actually meant the Kiera Knightly one, I recant…well, I can’t recant the vote, but I can take back the sentiment because I would never wish that on anyone. That film is godawful. It’s melodramatic, the characters are either weakly or despicably portrayed, and not to spoil anything for you, but there’s pivotal dramatic moment in the story just halfway through, and the director decided to have it take place outside in the driving rain. The only thing missing is the angst filled montage to My Immortal. It’s that bad.

    The Notebook also is likely to make you weep from pure misery, but it seems to be a chick-flick classic so do as you will. However, if you want a classic chick-flick classic, I’d try Gone With the Wind if you haven’t seen it already. Good luck, man!

    • Thanks Iris, I think it’ll be fun, trust me, I’ve survived worse, so as long as people respond I’m going for it. 😉

      And yes, I’ve seen “Gone with the Wind”. Not often, but… Definitely… I dont know if I’d totally call it a chick flick? But its in the Chick Flick family. For sure. I dont know, maybe its the ultimate chick flick after all. I’ll have to ponder that. I actually really like it. Definite classic. Waaaaayyyyyyy too long for modern audiences though.

      Sorry bout the crossup on the P&P pics. I didnt know. I just grabbed them off of IMDb. 😀

      • Re: Gone With the Wind – you can’t let its classic classic status fool you. That story is straight girl power all the way through. I don’t know if it gets more chick-flick than Gone With the Wind, but it just happens to be outstanding film notwithstanding, which is rather rare. Yeah, it is long though. It has a ten minute intermission, actually, overture and everything, in case you lost your remote, the pause button is broken, you have to go to the bathroom, and you don’t want to miss anything.

        Re: the P&P pics, dude, the only person you should be apologizing to is yourself, if you decide to go with the Knightly version. I’m serious.

        Anyway, I’m looking forward to these reviews!

      • Cool Iris, glad to hear it. Everyone seems to be enjoying the idea.

        And honestly, I’m lost here… I have no idea what sucks or not, so that’s why I’m turning it over to the crowd. Well, plus its fun. 🙂

        And yeah, the more I think about it, the more you’re right, it is definitely a huge chick flick. High quality though, and a Hollywood legend. And as Ryan says, just because a movie aims for a feminine audience doesn’t disqualify it from anything. Of course, Im paraphrasing. LOL

  5. Can we stop calling them chick-flicks? Every time I hear someone say that I delve deeper into a fit of hatred for humanity. “Chick-flick” is a term invented by a bunch of guys too insecure with themselves to watch films typically marketed towards woman. A movie is a movie, regardless of what it’s producers think it’s general audience will be. “Chick-flick” is just such an arbitrary and dismissive term.

    Romantic comedy, romance, or even just straight comedy are what these films are. Just because the film is marketed towards people with vaginas doesn’t change that fact.

    With that being said however, man you really managed to pick some pretty torturous movies to start this off with. With the exception of Steel Magnolias, I honestly wouldn’t recommend watching any of those films, either because they’re boring and trite (Eat Pray Love, The Notebook), or because they’re incredibly sad (Bridges Over Madison County). I feel like you’re going to wind up hating the films you call “chick-flicks” after just one week :P.

    Next week, in fear for your sanity, I recommend putting films more like this on your poll:

    Easy A, Say Anything, Pretty In Pink, (500) Days of Summer, Garden State, Once (really great film), Never Let Me Go, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, High Fidelity, About a Boy, Away We Go, Adventureland, Me and You and Everyone We Know

    • Just want to ensure we’re at the same baseline for this conversation. You know, that we’re both on the same page.

      You do realize you’re “Talking” to a guy who is launching a blog series entitled “Chick Flick City”, with a 500 word post where I crack wise about how emasculating this is like five times, easily, right?

      Just want to be on the same page.

  6. I was torn between Bridges of Madison County and Steel Magnolias but went with the latter in the end.
    I am a stereotypical girl and love almost all “Chick-Flicks”. I don’t care if they’re cheesy or predictable as long as I either cry because of the tragic ending or cry because they finally worked it out and got together. Basically as long as there’s crying involved it’s great in my books.
    Eat, Pray, Love however is a pile of horsecrap and while I have always had somewhat of a girl crush on Julia Roberts, in this I just want to repeatedly slap her across the face and tell her to man up. So for your sake I hope you NEVER have to watch this let alone as your inauguration into Chick Flick City.

    BTW I sat wailing like a baby half an hour past the end of the credits of the Notebook but am the first to admit I fall into its key demographic and would never make my BF watch it!

    • Ok. Thats a funny reply there about the Eat Pray Love. LOL It doesnt look like its going to wind up winning this one anyways, not without a miracle comeback. So for next time, I’ll leave it off.

      I’m totally open to suggestion.. you’ve got to point out some good ones for me then, ok Sew Sew? Hopefully I’ll be able to turn this experience into a readable series for males and females. We’ll see. LOL.

      Anyways, hopefully you’ll be back to check in when it posts up, and you can give me some feedback!

  7. I’m voting BoMC for three reasons:
    A. I think you could stomach anything with Clint Eastwood;
    2. Winterset, IA – birthplace of John “The Duke” Wayne (Marion Robert Morrison);
    iii. I have close family ties to the area.

  8. I got a chick flick you can enjoy, though I think that you probably may have watched it, which is: “Black Swan.” You get to watch two girls make out and lots of sexual stuff happen, plus, lots of psychological stuff too. I’m not really a fan of chick flicks myself either so I feel your pain.

    • Funny you mention that… might want to check back in tomorrow morning… hint hint. LOL.

      Naw, I just wrote it up for a post for tomorrow, that’s all.

      I dont know that I’d call it a chick flick. To me, movies featuring females dont make a movie a chick flick. Its when the movie caters to the female perspectives and views and interests. You know? Black Swan is a boderline horror film with erotic elements, tons of symbolism, lots of psychological intrigue… its a really really good movie. I think it has across the board appeal.

      But yeah, hope you check out my post about it!!

  9. See Dan, Ryan thinks Say Anything is a chick flick too! Anyway….. I’m voting Steel Magnolias for your first venture into estrogen-city. I would vote for P&P, but the Colin Firth version, not the horrible remake (sorry Deb, but I HATED Kiera)
    I’m anxious to read your review!
    Next week please include When a Man Loves a Woman.

    • Yeah, I think when I do the actual review, I’m going to have to solicit the next batch. Like second place automatically gets carried over, but then see what people want.

      Seems like it’ll be a hit, Lots of comments. I think I have you to thank to some degree so, thanks!

      And yeah. You’re both wrong. 😀

    • I saw the other version a while ago, then i read the book, then saw the remake….i guess it may go back and rewatch the original! 🙂

      Steel Magnolia’s, will be an adventure for you Dan!! Oh to be a fly on the wall! Lol

  10. Mrs. Martian says Steel Magnolias and Pride & Prejudice are the only good movies on your list, and the two of them are very different. Steel Magnolias is more of the quintessential “chick flick”. Pride & Prejudice is a literary adaptation that women tend to like more men.

  11. Stick with me. I’m VERY picky about my “chick-flicks.” I’m going to tell you to go old school with Steel Magnolias, because there are some great older lady performances. If Eat Pray Love is in your possession, maybe toss that in the fireplace? The part of the film where she goes to India is good. The rest is rubbish. The Notebook is good, but I’m not as nuts about it as most. Bridges of Madison County was horribly miscast from the novel. While reading it I always pictured Harrison Ford and Angelica Huston. Still, Eastwood and Streep are such good actors the film is still okay.

    • The part of the film where she goes to India is good…

      I agree that if Dan has the opportunity to burn this film he should, but damn, I thought India was the worst part. I was already exhausted by the entire film, but when that annoying dude launched into his sappy sob story about almost but not actually running his son over with a volvo…? That guy had sucked an hour ago. I really didn’t think he could get any worse, but he outdid himself with that self indulgent monologue. He was acting so hard I could smell his gears burning. Through the television.

    • [Channeling Larry David, shoulders raised as high as I can, palms up…]

      What am I, I’m a film Nazi now? Now I’m burning movies?

      [/Larry David]


      Roger that, no “Eat, Pray, Love”. No, none of these are in my collection yet.

      I trust your opinion Colleen, but obviously I can’t rob the winning flick of the results! I’m sure #2 will get its day, whatever it winds up being. Maybe I’ll just do that and watch #1 first and then #2 second… then I wont have to have another poll for awhile. Still figuring this stuff out Colleen, you know how it goes.

      Regardless of it all, this is a good knowledge base! I never knew “Eat Pray Love” sucked so bad! 😀

  12. I second what Ryan said above.. stop calling them chick flicks! Though, occasionally I’m guilty of calling them that too.

    I’m not a big fan of said films. Though I’ve been known to slum it and watch them on a cold and lazy Sunday afternoon.

    I went for The Notebook. It’s predictable and maybe a bit too soppy. But you can’t go wrong with the combination of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, the golden boy of the moment. They make a fantastic set of leads.

    • “Chick Flicks” rhymes. I like that. 😀

      Also, I’m living proof that men – even big movie fans – can be driven away from a film if the themes seem aimed at a female audience.

      I don’t mean to patronize with it, certainly. Doesn’t seem like people are exactly “Up in arms” over the idea. LOL. Au contraire!

      That said, at least I’m nominating serious films that I suspected were high quality (I guess I messed up by including EPL), instead of selecting the Hollywood pre-packed drivel that usually stars Jennifer Anniston, Katherin Heigl, and Kate Hudson!

      Listen, MEN aren’t making those movies profitable enough to encourage Hollywood to churn them out!!!

      • Thing is I think it’s aimed at a relatively small film audience. Putting gender aside. They’re easy to make by Hollywood – all they really require are some cast members. Even then they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. They don’t need any special FX time, usually. They barely require a decent script. They’re cheap and bring the big bucks in. Look at the Sex and the City films. I LOVED the TV show. But the films just didn’t appeal. I haven’t even seen the first film. But, they bring the money in, so they’ll keep churning those things out.


    Such good writing and acting. When I was kid, I used to watch Spielberg, Lucas and random horror movies with my dad. I still do. But Steel Magnolias is one of my mum’s favorite movies, so I used to watch it at least once a year with her. I still do.

    • That’s cool. Its nice to have a film connection with your family.

      I never really realized til I started blogging and thinking about this stuff more seriously that the fact that I’m a movie idiot is all my parent fault! LOL!

      I haven’t checked the results yet this morning, but after Colleen’s comment, I think I formed another part of the plan here. Instead of polling constantly… at least for this one, I’ll take the top two and write them both up in the order they place.

  14. steel magnolias. Its the only one of the group this chick has seen. Beautiful, tragic, funny….if it came with ice cream, potato chips and a half hour massage nothing could top it. Please also consider fried green tomatoes for future use.

  15. In case anyone is checking back in between now and Thursday to see which movie “won”, The Notebook and Steel Magnolias actually wound up TIED.

    So, as I’ve said earlier, they’ll both get write ups, and be the first two moves in this series.

    However, as to the “Honor” of being the inaugural edition, that distinction will go to “Steel Magnolias”. I went to Best Buy today in order to pick these up on Blu. No dice on either flick. Neither is currently on Netflix Streaming, nor Pay Per View. So, “Steel Magnolias” gets the nod because it is on XBox Live in HD, whereas “The Notebook” is only in Standard Definition. I’ll order “The Notebook” on Blu ray online, and it’ll be here in plenty of time for the next post.

    It’s an odd tiebreaker, but there you have it. “Steel Magnolias” on Thursday!

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