The 2011 FMR MAJOR Award Winner for Best Actor

Here we go, here we go, here we go!

The 2011 FMR MAJOR Award for Best Actor!

These five actors all gave a great performance in 2011… just did a really great job in their roles. Of course, only one can be selected as the winner.

The Nominees are: George Clooney, “The Descendants”, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, “50/50”, Ryan Gosling, “Drive”, Brad Pitt, “Moneyball”, and Andy Serkis, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.

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No offense to the others in this field this year, but this award was practically a lock from the moment I left the theatre.

I don’t know if it actually was or not, but this role felt as if it were tailor-made for Clooney. As if Payne had him in mind before even creating the character, and then customized the dialogue and plot and the character of Matt King to work to Clooney’s strengths.

George Clooney is a very charismatic person. He’s likeable. Which is so important to the role of Matt King. You LIKE him. Clooney is central to your connection here. You really feel for what he’s going through (his character’s wife has been in a severe boating accident), and this helps the movie establish its stakes. “The Descendants” also takes great advantage of his comedic abilities, giving him several very funny scenes.

And of course, there’s his relationship with his girls. Its obvious he’s a parent who loves them both, but he’s “the backup parent” to steal a line from the movie. He’s befuddled at times. Not quite sure how to work things out or what to do, only knowing that he wants to do right by his daughters.

But more than anything, “The Descendants” gives him a chance to showcase his range. For a while I thought he wasn’t going to be able to get up over the hill, so to speak, but he did. He was just saving it. He choked me up more than anyone else in any movie I saw this year. It was really something we’ve never seen out of him.

This was a movie that brought out the best in him. Matt King was a great role, he got to be funny, and sad, the “everyguy”, the family man. He’s very expressive, and is able to elicit a ton of symapthy and/or empathy for his character from the audience. It was a great movie, and it owes a lot to him.

All the other actors were great as well. Gordon-Levitt brought a great humanity to Adam and his ordeal in 50/50. Gosling was Steve McQueen reincarnate in “Drive”, just quiet and cool and confident. So great. Brad Pitt’s quick wit was on full display as Billy Beane, but he also got to flesh him out as a character instead of playing a one-note wisecracker. And Serkis didn’t just get to mimic a chimpanzee for a whole movie, he got to play a learning, growing, emotive chimpanzee. And he really made it happen.

But Clooney was the King this year. And I have to give him his due.

Let me have it people, I know a lot of you were rooting for some of the other guys… Gosling, JGL, Serkis… How about those of you who saw the Descendants, did you think Clooney is deserving of a MAJOR Award? Let me hear it boys and girls, the floor is yours!! 😀

15 thoughts on “The 2011 FMR MAJOR Award Winner for Best Actor

  1. I’ve been nothing but good things about this one which makes me even more curious to see it. Clooney’s been consistently good the past few years, I like him in Up in the Air as well. Props for mentioning Andy Serkis as one of the nominees, let’s hope Oscar is smart enough to give that guy his dues!

    • I wish they would be too, Ruth, but I have a sad feeling they won’t 😦

      I think its going to be a while before Mo-Capped performances start to get major recognition. It’s a bummer. I thought Zoe Saldana was awesome in Avatar, too. And of course Serkis’ prior work as Kong and Gollum.

      But yeah, Clooney was fantastic in “The Descendants”. I’m really a big fan of that movie, and hope you get to see it soon. Swing back and let us know what you thought of it if you do!

      • Count me in as a Serkis fan. I think the problem with him gaining recognition (at least from major awards shows, anyway) is that most of the films he’s been in have been big budget, special effects heavy movies (as they’d need to be to have any motion capture tech in them), and that there’s some stigma in awards shows about giving an acting nomination to someone from a Hollywood blockbuster action movie.

        Ranting aside, I also thought Clooney did a great job as Matt King. My vote would have gone to Gosling, but that doesn’t make me any less of a Clooney fan.

      • Ha! It’s tough choice isn’t it? Gosling was great in Drive he really was.

        You raise a good point about the Blockbusters. You’re right. I think the majority of it still stems from the layer of animation over the actual actor, but your point is no less true.

        Thanks for posting up! 😀

  2. “Clooney was the king”, and he played Matt King…pun intended? Anyway, good choice, I agree that the role does feel like it was tailored for him. That’s actually why I didn’t nominate him for Best Actor, because I’ve seen him do similar work before. I’d say I was more impressed with his work in 2009’s “Up in the Air”, a film which I adore.

    But he is a deserving winner, and he’s among great nominees.

    • “Clooney was the king”, and he played Matt King…pun intended?

      Yes sir. You caught me. 😀

      That’s cool, glad we see eye to eye on this one! Didnt let anyone get away with murder this time huh? LOL. You’re right though, Sandler did kind of commit a crime and go unpunished.

  3. Long live the KING! Clooney IS great in this excellent film.

    He does a fantastic job of staying even keel as his character is trying to hold it together for the benefit of his clan with all the revelations that are suddenly sprung. Then he has powerful tantrums to reconcile with surprising events. I like the downhill run in boat shoes and the private hospital moment. All the while, he tries to not publicly speak poorly about another character (the ‘good girl’ comment). Just when his whole world is about to be decided, he has some surprising, soulful revelations of his own.

    The other nominees here are solid, but the KING stands alone.
    Good pick Fogs.

    • Thank you S!

      It’s nice to exchange with other fans of this movie. I need a review on Blu or DVD but I may actually like this better than sideways. I’m not sure.

      I am sure it was great though. And like you said, Clooney created a great character. I hate to speak in code like this, but I also really loved the “What would you do?” talk he has… Thats some funny stuff.

      Glad you support the choice 😀

  4. well, i can’t hate on Clooney! I haven’t seen The Descendants yet! Glad to see that you liked it this much! I’m jealous in that I hope he enjoys that Leg Lamp.

    man…I have the perfect window to put a leg lamp in for my neighbors across the street to admire the prestigious award! hahaha

    • Get into a movie, man! I’d create a category for you. Best blogger turned star or something… you’d be a lock.

      No joke, my Brother in law has a huge lawn decoration light up one. Its hysterical. Funny stuff.

  5. Well I have not seen the movie (shocker, right?) but Clooney is my predicted winner at the Oscars this year!

  6. Seems Clooney can’t do much wrong in his career at the moment, whether he’s spending time behind or in front of the camera. While I haven’t seen The Descendants, it’s not a hard stretch for me to imagine the king doing his magic.

  7. I wanted to see this, but sadly, it didn’t stay in our theatre for very long. I’ll have to wait for the DVD

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