What’s up everybody? We’re back!

Another episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank & Fogs is available for you to download!

In this episode, we go over two of the big Holiday releases this season… “The Adventures of Tintin” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”! I also quickly touch on a couple of other big movies out now that I had a chance to see, “We Bought a Zoo” and “War Horse” :D!

As always, you can look us up on iTunes, or you can download it directly, here. Happy listening, and I hope you enjoy!

5 thoughts on “PODCAST!!

  1. I have to say I probably won’t see Dragon Tattoo until it comes on HBO. I’m the camp of folks that saw the foreign version in a theater here before I knew it was being remade. Actually, I saw all 3. For me they were so good that way, I don’t want to see a remake so soon.

    Ironically, there was an older couple that got up and left 10 minutes in when they realized it wasn’t what they thought it was.

    It’s important to note, they really are part of a bigger story. The originals were cut from a TV miniseries, which is longer than all the films combined. That would be the version I’d try to find if you watch the originals. (I’m not sure it’s out yet, though.)

    Great show guys, I’m really loving the podcast. If there’s anything I can do to help promote, please let me know!

    (In case you’re really curious my review of the first film is here: http://tvandfilmtoys.com/index.php/2010/07/the-girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo-film-review/ )

    • Thanks E.N! Appreicate your feedback and support, for sure 😀 Stay tuned, we’ll have a new ep up next week, and we’re working on some ideas for the future, so we’re going to make it better still.

      Nice blog, btw. Love the toys!

      It’ll still be a little while before I get to the foreign ones. between the site and my job I’ve been flat out. But I do intend to catch up with them.

      I will say this… there’s nothing you can really say if someone’s that attached to a flick and doesn’t want to see it remade, I mean I can relate… but Fincher DID do an awesome job. He put a REALLY bad ass movie together. Definitely worth checking out if you decide to give it a shot.

      And yeah, I can see people leaving this flick in like, shock. LOL. Definitely.

  2. Honestly guys, don’t worry about seeing or not seeing the Swedish versions. They were good, but Fincher’s is great and simply “Jone’s Theory’s” the older ones out. His are much more stylized and provide a more suiting atmosphere. Rapace is very good as Salander, mind you she already had the look for it. I think that perhaps Mara does more with the role though.

    • I hear you. And I probably wouldnt.

      But, I was taking a BEATING over not having seen the original when GWTDT fever was happening… you know, when the movie was just released? Oh man…

      So I may have to eventually, just cause I dont want to listen to it. 😦

      • That might be because of that stigma that watching foreign films makes you credible? And maybe some people really just gave you a beating because they wanted you to know that THEY had seen it.

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