The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Nominees for most Disappointing Movie

To order our nominee announcement and awards presentation threads over the next couple of weeks here, I decided let’s let the “Worsts” go first, and Ladies before Gentlemen.

Thus I present to you the nominees in our first category for the inaugural FMR MAJOR Awards. The most disappointing movies of the year, all vying to be called “The Biggest Disappointment.”

In order to qualify for this category, the movie first has to have raised some degree of promise or expectation, and then have not lived up to it. “Don’t believe the hype!”

Here are the candidates for “Biggest Disappointment” of 2011.


“Cars 2” – Not that I’m a huge fan of the original or anything, but it was a good movie at least, and Pixar DOES have a reputation for producing high quality films. I expected FAR better than this out of them, no matter which of their properties they’re working with. Instead what I saw was a hollow, unfunny, flashy movie that I couldn’t wait for the ending of. A Pixar movie with a 38% tomatometer score is just unheard of. But they earned it here.


“Cowboys and Aliens” – Two Huge Hollywood Stars. A female lead that was (at that moment) the Hollywood “It” Girl. A cast of sure-fire supporting actors. A director coming off of succesful superhero franchise.  A high concept that sounded unique and promising. Expectations were high. Evidently TOO high. WAY too high. Because what we got was an unremarkable pile of sludge. A lame story with crappy special effects. Ptt-ooh.


“Green Lantern” – I know I really enjoyed it when it came out, but it’s hard not to acknowledge its numerous faults, and the general public kicked it around like a soccer ball. There were a ton of things that you just can’t expect a unitiated audience to accept immediately… they should have been eased into the mythos more gradually. Plus, the cast had some issues across the board. Green Lantern is a superhero that deserves better.


“J Edgar” – An important, influential historical figure, whose job was to investigate and fight crime. He reportedly kept secret, blackmail worthy “Files” on any number of important Americans. He was also a reputed cross dresser and a repressed homosexual. How does all of THAT wind up such a bore when you have one of the greatest actors of our generation and a director who’s won two Academy Awards (and been nominated for two others)?


“Sucker Punch” – The promotional materials for this looked awesome. Samurai Schoolgirls fighting Dragons? All kinds of creative, enticing visuals were promised. Unfortunately, that was literally ALL the movie had to offer, as the “story” was complete rubbish, and the acting was completely and totally flat. I think I can see what Snyder was TRYING to do… but he undershot his target by a long sight. Easily one of my most disappointing films of 2011.


So there you have it folks! Our quest to determine the Best in Worst in the world of movies for 2011 has begun! Most Surprising will get posted later today, and then the acting awards start tomorrow! I’m going to have these all written soon, I’ve already made my choices need your help through this process! What do YOU think was the most disappointing movie of 2011? Was it one of these? Did I “snub” anyone?

Let’s hear what you think!

39 thoughts on “The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Nominees for most Disappointing Movie

  1. Well, not sure I have a vote here since I’m so far behind on this year’s movies. The only one from the list above I’ve seen is Cars 2. I saw it with my two boys in the theater back in June. Out of all the ones on the list, this one probably had the most anticipation…about 5 years in the making I believe. We are huge fans of the original and as a parent, endured it many times over those 5 years. It held up very well.
    I gotta admit, I was excited to see Cars 2 and was grossly (no pun intended) disappointed. After Disney has marketed the crap out of the franchise, it did seem like they made it (and all the new characters) to sell toys. It’s almost like they couldn’t decide on a plot for the sequel so the mashed about 2 or 3 together.
    Of the others, really wanted to see Cowboys and Aliens, mainly for the actors and what I had hoped to be a “Firefly” like film. Guess it didn’t live up to most?

  2. Green Lantern was overwhelmingly disappointing to me.

    Didn’t see Cars 2; my folks took the kids and gave it a thumbs-down.

    Didn’t see J. Edgar thanks to the poor review on this site (thanks!).

    Didn’t see Sucker Punch because it looked like absolute garbage and Zach Snyder makes me twitch.

    Saw and enjoyed Cowboys & Aliens.

    • “Didn’t see Sucker Punch because it looked like absolute garbage and Zach Snyder makes me twitch.”

      He didnt before (make ME twitch) but he does now. Sucker Punch was crappola.

      Glad I saved you the $10 on J Edgar. Dont let the awards noms for DiCaprio fool you. If he wins an Academy Award, I’m moving it to “Biggest Academy Botch Job Ever”, supplanting “How Green Was My Valley” beating out “Citizen Kane”

  3. I haven’t seen any of these (mainly due to poor reviews), but they all seem to have a strong case for most disappointing this year. It still blows my mind that the concept for Cowboys & Aliens was ruined on what sounds like a terribly dull and boring film.

    • I know, right? That concept should be GOLD, no? Take two time honored genres, mash ’em up, boom! And they actually got half the story done pretty well. The “Cowboys” side of the equation was pretty decent stuff, Eric.

      The Aliens side though? So bland. Totally “meh”.

  4. My vote goes to Cars 2 but I really like the concept of the major awards. I can’t wait to see what the other categories will be.
    Can I dress up?
    Should I book my hair appt now? I have a bridesmaids dress from a couple of years back, it’s really nice and poofy on the bottom… if I stick some feathers on top it could have like a coutour black swan feel. Oh! I can’t wait to get shoes! Will you be giving out leg lamps to all the winners? If so, and you happen to have an extra leg lamp can I have it?

    • I dont have extra leg lamps, unfortunately, no.

      My sister and her family have one as a lawn decoration for the Holidays though, maybe now that Christmas is settled I can see if you can borrow that one.

      As to dressing up, suit yourself. But these are going to be going on here the next couple of weeks. LOL. I think that would be an awful long time to sit in a bridesmaids dress. 😀

  5. Sucker Punch. This movie is best understood if you have a mental disability. One moment you’re in the trenches of a visually striking WW1 movie the next you’re in a chorus line at a women’s prison. Makes sense to me but then I’m Mental.

  6. Haven’t seen most of these, but from what I’ve read and heard, I doubt you’ll get much in the way of argument. I’m with you on Green Lantern; I liked it, better than most people, but it was still far short of what I had hoped it would be. In all honesty, it needed a stronger lead actor, a tighter script (and one that wasn’t based on cosmic horror Parallax right off), and it needed to be truer to comic-book Hal. The whole “I’m not as brave as they think” angle is a great angle for a comic book movie, but not when the character’s defining characteristic in the comics is being pathologically fearless.

    Sucker Punch I haven’t seen, but my first impression was that it looked like absolute tripe, so it’d be hard for it to disappoint me.

    • If your FIRST impression of Sucker Punch was it was garbage? Then definitely stay away.

      Cause if you dont like what they’re pitching in the commercials, you have NO chance of liking it.

      Yeah, I dont know. I kind of liked some of the fear struggles with the Hal Jordan character. I mean obviously I knew it wasn’t true to the character, but I thought it would play better to the audience. Plus it gave the movie its – basically its only – theme.

      Glad to hear someone else besides me liked it, but… I got sick of defending it.

      • Roger that… I think a big part of the divide on GL is that the things that the mainstream audience disliked are the sorts of things that long-term GL fans are used to rolling with. Cosmic fear abominations are familiar territory to us, but are pretty abstract and weird for most people. It’ll be very interesting to see where the franchise goes from here, considering their direction was so obvious from the ending, but the film didn’t exactly set the world on fire in its reception.

  7. The only one of these that I’ve seen is J. Edgar, which I really liked, so I’m hoping that it doesn’t win… uhm… lose this category. Based on what I’ve read, I’d guess that Cowboys & Aliens might be the frontrunner here, since people seemed genuinely disappointed in it, rather than something like Cars 2 where everyone knew that Cars 1 wasn’t that fantastic.

    • J Edgar is a strong contender, lets put it that way.

      I’m on the record as a bigtime hater of that flick. I’ve been over to never too early quite a bit lately checking out the contenders trying to see all that I can. 😀 So, good to see you here

  8. Liked Sucker Punch more than most, but you cant ignore it’s crushing flaw of aiming too high and shooting too wide. I maintain that if he had told the story without the top, depressing layer it would have rocked hard.

    Green Lantern never looked like it was going to be good (CGI Suit? C’Mon, Man!) So I wasn’t let down at all, quite to the contrary it was better than I expected, which isn’t saying dick. I thought that all the sci-fi effects shots and battles and such looked great, it was only when anyone opened their mouths and words came out that it well and truly bit the big one.
    Didn’t see J. Edgar (based hugely on your review) or Cars II (based hugely on my total lack of interest and low opinion of Cars I) so…

    Cowboys and Aliens would get my vote for biggest let down. It had such a good team behind it, and was apathetic from beginning to end. Vote: GAH!

    • SUCKER PUNCH: “I maintain that if he had told the story without the top, depressing layer it would have rocked hard.”

      Uhmmm… well… then basically he’d have had to have come up with a new way to string all those action sequences together, because that’s all that was left. But ok, I mean, those WERE the best scenes.

      GL: “it was only when anyone opened their mouths and words came out that it well and truly bit the big one.’

      Ah the joys of movie blogging. So proud to host movie discussions :D. I have no counter. LOL

      J EDGAR: “Didn’t see J. Edgar (based hugely on your review)”

      Yeah, you owe me one on that one. But dont just take my word for it, it’s batting 41% on rotten tomatoes. That’s bad for any movie, but for Oscar bait like this with such a pedigree? Its extra bad.

    • I’m a hater on that flick, we know it. I actually think its the one of the three that got released that weekend (J Edgar, Jack and Jill and Immortals) that I’d pick LAST if I had to rewatch one.

      But we know how it goes. Every pair of eyes show every brain a different movie than the person next to them sees, so no wonder people dont agree sometimes!

  9. I haven’t seen any of those but I would nominate Captain America as the most disappointing movie of the year. It was incredibly generic and flat-out uninteresting. Red Skull was kinda lame and not because of Hugo Weaving’s acting but rather his character arc and his lack of purpose. Just a totally forgettable movie to me in all aspects.

    • Agree big time with you Castor. Red Skull was just so 1 dimensional and too “typical” of a villain. I get that it’s meant to be a war time film when villains were simpler, but not that simple!

    • I’d agree to an extent. I was disappointed by it, but I guess not to the degree of any of these. Plus, I think most people liked it, I think the three of us are in the minority…

      I do have to say though. That comment is hysterical sitting next to your avatar. 😀

      • I was disappointed in it man. The Red Skull left me flat – still cant figure out why, skinny, CGI Steve Rodgers was weird, and then I didnt like how they abandoned the WWII setting to battle hydra and all their future weapons… so that the action scenes actually felt like… other contemporary superhero flicks.

        I gave it a B or B+, but I was hoping it would be a movie I would love and grade out at an A

      • I’m with Gelf on this one. OK, so the Red Skull’s motivations are a bit two-dimensional. He’s a comic book villain in a comic book movie; “take over the world” is about as deep as it usually gets, so I’m not sure why the disappointment there, especially when the real world villains of WWII weren’t exactly more complex, other than Hitler’s genocidal racism; can anybody name a motivation for Mussolini or Hirohito beyond “take over the world”? But just looking at comic book movie villains, it’s “take over the world” or, in the case of Lex Luthor and the Iron Man villains, “make lots of money”. Only Loki really has more complexity, and then only a little. Magneto is often held up as a more complex example, but he’s really a great example of false character depth. We’re given his Holocaust experience as a big reason for his fear of the persecution of the mutants, but this doesn’t actually inform his actions — he’s perfectly willing to commit the Holocaust dozens of times over himself. In X2, when he says “kill the humans”, he’s not saying “spare the Jews.” It’s hard to credit him as really being motivated by the Holocaust when he wants to kill all the other Jews too (along with every other ethnic minority and non-minority).

        So while the Red Skull may not be a ground-breaking villain in complexity… he’s not any worse than other comic book villains — or for that matter most movie villains regardless of genre. Villains tend not to be complex; it’s difficult to maintain villainy in a well-rounded character (like Kirk says to Mirror Spock, evil is fundamentally illogical.) So while I get that people may have wanted a bit more depth, I’m not sure why there’s the disappointment in the absence of something that’s seldom present.

        As for abandoning WWII, I can kind of see what you mean there, Fogs, but I don’t think it felt at all like other contemporary superhero films. It still felt like a war movie in those scenes, which is something the others don’t feel like. The inclusion of 1940s sci-fi was a bit unexpected but not jarring for me (and it is 1940s sci-fi in style and tone, not 2010s sci-fi; Hydra tech feels like it’s straight out of the pulps).

      • I know others here mentioned Skulls motivation, but for me, that wasn’t the issue.

        Its all very intangible. But its primarily the actor I think. Its a gut reaction to their performance, the character overall, etc.

        I wanted to love him as a villain, because he’s so big in the Marvel U. But I couldnt. again, tough to pinpoint, have to say it was Weaving, I guess. But whatever it was, he underwhelmed.

  10. I agree with J.Edgar. I thought it would dive into more about the whole cross dressing/homosexuality or at least the “secret files”, but it seemed to be noise in the background in this movie. Maybe that was just me.

    My biggest disappointment was Bad Teacher. I just didn’t like it at all.

    • Ohhhhh Bad Teeeeeacher. Yeah. You know what I hated about Bad Teacher? They had such a good high concept. Kind of like The Bad New Bears but bring it indoors. Just show a movie about a Teacher who’s really bad with kids.

      But no, they went in a completely different and less fun direction. Sad.

      J Edgar was like watching paint dry…. thanks for backing me up!

  11. Out of those I’d go for Green Lantern, though to be honest, going in to the cinema I was wondering about my decision to see the film. Agree with Castor – Capt. America was a bigger disappointment for me. The trailers looked great, I loved the cast but the whole Red Skull WAS kinda lame.

    With Sucker Punch I knew all I was going to see was a bit of crazy action with some beautifully done scenes but nothing more than that.

    And while there have been some great films to come out this year, this year’s felt like a bit of a downer compared to last. Looking forward to 2012’s films!

    • It was a bit of a strange time. The summer blockbusters this year? Definitely a let down. The only one I really like LOVED was Harry Potter.

      But then Sept-Nov, which is usually a crappy time for movies, actually was surprisingly good. Contagion, 50/50, Moneyball, Drive… I liked them all a lot.

      The Holidays have been a mixed bag though. Very let down by Tintin and War Horse, so…

  12. How can these movies be considered disappointing when they all looked so terrible? If even one of them was any better than shitty, it would be a pleasant surprise. Sadly, none of them were.

  13. I actually have to agree with the above comment– but then again I didn’t expect anything special of any of these. For me, I’d have to give it to Bridesmaids, which just didn’t/couldn’t live up to the hype generated by the web-based buzz monster; nothing is more disappointing than going into a movie you expect to love and coming out feeling really underwhelmed.

    Then again, Cars 2 fits precisely because we kind of expect better of Pixar’s workmanship.

    • “I actually have to agree with the above comment”

      Yeah, LOL. I think it surprises us all when we have to agree with Brik 😀

      As to Bridesmaids, I’d just say, it didnt have that kind of buzz until after it was released. Pre-release, I dont think anyone expected anything. I know I didnt. I was like, Bridesmaids? Really? Its THAT good?

  14. I did nothing but yell out “YEP! Yep!!” as I scrolled down and saw EACH film you put on this list! Great choices.

    I was more hopeful for “I Am Number Four” and “In Time” in addition, myself. I’d say you hit the nail on the head in this category though.

  15. Wow am I glad I haven’t seen any of these. I still might give C&A and Edgar a rent but didn’t think they’d be worth seeing on the big screen.

    This FMR posts are awesome man, I wish I had seen enough films to nominate as many categories like you did here.

    • Thanks Ruth! Thanks for stopping by and checking them out! 😀

      You know? These aren’t the worst movies of 2011… just the most disappointing. I mean, I wouldnt recommend them per se, but Cowboys and Aliens isnt horrible and I actually LIKE Green Lantern.

      They just were all a disappointment in one way or another.

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