Tossin’ It Out There – What do YOU think of the Oscars?

Good morning, everybody!

Oscar has spoken, and “The Artist”, and everyone thought, has been crowned king… Meryl Streep was given another jewel for her crown, George Clooney was not.

So today’s topic of conversation is the Academy Awards, obviously. Yet I realize that many people won’t have watched the show, or don’t really have any connection to this year’s “class” of movies, so we’re going to broaden the discussion to the Oscars in general. If you’d like to comment on last night’s show specifically, that’s great, but if you’re still confused how “How Green Was My Valley” beat out Citizen Kane, have at it. If you’ll never forgive “Ordinary People” for beating out “Raging Bull”, let us know…

To me, as much as the Academy Awards are irritating at times, they’re still one of the most prestigious awards in the world. It’s also a very tough, tough task… and I think they get it right far more often than they get it wrong.

Personally, it seems as though “The Artist” has been given the awards months ago, and there was some precious little suspense last night. Streep’s win was shocking, because she definitely didn’t give the best performance of the year, but Oscar likes the things Oscar likes. Just look at “Hugo” winning best visual effects over all the movies it did… wow.

So let me hear it people, what do YOU think of the Oscars? Can’t wait to see the Red Carpet each year? Do you play in Oscar Pools? How’d your picks do? Happy for Streep? Pissed? What’s the biggest Oscar fumble ever? “Chariots of Fire” over “Raiders”? LOL What do YOU think of the Oscars

77 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There – What do YOU think of the Oscars?

  1. Please no more Billy Crystal, I know they have a staff of writers working on material and they should have some culpability as well.

    The show needs to get younger and more hip. I say get some writers from Jimmy Fallon or Conan and let Neil Patrick Harris host. Now that my friends would be a show.

    • I don’t know, while Billy Crystal may not be “new and fresh”, I still liked him. But I will admit it probably contributed to the sense of “Same old thing” among younger viewers. Neil Patrick Harris would indeed be a potentially great host. Fallon, maybe, but it won’t happen unless NBC gets the show. Conan… I honestly don’t see him doing better than Letterman did, and that wasn’t very good.

    • I had a feeling that Billy Crystal just got called in because of the whole Bret Ratner fiasco timing. It felt like they needed to work up a show around someone on shorter notice, so they went to the experienced hand… Billy.

      I doubt they’ll bring him back again next year, although who they get is anybody’s guess… NPH isnt a bad idea, Adam

  2. I still enjoy the Oscars. I’ve watched them years and probably still will simply because it’s the Oscars.

    I try to just accept the Oscars for what they are. They have a certain type and style and I’m fine with that. People always complain about the choices. It’s either that they’re picking obscure films no one has seen (Albert Nobbs) or they chose a commercial film like Avatar. There are other issues, but the Academy has been playing with things the last few years and every change seems to be met with more hate than the normal grumblings.

    They are at least showing some signs at attempting to restructure the Oscars and as bad as some of those choices have been, if it means they do ultimately improve in the end, I’m fine with a couple of bizarre years. That and I don’t want to watch the same exact show every year.

    That’s my biggest complaint for recent years. My memory may be off, but I always remember the Oscars being this being song and dance kind of show. It was more than just people reading a teleprompter, crying, shouting fuck, and being rushed off stage. If I just wanted to know who one I wouldn’t watch for three+ hours (and commercial breaks). I understand reasons for trying to streamline the shows. There is a point where they go on too long (especially for those actually there), but if you water things down too much it becomes sort of pointless to tune in.

    • Yeah, that’s definitely true, it was kind of nice they brought it in on time… it was just a hair past 11:30 and it finished. Right on schedule.

      I think people are always going to complain, we love movies, and we really want to see these done right. And its tough… the Academy isnt really concerned with representing our tastes. LOL

      I’ll probably watch because “they’re the Oscars”, too. I do wish they’d hit on the magic formula though!

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