Now showing on cable: “Just Go With It”

Premiering this weekend on Starz was this year’s “Just Go With It,” starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker.

“Just Go With It” is the story of a plastic surgeon (Sandler) who wears a wedding ring to pick up girls, even though he’s not married. When he finally meets the woman of his dreams (Decker), she finds the ring he uses, even though he hadn’t used it to pick her up. She mistakenly believes he’s a married man who was cheating on his wife with her. In order to convince her he’s not, he tells her he’s divorced. One lie leads to another and before you know it, he’s backed into saying he has children.

It’s the latest in a long line of reasons why someone needs to stop Adam Sandler from making movies.

Just to give you a few examples of what we’re dealing with, the movie contains jokes centered around or containing: people with gargantuan noses, an eyebrow badly misplaced from botched plastic surgery, a penis enlargement, a sex doll, breast implants, and a man who had had so much plastic surgery that he can’t move his face.

That’s all within the first ten minutes.

Later, we get to see Dave Matthews pick up a coconut with his ass cheeks, Nick Swardson gives an unconscious sheep mouth to mouth, and later, gets his hand crapped on by the little boy.

Basically the core “gag” of the movie – “gag” meaning the joke they’re trying to make, as opposed to the retch you’ll have to fight back while you watch it – is that Sandler and his gang of play along cohorts are in a constant state of lying around Decker. They’ll lie about something, which will bring her to a question, or her calling them out on something they’ve just said, and as a result, they have to lie again. Fun with fabrication! Or not. It’s honestly difficult to watch. A couple of members of Team Compounding Lie adopt horrible fake accents, and they keep them up an annoyingly long time.

What’s the opposite of a spoiler alert? How about an obvious alarm? “Obvious alarm” for “Just Go For It”, the movie is really an excuse for the worn out concept of someone falling for their best friend as they assist them in winning the hand of another. I looked on IMDb, and 765 movies about that were made just in the last five years. Fogs’ Movie Reviews: Accuracy you can count on.

Sandler is extremely unfunny throughout. There were times – infrequent times, for sure – when I thought that the material immediately at hand wasn’t totally terrible, it was just that Sandler was a complete cardboard standee. Brooklyn Decker is gorgeous and actually represents herself well. Her hotness is literally the only thing this movie has to offer.

But that’s certainly not enough reason to watch this piece of dreck.

Adam Sandler? Please, “Just Go Away”.


8 thoughts on “Now showing on cable: “Just Go With It”

  1. Saw this in the theater. The only thing that made it palatable was the fact that it was a night out with no kids, we saw it at the cheap seats, and I was taken out to dinner beforehand. I am a Sandler fan, but this movie fell short on many levels for me.

  2. If you watch the scene with the dance off in that restaurant they go to – the blue one with Matthews and Kidman – the old red head who volunteers; that’s Grandma Elvis, something of a local legend around here. That blurry head in the background, right behind her – that’s me in my phenomenal debut! Having said that, even I didn’t watch this entire film, it was that bad.

      • It sounds like she just trashed a movie she was an extra in. 😀

        And I’d happily sign an “Adam Sandler go away” petition. I just wish it could have taken effect before Jack and Jill was conceived.

      • I was just commenting on another blog the other day that its hysterical that everyone in the world has that movie oegged as one of the worst movies ever made, and it hasn’t even been released yet!

        It DOES look gawdawful. LOL

      • Call a spade a spade. That movie was awful.

        The casting call was right up the street from where I work, and appx all of Maui turned out for it. We got paid ten an hour, ten hours a day to sit in the tent with two hundred other people. By day four we were all stone cold poker players, spiking our coffee with smuggled liquor.

        Adam Sandler’s sense of humor really painted him into a corner when he got too old to be making films like Water Boy, etc. Never really my cup of tea, but I could see their appeal. As an actor he can carry more dramatic roles like he did in the first half of Funny People, but as a writer/producer, he’s got nothing.

      • Hey, at least you got a cool story out of it! As for Sandler, I think we should have all seen this coming… and you’re right, but I’d add that he’s not the only one who outgrew his style of comedy. LOL. I think his audiences did too!

  3. Yea Brooklyn Decker is so HOT it actually made this quite tolerable. I didn’t hate this, I’m not going to see it ever again but it was pleasant enough IMO.

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