Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Superhero Movie?


Being the creatively bankrupt individual that I am, I often look for inspiration for these topics from what’s coming up in the theatres, what’s going on in my life, etc etc.

So this week, with “The Avengers” panel being the highlight of my weekend month, I figured what better topic to “Toss Out” than “What’s your favorite Superhero movie”?

Superhero movies have become a genre unto themselves… They’ve even begun to spawn subgenres. There are more than a handful of movies now about ordinary people donning the tights and fighting crime with no particular powers or qualifications. “Super”, “Kick Ass”, “Defendor”, etc… You don’t even HAVE to have super powers or a billion dollars worth of high-tech equipment anymore in order to fight crime! (Or try to fight crime).

I’d have never thought this would be the state of affairs back in 1989 when Tim Burton brought “Batman” to the big screen. It was that movie, and Christopher Reeve as Superman, and that was it. (Those were the only superhero movies worth anything at least). Now, major superhero flicks are released constantly. This year alone brought us four major ones, and NEXT year brings us “The Avengers” “Batman: We’re Recycling the Last Title Again” and “Spider-Man: The Reboot”.

In fear of this turning into a “Dark Knight” thread, feel free to discuss your LEAST favorite superhero movies, as well. If you thought it was a stinker, go ahead, let’s toss those into the mix as well.

So let’s hear it folks! “Iron Man”? “Spider-Man 2”? “Batman”? What’s YOUR favorite Superhero movie??

73 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Superhero Movie?

  1. My favorites are Spiderman 2 and Hellboy 2. Spiderman and Thor were my favorite comics as a kid, but I haven’t seen Thor. I really liked the writing in the Hellboy movies. As far as the worst superhero movies, I would need to see a list to choose from before I vote, don’t have a good memory for those kind of things.

    • Getting to be too many bad ones to list. Not a good sign.

      You reminded me of one I hate though, I’m going to post mine now.

      As to Thor? You should see it, it was good. Not like, legendary or anything, but they made a good fun movie out of it. You’ll like it. Its out on DVD now.

  2. I haven’t posted mine up yet, so in case anyone swings back through…

    My favorite would have to be The Dark Knight (no suprises, sorry)

    But my LEAST favorite? Here’s a stinker no one has mentioned… Fantastic Four: Rise of the Bile in Your Stomach.

    That movie was gawdawful bad. The first one wasn’t that great or anything either, but this one was just BAD. Plot holes, cheap special effects, Jessica Alba in that blonde hair and weird blue contacts? I LOVE the Fantastic Four, their comics are one of the biggest parts of my collection… but it actively PAINED me to watch them brought so low. A true stinkbomb in all senses of the word.

    • I’m in the (very) small minority who actually liked FF:RotSS. Obviously Alba was terrible, completely and utterly terrible… but if you can somehow relegate her to your mental blind spot and convince yourself she doesn’t actually exist, the rest of the movie was quite good. The Silver Surfer himself was close to perfect. and I love Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis in their respective roles. I understand the hate for this movie, I just dont happen to share it.

  3. 1) Spiderman 2 is great entertrainment.
    2) Constantine anyone?
    “you’re right John; it’s different
    than the books”

  4. Tough call for me. I’m gonna have to say Superman from 1978. It’s the first movie that really made an impact on me. It really brought the superhero concept to life in my mind or at least more than the Adam West Batman series that I watched in reruns at as a kid.
    More recently, Ironman has become my favorite over the last 10 or so years. First movie that I kept from Netflix for like 2 weeks, intentionally. I missed it in the theaters, so when I finally got to see how good it was, I ended up watching it about 6 or 7 times in a row. Ironman had the story and it was perfectly cast.

    • Yeah, I was surprised that Iron Man didn’t get more love in this thread. Its a great great flick. My only complaint is the final battle is a little lame. I kind of wish we could take the action sequence finale from Iron Man 2 and cut/paste it onto the end of 1 and we would have the perfect superhero movie.

      But great characters… Robert Downey Jr. IS Tony Stark… and a great origin story. That’s a good one.

      I feel as though I’ve already mentioned my Superman The Movie thoughts, but I’ll reiterate so if you check back in you dont have to seek them out… I think it was great, it still is a “Movie that Everyone Should See”, but this modern wave is kind of exposing the flaws in its game.

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