Follow Fridays!: The Focused Filmographer

Ok, everyone. So I’ve been kicking around ideas for how to promote the blogs and bloggers I like ever since I removed my blogroll. What I’ve come up with is Follow Fridays. Stealing a concept from the twitterverse, I’m going to start a Fridays feature where I recommend a site for you to visit, from amongst the many fine blogs that I frequent and/or the bloggers here who are part of the FMR community.

Up first we have the “Artist formerly known as Sp1der”, aka T aka The Focused Filmographer.


Our buddy T recently migrated his blog to a new domain name.

I quote: “A desired focus for a continual increase of great content, activities, features, researched articles, reviews, and more that revolves around films (upcoming and released) prompted and inspired the new name change for the page!”

So for those of you who used to visit his blog the scarletsp1der, it’s time to update your bookmarks! If you never have, now’s a great time to give him a housewarming present and stop by his new digs, The Focused Filmographer!

T runs a great site. In addition to reviews and news, every week he brings you the latest movie posters (honestly, I can’t tell you the last time I saw a poster for the first time OTHER than at his site) and all the newest trailers. The man’s a menance! (in a good way) He also runs polls and screencap contests… I’m telling you, I enjoy it there, I highly recommend it, and now that the MAJOR Awards are behind us, I’m looking forward to catching up on the goings on there myself!

It’s the weekend. Check it out. Tell ’em Fogs sent ya! 😀

26 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: The Focused Filmographer

  1. Dan. This was a very big surprise to turn on my laptop this morning before work and see this post. My jaw is literally on the floor.

    (and I just got the redirect up and running today…finally, so, hopefully everyone updates their bookmark as you suggested, but the previous address will still send folks to the new one now!)

    Thank you very much for the unexpected honor and compliments! *speechless*

    • Well, “Honor” might be stretching it :D, but yeah… you know? I know the feeling. Jaina blindsided me with a “Good Egg” post one weeked and just like you said, I “picked my jaw up off the floor” lol. So…

      But yeah, man, just going to try to share the community spirit. I felt bad around year end…

      PG and Matt both included my blog in their year end “pay it forward” type awards (I forget the specific names)… and then I had the MAJOR Awards and I never “Paid it forward” 😦

      So. Now it begins.

      No joke on the post though, your blog is a blast, I have a lot of fun there, cant wait to start making my blog rounds again now that things are “Normalizing” for me. 😀

      • It’s all about sharing the love in the blogosphere is what I think. Sharing and all that lovey dovey schmaltzy stuff!

        In all honesty… it’s true! Sharing information, links, blogs, news, making recommendations, it’s what makes the blogging world go round in my mind.

        Great pick btw Fogs, only just started making rounds to the blog since I saw comments here and tis a great movie blog 😀

      • He’s got a really unique spin on a movie blog, that’s what strikes me. It should be about having fun, and it is…

        T I hope your new name doesnt turn you all stuffy and serious and whatnot. LOL

  2. I love this idea! I’ve also been trying to think of an idea like this for a while now because I think it’s really important for bloggers to promote and recognize one another. Very cool, I’m going to check out The Focused Filmography right now!

    • Cool, Lindsey, awesome. That’s the way it works, you know?

      A while back, I took my blogroll down. I just didnt think it was effective at what it was trying to do, and it was getting to be a pain to keep up with.

      I’m hosting guest bloggers, too, I think we’re going to have another one next week. 😀

      Thanks for the support Lidnsay, I appreciate it!

  3. Great idea and great first choice Fogs! Always love reading his comments over here and there’s a bucket full of good stuff over on his blog too.

  4. Great idea, and I’m glad you led with The Focused Filmographer; I poked my head in a few times when he was still “ScarletSpider”, but it was always when I was busy and just filling a few distracted seconds. I’ve got a bit more time to actually look around today, and it looks like a great fun place to follow.

    • I kind of look at it like helping a friend move.

      Except with none of the suckiness of helping a friend move in real life. LOL!

      It is fun. I knew it was going to be a blast when I went to vote in my first poll and got to pick three choices… I was like, wait… what? And started smiling.

      • that is a good way of putting it…helping a friend move. haha, without physically having to do so!

        can’t thank you enough!

        and Morgan! Thanks for popping by. You are always welcome! Appreciate it much.

      • I’ll definitely be sticking around. Frequent discussions on the trailers and posters… I love talking about the promotional materials for films. Fun stuff, in addition to the usual movie blog content.

  5. The fact that this post has so many comments is just a sign to how amazing Mr. T’s blog is!!!

    I was actually thinking about doing something similar on my blog as well, Fogs 😀

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