Follow Fridays!: Never Too Early Movie Predictions

Happy Friday everyone!! This week’s supersized #FF goes to our buddy NTEMP over at Never Too Early Movie Predictions! NTEMP is clocking the Oscars all year round, and with them coming up right around the corner, now’s the time you want to check out his site in order to stay wired in to all of the latest trends and info…

I leaned heavily on his blog during MAJOR Awards season in order to try to ensure I saw as many movies as I could that were in statuette contention prior to making my own choices. And I’ll tell you this, he had an excellent track record leading up through the nomination process. Kept me WELL informed.

Never Too Early Movie Predictions is pretty much a must read over the next few weeks… click through and I’ll tell you more! 😀

It’s relatively easy to formulate your own opinions on the “Major” categories, it’s even possible to see most of the films. But how about categories like Animated Short, Documentary Short, Live Action Short, Documentary Feature, and Best Foreign Language Film? NTEMP’s got you covered with breakdowns that include links to reviews, his own reviews, their IMDb pages, and in some cases, links where you can see the entire film!

But of course, it’s not all about the smaller categories, NTEMP is forecasting Best Actor and Actress, the supporting role categories, Best Director and Best Picture, too!

One of the best things about his site though, is he’s COMPLETELY above board with his “Track Record”. Want to see how his predictions actually fare? He’s got it for you right up front LOL. Detailed records of how his predictions panned out. 😀

Tellin’ you folks, the next few weeks are going to be Oscar madness in the movie blogosphere (including here), but no one’s got you covered like NTEMP. If you’re looking to be a well-informed movie fan heading into the big night, Never Too Early Movie Predictions is like one stop shopping! 😀

Check it out!

12 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: Never Too Early Movie Predictions

  1. WOW! Thank you so much for this. I actually choked up when I read all the nice things you had to say!

    As you know, I really started reading you regularly at the time of the MAJOR awards, and I’ve truly enjoyed your great sense of humor and the way you work to create community, both here on your blog as well as on Twitter and The Lamb.

    Thanks again buddy!

    • My pleasure, man. I enjoy doing it. I’m grateful to everyone who stops through here, so I’m more than happy to do it.

      Plus it IS go time over there, so I thought the timing was right. 😀

      That’s about when I found your blog too, and I’m not making it up, I went through like every category and tried the best I could to get all the films I could in before I made my choices… You did pretty well on your nominee predications. I dont know how people would be able to predict snubs. LOL.

      No Drive? WTF!

  2. Artist must be solid film if NTEMP has it as front runner for best pic and was fooled into green trees with b/w film; that’s evidence of great storytelling.

    Excellent blog with who’s who in extensive blogroll too. Amazing that predictions go out almost five years; clearly “never too early…”; nice post.

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