The 2011 FMR MAJOR Award Winner for Best Supporting Actor

Ok boys and girls, this post announces the winner of the Best Supporting Actor MAJOR Award for 2011.

I put up five actors who I felt contributed the most to their films in spite of a limited amount of screen time. They weren’t the leads, but they made a fantastic contribution to their film.

The nominees are: Albert Brooks, “Drive”, Robert Forster, “The Descendants”, Paul Giamatti, “The Ides of March”, Nick Nolte, “Warrior”, and Christopher Plummer, “Beginners”.

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Brooks helps “Drive” create its incredible mixture of style, coolness, intensity and gravitas. The movie is alternately exhilarating, intense, and intimate.

What does Brooks bring to the mix?

The menace.

That’s right, Albert Brooks brings the menace. As Nevertooearly commented last week, perhaps Brooks wouldn’t be getting so much attention for his turn here if he wasn’t playing against type. Instead of trying to argue that, I’m going to outright acknowledge it!

Look, for more than 30 years, Albert Brooks has been entertaining America with some form or another of an affable, relatable guy. To see him here, stone serious, glowering, threatening… deadly… It was shocking! Amazing! I couldn’t shake it, I was like that’s Albert Brooks! He’s such a bad ass here! Far from denying that was a factor here, I’m going to give it its full due.

But its certainly not the only factor. Brooks was amazing. His Bernie Rose is a coiled rattlesnake of a man. You hear him talking, and perhaps he’s not even saying anything that’s an outright threat… but always just beneath, you can hear his tail rattling. You know you don’t mess with him… far before he starts hurting people. Brooks gets that across in an incredible way. He’s a powerhouse. Power. House. Such a phenomenal addition to this movie.

Gosling brought the cool. Brooks brought the cruel.

The other nominees were all great as well. Forster had the funniest moment of the year and one of the saddest moments (to me) in “The Descendants”. The massive amount of regret Nolte is obviously dealing with in “Warrior” allows the audience to paint their own picture of the upbringing the two fraternal combatants had. And Plummer is amazing in “Beginners” – I’m sure he’s going to collect awards hand over fist this season.

Just not here. I still can’t get over Brooks in “Drive”

Your 2011 FMR MAJOR Award Winner for Best Supporting Actor.

So what do you think Boys and Girls? Did I do a great injustice to Mr. Plummer? Are you glad Paul Giamatti didn’t win because you can’t stand him (LOL)? Was there anyone you were rooting for? Let me hear it!! ๐Ÿ˜€

19 thoughts on “The 2011 FMR MAJOR Award Winner for Best Supporting Actor

  1. I do think you did Plummer an injustice, but I’ll allow it since SAG inexplicably left Brooks off their list, so he really needs a “Major Awards” win. I do think the Oscar will come down to these two veterans of the craft.

    • Yeah, I dont know. I wouldnt say I was disappointed with Plummer – but I did expect more after all of the hype. I mean, he was excellent, sure, but somehow there was no over the top scene, or nothing too remarkable one way or the other that like blew me away.

      I dont want to put his turn there down. Its just been getting a ton of hype.

      Brooks meanwhile, needs a little more love. He was awesome.

  2. I agree. Brooks’ role is a standout in his career. You’ve convinced me to give “Drive” a second viewing. At first I thought it a Jason Statham flik without the steroids. But now I’ll try and see it from a european director’s (aka Rehn) point of view.

    • Can’t blame you for thinking that that was how the movie would be when you went into it. The marketing was a little… misleading. I mean, not as bad as some, but I had the vibe too.

      Now that I know though, I cant wait to see it again. It’s done well for itself in my memory ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I liked Brooks, don’t get me wrong, but I gotta say this shoulda gone to Nolte. His best performance in a very long time by far!! His was a performance that added such an appropriate amount of depth on another level to Warrior.

    still a good choice in Brooks. I remember him in Drive, but I won’t forget Nolte in Warrior!

  4. I’ve never been fond of Brooks and have not seen him in this movie. It maybe time to give him another chance, because if you think he was good enough to win the 2011 FMR Major Award for Best Supporting Actor, that’s good enough for me!

    • You’ll be surprised when you see it. He’s completely different here than youve seen him before. It was a really, really great role for him.

      That movie is highly recommended anyhow… definitely one of the better movies of the last year.

  5. I really liked Albert Brooks in Drive but seriously Christopher Plummer deserves all the love he is getting this year. Nonetheless, very good pick. Brooks was fiercely intimidating and yet you could sympathize with his character. Great work!

    • “fiercely intimidating and yet you could sympathize with his character”

      Yeah, that’s a good way to put it man. There were a couple of times when he broke out jusssst enough of that old “likeability” to get past your guard. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. super sweet. albert brooks is like one of my favorite actors from drive. it was great to see brooks in something diffrent then comedy. i mainly liked his soprano talk. i love movies that invovle the mafia, cause i love the way mafia people talk.

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