Now Showing on Cable: “Hall Pass”

Premiering this weekend on H.B.O. was this year’s “Hall Pass”, starring Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Christina Applegate, and Jenna Fischer.

“Hall Pass” is the story of a pair of friends (Wilson and Sudeikis) who are constantly bemoaning the fact that they can’t have sex with any other women aside from their wives. They apparently spend all of their free time together having Jr. High School level sexual discussions and ogling women.

When their wives discover how they actually act when “unsupervised”, they give them each a “Hall Pass”. A week off from marriage in order to act out their impulses.

Is there a comedic equivalent of erectile disfunction?

The logic (or lack there of) in this movie is infuriating.

1) There’s no such thing as a “Hall Pass”. I don’t care how much a woman wants to prove a point to her husband, no woman says “go ahead and have sex with another woman, it’s ok”.

2) I don’t care how dumb the man is, and trust me, the men in this movie are morons… Unless they’re already looking for a divorce, every man in the world’s inner Ackbar sounds the alarm at the concept of a “Hall Pass”. “Pull back, it’s a trap!!”

3) Even if we somehow got past points one and two, NO man in his right mind is turning down the high quality opportunities that Owen Wilson eventually does. Especially given the excuse of the “Hall Pass”. But of course, he finds out he really loves his wife.

There’s cliches six layers deep here. The wives are frigid, yet frustrated while the men are irrepressible horndog morons. I swear, my friends and I had a more mature perspective on sex when we were 15. These guys are the very definition juvenile. They toss around fantasy scenarios like “how much would you pay?”, perv over every woman they see, and delude themselves that if it weren’t for their wives they’d be knockin’ em down.

And of course, once the “Hall Pass” is granted, the women are shooing suitors off like flies, while the men are dredging the bottom of the barrel at best.

None of which would matter to me if there was much humor to be found. Neither Wilson nor Sudeikis are viable comedic leads, and the script is terrible. I don’t think there are five funny lines total in the whole flick, but there’s fecal, penile and vaginal humor aplenty!

It’s not the least funny movie ever, but there’s nothing memorable about it. At least not memorable in a good way.


12 thoughts on “Now Showing on Cable: “Hall Pass”

  1. So I guess I wasn’t the only person watching this piece of #@-/ last night…Oy vey..Fogs I agree with all of your points other than the final grade….give em the D or dare I say it the F…trust me this thing earned it..Here is the classic example of a great and enticing trailer for an awful film…It seems the Farrely Brothers have lost their way in a big way…Sad…just sad.

    • Speaking of the Farrellys are you aware that their next movie is “The Three Stooges”, with three impersonators doing a modern day story? Trailer came out, I thought an Internet lynch mob was going to form, lol.

      Yeah, I don’t know why I didn’t D it. I cant say it was an F… The good will the cast has built up with me? Wilson, Fischer, Applegate? I guess maybe I took it easy on them?

      There were a couple of moments I guess, but overall it was a stinkfest.

  2. It wasn’t hilarious but it had some funny moments which had me feeling like The Farrelly’s were back on track. However, with the Three Stooges film coming out, I think they kind of lost that flavor once again. Good review Fogs.

  3. There are films that the trailer comes out and you think, “yeah, not good enough to go to a theater to see, but I’ll catch it when it comes to cable (or netflix, or whatever). This wasn’t one of them. This was always “Yeah, not good enough to see in the theater, and when it comes on cable, I’ll be sure to be watching something else”.

    But honestly, I feel that way about most ‘Rom-Com’s. Last good one I remember seeing was 2007’s “Knocked Up”, and that’s mostly because I’m a sucker for anything Judd Apatow directs (except for “40 Y.O. Virgin”)

    • I’d like to think that the genre HAS potential. I mean, why not?

      But the truth winds up being that they know there’s a certain built in audience for those flicks… a “floor” if you will, and they can be made cheaply.

      Thus they crank ’em out without regard to overall quality.

      I dont know how much of a Rom Com this winds up being. Its more straight up comedy attempt I think, with the Marriage rules, etc as the setting.

      Still, not that great…

  4. Now, my husband and I loved this movie in the theater. Laughed out loud most of the time. (although there were a few scenes I could have done without for sure) Now before you go crazy thinking “wth is she talking about”……….. we bought it when it came out on DVD, and watched it again…..definitely not as funny……….actually we didn’t like it that much at all.

    Moral: I guess any movie is better on date night when the 4 kids aren’t with you, it is comes after a nice dinner at a restaurant (the kind where you don’t pay first and take your tray to the table) and a few glasses of wine. hahaha

    • Setting and expectations can be a big factor.

      For example, the Hangover part II is getting kicked around as one of the worst movies of the year (which I totally disagree with… if they think THAT’S the worst? I have some recommendations for them) but I really liked it.

      Did it help that I saw it in a PACKED 11:00 showing (the drunk showing) on Friday, opening night? Yeah, it probably did. My audience laughed at EVERYTHING.

      But when you’ve got to officially put a grade on a thing, you wind up looking at it a little more… cautiously. Time can help/hurt too. And repeat viewings. For example, the infamous “Bathtub Sneeze”? I can see how some people might be shocked and find it funny on viewing one… but it has to lose some effect on future viewings.

      I wont be doing any, but… 😀

  5. Sorry Dan, I strongly disagree with most of your comments of the movie. I thought it was hilarious. You are thinking to much as far as what would really happen. And I disagree with you there as well. I serverd in the Coast Guard and I can tell you that one thing I found amazining was how many wifes let their husbands screw around a little. It certainly is possible to get a hall pass just not likely. But once again you are way over thinking this. If you just sit back and look at the flick as a off the wall comic, it was great. One of my favorite movies is from the 60’s called Mad, Mad, Mad World. This movie is off the chart rediculous. Things that normal people just would not do but that is not the point of the movie. It is about comedy plain and simple. I would give this flick an A- just for the pissing in my pants laughing. Word of advice when watching movies like this, Just sick back and enjoy the comedy.

    • Ohhhhh please.

      This is not THAT. I can “sit back and enjoy the comedy”… I’ll go back to “Hangover II” which is exactly the case in point. I think a lot of people got hung up on the fact that its a repeat of the plot of the first one, got offended and let it ruin their movie. I got past it and sat back and enjoyed the comedy.

      This wasn’t that good man. I’m sure we’ll debate more on Friday, but 1) I’m kind of in a position where I have to “think about” the movie regardless… if I have to write it up, I have to pass judgement one way or the other 2) One should not mention Mad, Mad, Mad World in the same breath as this 3) … and 3) is the big one. Why dont you ask your wife for a Hall Pass then and tell me how it goes. I’d be interested to hear how believable it is after that. LOL 😀

    • Dude. Wait’ll you hear the shit parade I’ve been having in order to be fully educated on my “Worst Movies” of the year…

      Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son, The Roommate, Zookeeper, this, and then coming up I’ve got a bunch of other stink bombs.

      Turns out… if they suck? I tend to stay away in theatres. Hmm. I wonder why.

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