Follow Fridays!: Anomalous Materials


Want to know the moment I realized how much A.M. kicks ass?

It was the moment when I asked myself, “Hey, why don’t I ever go to Slashfilm any more?”

I’m sure I’m not exactly breaking news here. Anomalous Materials is one of the most major film blogs going. Words like ginormous and megalarge come to mind.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that people should stop recommending it, does it? And if this feature is going to serve to shine the spotlight on the various member of our community? Cap deserves his day in the Sun, too.

Damn straight, he does.

“Since its humble beginning in November 2009, AM has been featured on the IMDb homepage, Slashfilm, and IndieWire among others. We have been nominated Best Overall Film Blog by Total Film and routinely make the Reddit homepage among other achievements. We fully expect to continue growing at a rapid pace and become one of the world’s top online film community.”

With a contributing staff of 65, A.M. is a constantly updating machine. Movie News, Movie Reviews, Editorials, Top Tens, Discussion Threads. You name it, Anomalous Materials has it all in spades.

You can check out the thoroughness of their news area here, or their film reviews, but I would particularly like to draw your attention to their Fantasy Movie League, which is kind of like a fantasy football league, except with movies. I begin kicking everyone’s ass in it tomorrow at Noon. Stop by and see! πŸ˜€

But something that cannot be overlooked is the contribution of A.M.’s head honcho to the overall movie blogging community. Not only is he a top notch Movie Newsman, ferreting out the types of info you want to know about, and then reporting them to you with the right blend of fact and humor, not only does he tend to a huge stable of contributors and commenters on a blog the size of a small planet, Castor Troy also makes his way out to an enormous number of blogs, FMR included, and takes his time to actively participate in their commenting communities. Further, I can speak from personal experience when I say that Cap generously shares his knowledge and experience with others, and has created a number of great resources for bloggers just starting out.

For those about to Rock, Cap.

We Salute You.

42 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: Anomalous Materials

  1. Absolutely! I have just discovered this site via your awesome network and I am indeed impressed. I think it’s a site I wish mine to become when I grow up! Great review and awesome #followfriday! Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Totally, completely and utterly. And you know what else is great? Cap still makes the rounds at everyone else’s blogs too! That is what is classed as “brills”.

    • “Brills”

      Being unfamiliar with british slang, you’re not teaching me any slang words that sound funny when a guy says them are you? If I ever drop some Birt slang, Jaina, I dont want to sound girly, now… so…?

  3. A great site for sure, and Castor is great about spreading the comment love.

    I knew they had a lot of contributors, but I had no idea there were 65 of them! Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about trying to keep up.

  4. I’ll also take my hat off to Castor Troy for a superb effort. I remember when the place was full of tumbleweeds, and now every time I check it there’s pages of new articles and hundreds of comments / contributions. And despite running the biggest site that most of us visit, Castor’s always checking and commenting on our sites. Great job, great site and a great team.

  5. I must chime in here and say that Castor is an example to many. I have NO earthly idea how he is able to maintain such an awesome page AND comment on, what seems like, hundreds of pages each day. I’m convinced he’s made a couple hundred robot clones of himself! ha.

    Cap truly is an all-star hero in the blogging community and I am thankful for his page and his support.

    Great spotlight here Fogs!

  6. Just wanted to say I will be back later (after the draft) to read all of this goodness. Thanks Dan for being so kind in your numerous praises, I’m humbled sir!


    • Oh no rush or nothing man, everyone understands.

      I think in fact, when you do get around to it, you’re going to find that most people are just amazed at how much you already do anyways big guy.


  7. Definitely a worthy site… and with that many contributors, I think it pretty much qualifies as a major site instead of one that just gets “mentioned” on major sites occasionally. It’s an impressive undertaking, and only made more so by the fact that the site’s founder and crew aren’t “out of reach” the way so many big sites’ contributors are.

  8. Castor’s such a good guy that he didn’t even give you crap for getting the name of his site wrong…despite having a screenshot right there for your benefit. If AM has one weakness (aside from Castor’s overprotective anonymity), it’s an odd name that has nothing to do with movies. Not that sites HAVE to, but at the least, the name should be something people get right most of the time, amirite? You’re far from the first and won’t be the last, Fogs. πŸ˜›

    Good job giving a shout to a site that’s highly deserving of the kudos. Now he just needs to take home that big LAMMY…

    • Did I f up the spelling?

      Yeah, we should give him shit for that I suppose. It’s like taking a spelling test eveytime I need to go check it out without a bookmark. LOL.

      Supposedly he was a Chemistry major at some point, so that’s probably where it came from, but that could be a fabricated backstory too for all we know. LOL

      Can’t wait for the Lammys to kick off. That’s gonna be fun. πŸ˜€

      • Yea, there’s no ‘s’ at the end, but like I say, I think a lot of people call it that or have done so in the past.

        Seriously…don’t believe a word that man tells you. Castor Troy is a bad man…unless he’s really Sean Archer.

        Glad you’re ready for the LAMMYs. Yes, it will be fun – always great to get a new batch of LAMBs psyched for it. Best New LAMB…Fogs’ Movie Reviews??

      • Fair warning… I’m gonna slit throats for that thing.

        Just saying. You know. Not literally. As far as anyone knows. But yeah. It could get ugly.


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