Follow Fridays!: French Toast Sunday

Thank God it’s Friday!

And Fridays bring another movie blog recommendation from yours truly. Up this week? French Toast Sunday!

This is a bit of “Instant Karma” for Lindsay and the folks over at FTS. At the beginning of the week, they were kind enough to recommend my blog in one of their posts, and I stopped in to check out the backlink. I was instantly impressed with the clean, colorful look of the site, and I wound up reading that they had recently changed their layout!

So. Quid pro quo opportunity? Great new look to plug? Impressive blog with accompanying podcast? A “Follow Fridays!” was a no brainer! Plus, they had a post on their front page recommending Troll 2! Hell ya!!

French Toast Sunday is headed up by Lindsay, but they have 6 contributors in total. They do a podcast which is 80+ episodes strong now. It’s a good show… I got to check out a couple of back episodes this week. From their description “Friends Will, Marc, Jess, Rob and Lindsay get together every week to bring you their opinions, top 3 lists and overall self-serving input on film.” (Compare that to the (title pending) podcast where our input on films serves the greater good of humanity. LOL)

Here’s FTS’ preview post of what’s coming out in the month of February.

Each week, they’re hitting fresh recent reviews, here’s a couple of their latest – “The Woman in Black“, “Man on a Ledge”, Red Tails” (Guest Review) and “Contraband“. What’s cool about their reviews is that if more than one of their staff has seen them, they’ll split the review and each put their say in (you can see an example in Contraband). That way you get a second opinion.

They also utilize a cool ratings system. Check out this grid they do:

I’m just gonna say it. That is WAY too much work for me! I have a hard time deciding if something is a B or a B+!! 😀 But it’s definitely cool, and opens the door to plenty of debate and discussion.

So anyways, French Toast Sunday is a SUPER impressive blog. You can tell they’ve really got it going on. Do yourself a favor and check it out!!

13 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: French Toast Sunday

  1. WAAAH! Oooo this beyond exciting! Thank you so much, I’m really glad you like the blog! I hope people aren’t too wary of our design because we are still working out a few kinks here and there. And yes, our rating system looks a little confusing but it’s actually really easy for us to utilize and it helps me feel more comfortable about giving something a “score.”

    Anyways, this is awesome! We are all so thankful!

    • Nooo… I didnt see your rating grid as confusing.


      As a blogger I saw it as “Work” LOL. 😀

      I’m sure, like me, everyone is going to be very impressed with the look of your blog. I was actually listening to the FTS top tens on the way in. Way too funny how banana stand devolved into banana hammock. 😀

      You were on the Lambcast’s top ten though, right? I think I’ve heard your top ten twice now!!

  2. Great choice – I love FTS and the FTS podcast! They’ve got a great team of writers/podcasters with a wide array of interests, film-wise, but the fact that they’re all friends just adds that something special to the proceedings. And the look of the site is always sharp – even though it seems to be undergoing constant changes. 😛

    Riddle me this, though, FTSers – how did the name come about?

    • Thanks Sam.

      It’s the karmic circle, you know? There’s a frequent commenter here who did a post on my blog awhile back and it was just great to come across it unannounced, so I figured I should put it in motion myself…

  3. @Dylan: Constant changes indeed. I have an issue I think. Hopefully one day soon I will just leave it alone!

    Oh boy, the name question. I really wish I had a better answer for this because the truth is downright goofy. Some people might know Jason, he sometimes chimes in from the background on podcast, helped design our new site, ect. Well when we were thinking of a name, Jason suggested we make it something abstract like “French Toast Sunday.” First words out of his mouth. Everyone tends to encourage his absurd ideas so of course the group latched on immediately. I was like “how did you come up with that?” and he responded that it’s like Rotten Tomatoes which he said “didn’t make any sense.” I proceeded to explain what Rotten Tomatoes referred to, he proceeded to feel stupid. But when all was said and done we just kept calling the concept of the site and podcast ‘French Toast Sunday.’ So much so that it just stuck. Everyone we polled really liked it for whatever reason so we just owned it.

    • Ha – that’s a great story! You guys should have gone with something abstract like Internet Movie Database, though – I feel like that really would have caught on. 😛

      I love it mostly for the excuse to play a Bueller clip at the start of each podcast.

  4. Thanks so much! I’ve been reading your site a lot lately so it was a wonderful surprise to see this post. I was a bit confused at first haha. Thanks for the kudos! Our rating system is one of my favorite things about the site. It’s actually a really easy way for us to formulate our feelings about a film and give it a coherent score.

    Keep up the good writing and we’ll try to do the same!

    • Ohh, nice! 😀

      I know exactly what you mean. There’s that momentary wait — what? LOL. All fun though.

      Just thought it all worked really well between the Jan in Review shout out, and Lindsay on the Lambcast, and the new look of the site… Just jumped out, you know? 😀

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