Gone to New York Comic-Con

It’s only a one day deal for me, so I wont be live blogging it. (Plus, they make you PAY for WiFi, can you believe it?)

But I wanted to let everyone know, wish me luck on getting in to the big panels. I’m not sure if they allow video yet or not, but if they do, I may have videos tomorrow from “The Walking Dead” panel and “The Avengers” panel.

I’ll put up a write up tomorrow night of what my day was like this year, and post up a bunch of pics and whatnot! Catch you all later, I’m off to the Big Apple!

14 thoughts on “Gone to New York Comic-Con

      • That dude has some balls I guess. I think the reaction is right. Aquaman shouldn’t care what some blogger thinks about him, he runs 3/4 of the world, hangs out with Superman and Batman, and is married to a smoking-hot aquababe. Of course, I’m assuming Johns is engaging in meta-commentary.

    • It’s cool. You’d really dig it. You’re an amine fan too right? I think i saw some of that on your site, not sure. There’s a crazy ton of that there… It’s not my thing, but you’d probably like it.

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