Man on a Ledge

Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!

“Man on a Ledge” was a disappointment.

Not that I had high hopes or anything, I didn’t. Aside from the fact it’s a January release, with each successive trailer I grew more and more suspicious of it. The more I saw, the more I thought I actually wouldn’t care for it, and you know? Now I’ve seen the whole thing, and I was right.

So a cop gets framed for stealing a huge diamond and spends a year or two in jail but busts out and climbs out on a ledge in order to create a distraction for his brother and his brother’s girlfriend to try to break into the guy who framed him’s high-rise and reveal he really still has the diamond.

I didn’t want to spend too much time recapping the plot, ’cause it’s dumb, so there it is for you in one sentence. Worthington climbs out onto the safest ledge in the world, and proceeds to orchestrate a high-tech heist from 1,000+ feet up. Are you kidding? Not only that, but the two people conducting the heist are his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, and from what I could tell, the biggest qualification either of them would have as “High Tech Thief” would be the fact that she used to break into houses as a teenager. (I need a roll eyes smiley here something bad…) Of course, that doesn’t stop them from breaking into a highly secured high-rise via repelling equipment, miniaturized cameras, liquid nitrogen, industrial drills, and low yield explosive devices. How’d they get the building schematics, the super expensive equipment or the wherewithal to use it all? OH LOOK IT’S A GUY ON A LEDGE!!

Meanwhile, Worthington is creating a media circus in order to assist. Thankfully, the world’s prettiest cop specializing in suicide prevention happens to be right there trying to talk him down. Of course, he never intends to jump anyways, so the whole thing is just a stall job and a distraction. Eventually though, the requisite “Twists and Turns” come, and then the movie really starts getting dumb. I wont spoil them for anyone that actually sees it, its better that they give you that “Cmonnn” for yourself. Suffice it to say that it all leads up to one of the dumbest endings I can recall off of the top of my head.

This movie is overstuffed with “Whaaaat?”s, “Oh, please”s and “Gimme a break”s. Atop of which, the cast is uniformly miscast and/or not charismatic enough for the part. I like Elizabeth Banks, but I never once felt that she would actually be a suicide prevention worker. That job beats a person down. Ages you. You dont look like a supermodel. LOL. Ed Harris is a legendary supporting actor. Here, he just chews scenery, and the movie doesn’t even have the decency to give him many opportunities to do it. Worthington, Bell and Rodriguez are simply not ready for primetime. None of them bring enough to the table to make you overlook the script based shortcomings in their roles.

So all in all I found “Man on a Ledge” to be weak. In a heist movie like this, the key to success is being clever… making the audience think “Hmmmm… that might really work”. Here I was thinking “That would get you sent to jail”.

Of course, that’s no big deal, cause you could just bust right out anyways.


31 thoughts on “Man on a Ledge

  1. Now this is an up-front review. I was thinking of going to see this one in the theater today, but after reading this, I think I’ll try something else. Too bad,because I always liked Ed Harris.


    • Yeahhhhh… I hate doing that to people.

      I mean, if you really like the cast, there might be some enjoyment for you. And of course, if you hold out til cable practically anything becomes a winner then. But in the meantime, there’s just way too much wrong with it for me to recommend. Sorry JMM.

      Thanks for posting up though!

  2. “Elizabeth Banks, but I never once felt that she would actually be a suicide prevention worker. That job beats a person down. Ages you.”


    I save lives daily, and I’m still incredibly handsome. I don’t know where you get your information.

  3. I love that you start out with “JUMP”, because that’s how I feel every time I see this trailer (Wouldn’t want it for a real person of course).

    Also, why are architects still making buildings with ledges on them? The only thing they seem to be good for are suicides and crazy plots in the movies. Even washing the windows is done with scaffolding as far as I can tell.

    • NTEMP, let me tell you… by the time you’re done watching this movie, architectural trends are going to be number 526 on your list of “hey wait a minute why is…?”s LOL

      And yeah, you’ll be rooting for him to jump. Or fall. Or have the ledge break…

  4. Sounds like there’s nothing profound about this movie. It’s easy for a cop to be framed for stealing an unsecured huge diamond, easy to break out of jail, easy to get high tech equipment, which is easy to operate, easy to plan revenge, easy to convince family to do it, easy to open windows in a high-rise, easy to attract the media, easy to get revenge.

    I would say it’s an easy F!

    • Ha. “Nothing profound” may be an understatement. After seeing it, I’m willing to stretch that to “Nothing realistic” 😀

      The rest of it is spot on, but I couldn’t give it an F. I reserve that for movies that really anger me or cause me pain.

  5. I had a fun time but at the same time, I can’t really lie and say that I didn’t know what was going to happen next. The cast also tries their hardest but I almost felt like they were all second-choices here as well and nobody really rises above the material as the true stand-out. Good review Fogs. I guess I’m the only one who really actually liked this.

    • Oh yeah? Well, cant wait to see your review then. Yeah… I cant say I’m a fan Dan. And just like you put it? The cast felt like second choices. That’s a great phrase – I fought that feeling the entire flick.

  6. I was sort of looking forward to this, but I will happily take your advice and make another choice. You can email me with the “C’mmmon give me a break spoiler” because now I feel I just have to know exactly how stupid it gets, and I don’t want to pay for it. Ha Ha Ha 😉

  7. I saw the trailer for this a couple weeks back and it looked interesting but didn’t overly excite me, and so I’ve been on the fence as to whether or not i should see it. Decision made, relegating it to my ‘see it on dvd’ list.

  8. Aww, and here I thought this over the top film might have some saving grace in it. Sounds like I should just save my pennies.

    Now if it was Denzel on the ledge, that’d be something different!

  9. The trailer has definitely ruined this for me. Won’t go to see it now because the whole plot up to what seems like the last 20 minutes was covered. And my friend reckons it’s “7 years too late, like phone booth, but with a location change scribbled through the script”

    • Yup yup and yup.

      LOL, correct on all points unfortunately. To make matters worse, those last 20 minutes aren’t great or anything. In fact, the flick kind of goes even further off the rails….

  10. This is one I was planning to skip already as I’m not a fan of Worthington (I think he doesn’t have any screen presence). This review confirms it is a good choice.

    • That’s a really good phrase for it. He does lack some wattage on screen for sure (to me). I’m betting he’s going to continue to get roles though because studios will continue to confuse the success of the big franchises he’s invloved with – Titans, Terminator (even though that’s hung up) and Avatar – with him.

      When obviously people are buying tickets for other reasons.

      • I think that is true. I don’t understand how he got those roles as I had the same feeling about him in those movies too (haven’t seen Titans). He really isn’t a reason for me to go and watch a movie.

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