Director Talk: Ridley Scott

Hey everyone, another edition of the “Directors Talk” roundtable (our series where we trade our thoughts on the biggest directors working today) with PG Cooper and Ian the Cool is up!

This time up is director Ridley Scott. Between this, and my two impending Lambcast appearances discussing the Alien franchise and Blade Runner, it’s going to be quite the Ridley Scott festival these next few weeks. LOL. Thank goodness I’m a big fan.

You can read the entire discussion by clicking here!

10 thoughts on “Director Talk: Ridley Scott

  1. Nice discussion.
    Believe Alien to be original classic, hence best.

    Enjoy Scott as producer too as in Clay Pigeons.

  2. I avoided Kingdom of Heaven, because of the bad reviews it got…
    after watching the directors cut, all I can say is that I no longer take much notice of some of the poncey paper reviews, especially the Guardian, I mean, they gave Fantastic Four 4 stars!! WTF?
    Anyway, Kingdom of Heaven, sumptuous, epic, and for me, better than Gladiator.

    • Now… I – I almost agree. But in defense of whatever bad reviews you read… the theatrical cut was supposedly BAD, and then the Directors cut was what got released to home video and supposedly it made all the difference.

      I hesitated to agree because Gladiator is awesome too. So, I dont know that I’ve given that enough thought. And I’ve only watched KoH once. Though it was pretty recent.

      It totally was epic though. Flat out awesome A+ seriously. Great, great flick.

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