Tossin’ It Out There: What Do YOU Think Of Will Ferrell?

With “Casa de mi Padre” opening this week, I thought it would be a good opportunity to turn to one of our “What do you think of ___” discussions, this time, Will Ferrell.

Will Ferrell can actually be a pretty divisive comic. There are a number of people who love his movies and consider his best comedies to be classics, and then a number of others who think either he’s a one trick pony (playing the same character over and over again) or just don’t find him funny.

The Tank and I go over our feelings on his career tomorrow on (title pending), but I wanted to hear how YOU felt. Do you think Ferrell is an insane genius? A hysterical clown who can crack you up by reading a soup recipe? Or does he rub you the wrong way? Maybe his movies fall flat for you, or you feel like he’s just doing the same silly stuff again and again and again.

Which ever side of the fence you want to fall out on, we want to hear it! What do YOU think of Will Ferrell?!

98 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What Do YOU Think Of Will Ferrell?

  1. I’m a HUGE fan of Will Ferrell. He cracks me up all the time and he has this great ability to hold a “duh” face for a really long time. Plus, any guy who named his first born child, Magnus Paulin Ferrell is cool in my book.

  2. Movies I’ve seen

    Elf: Yay
    Stranger Than Fiction: Yay
    The Producers: Meh

    So I haven’t seen some of his most famous movies all the way through. I guess I’m not a fan of his typical humor than. Not of a fan of Jim Carrey’s comedy either, so I guess this doesn’t surprise me.

    • Anchorman is defiitely his most highly regarded comedy Max. I’d give that a check out if you get a chance. That one might wind up changing your mind on him, Especially if you’d give Elf a thumbs up, must mean you dont TOTALLY hate him….

  3. When he’s on his game, the movie is great (Elf, Talledega Nights, Anchorman). But when he’s not, (Step Brothers, Kicking & Screaming) it’s a dud. I think it all has to do with his supporting actors. If they bring their A game, then he shines. I don’t dislike him. I give each individual movie a chance. By the way, Ron Burgundy made my Best Of.. list for that year and I think Elf is his best film. I never tire of it.

    • “When he’s on his game, the movie is great But when he’s not, it’s a dud.”

      Agreed. Though I would argue Step Brothers wasnt a dud. I approve of that flick.

      Glad to hear your an Anchorman fan, I believe Chris has it in his top ten all time….So I think he’s got us both beat on that one.

  4. It is interesting that I think he’s ok on TV, but don’t really get into his movies. I’m not sure if it’s the oversaturation thing where he’s funny in short doses but not longer ones, or whether I just have lower expectations for tv sometimes. Then again, I’ve only really seen his TV acting on SNL, so maybe I’m responding more to other members of the cast and he just gets some extra left-over credit.

    • I can understand that. Best in small doses. A lot of people have said so far that they feel like his movies are stretch jobs on what would work better as like, skit characters,

      I wasnt too much of a fan of that era of SNL, either, honestly. Although now that theyve released the greatest hits volumes, etc, I do appreciate HIS contributions.

  5. “Blades of Glory”. Oh to be a fly on the wall at that pitch meeting! “Seriously, we’ll be a team in competitive Pairs Ice Skating. That’s right, two guys. No were not gay or anything. Seriously.” While it (and several others) did crack me up, Ferrell’s only one bad movie away from Chevy Chaseville! His writing and acting can be a complete shot in the dark. And his Producing? Well, “Eastbound and Down” is pure malignancy? Sometimes feel he’s closely related to Adam Sandler!

    • Well… I happen to be a fan of “Eastbound and Down”. Although I guess I can see how the haters could hate.

      Meanwhile, you’re right. It’s tough for comics to stay on top. They may all be one flop away from Chevy Chaseville (Although in fairness, Chevy has a nice little renaissance going right now due to Community). I think comedy is just a young man’s game…

      I won’t call him Adam Sandler though, that’s just mean! 😀

      • I think there’ll be a lot more cross overs(and reverse crossovers) back to TV. The movie money will get tighter, with too many comedians looking for too few films! Thought you were off on TV? Chevy Chase make room!

      • Yeah, that’s true. Like you mentioned, Will Ferrell’s already involved on Eastbound and Down, so maybe even more.

        That line is like blurring anyways. I didnt watch “Luck”, but look at the cast they got. There’s a lot of big csreen stars doing TV as a second chance now.

  6. Will Ferrell is a funny cat. Some of his movies are comedy classics like Old School (even the Actor’s Studio bonus skit on DVD), Taledega Nights “shake and bake”, and once a year every year Elf. The rest it depends on your comedic tastes. I tend to think in addition to comedy he has a real gift for the unassuming, egoless yet thoroughly rule-following office worker like Harold Crick in Stranger Than Fiction. This character type is one touched on in Other Guys which is decent but whose script never quite came together in spades. Some scenes regardless of movie just slay me like the coffe bar scene(s) in kicking and screaming. Just a Ferrell fan because we could all you a little “more cowbell.”

  7. It seems that for me it just doesn’t work. I liked him in thSNL skits but don’t really enjoy his movies. However, when people start to bring up quotes or scenes, I can sometimes rally around them. I guess I just need that push.

    • You need a push? What about when Lou and I used to spend hours trading off Anchorman quotes! That didn’t get you interested in rewatching? Oh man!

      I’m gonna have to badger you into watching Step Brothers or something, then. Get you enthused!

  8. I liked him on SNL and he is quite funny when he is unscripted (such as during appearances on talk shows). Many of his films are good too, however, the thing with him is that he is at his best when he is contained. His two most memorable roles, in my opinion, are in The Wedding Crashers and Everything Must Go. His Wedding Crashers performance only amounts to a cameo but he is hilarious in those few minutes. If he had a much bigger role he probably would have gotten irritating. Everything Must Go was a more dramatic performance for him and the comedic elements of his acting were definitely restrained. I haven’t seen Stranger Than Fiction but I imagine that is a similar case.

    • I haven’t seen “Everything Must Go”, but it’s definitely been getting good word of mouth here, it’s totally on my “need to see” list now.

      I agree that Wedding Crashers was awesome, I dunno though, Ryan, I think Anchorman wound up “more memorable”.

      Anyways, I see what you’re saying – it’s a common refrain here – about him working best in small doses… But I think occasionally he hits on a character that’s funny enough to explore for the run of a feature.

  9. I liked him on SNL….Celebrity Jeopardy, playing the cowbell, so many more funny characters.
    But to me there is too many misses in the feature films to make him one of my favorites. Anchorman and Elf are probably the best, but I’ll pass on the rest…and any in the future.

    • Cant completely argue… the man has whiffed a bunch of times.

      Interested if youve seen Ricky Bobby, Blades of Glory and/or Step Brothers, though? Those are the other big ones I think are pretty hysterical….

  10. OK, I’ve given this some thought… you already know I’m not exactly a fan of Ferrell, but I tried to figure out what bothers me so much about him. I think I’ve got at least part of it now… and it’s not just him, but the whole crop of modern-day comedic actors. Everybody’s trying to be Costello. They’re all the boyish over-emoting man-child. Nobody’s Abbott. Nobody’s playing the straight man. Even when a film has a straight man, it’s almost always just played by a non-comedic actor, because there’s this misunderstanding that the straight man is the “unfunny” one (whereas Bud Abbott often had the funnier lines). For the most part, there doesn’t seem to have been much in the way of Abbotts since the 1980s (Bill Murray’s more of an Abbott, Chevy Chase flips between them depending on the role, and Steve Martin is usually an Abbott).

    And Ferrell? Call me crazy if you want, but I think he was born to be an Abbott. His funniest SNL skits were always when he was playing the straight man. Celebrity Jeopardy? Pure Abbott. Even in Jingleheimer Junction, the funny stuff is happening around him and because of him, but it’s never Ferrell himself making the gags. When he tried to play the Costello part, such as the cheerleader sketches, it was just painful. And that’s how it’s been for me with his movies. Elf is tolerable, but I’m not even sure I could take it on a once a year basis. His other stuff has mostly had me cringing in pain just from the trailers alone. Stranger Than Fiction, where he plays a more subdued role, is pretty good. But if I can’t stand even a minute and a half of Anchorman or Talladega Nights, how can I sit down to watch the entire movies?

    • Now.

      You have good points… I might say Ben Stiller plays a lot of straight man “Abbott” comedy – but good points.

      I just don’t know if I can agree 100% on Ferrell. Yes, he’s had many good roles where he plays it straight in spite of the ridiculousness. (Casa de mi Padre, he does too), but I really like his goofy characters like Anchorman or Talladega Nights.

      If you can’t stand them, it’s all preference, but I can’t say it’s not his best stuff… I think it actually IS.

      • Well, I’ll have to disagree with you there. 😀

        On Stiller… you’re right, a lot of his stuff is more “Abbott” than “Costello”. Unfortunately, he just sucks, period, regardless of what he’s trying to do.

      • I challenge Hollywood to present a comedian or comedienne working today that I approve of… 😀 OK, OK, kidding… sort of. I’ve actually found myself appreciating a lot of Jim Carrey’s recent stuff, though. Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar (OK, not recent), and Yes Man are all pretty good.

  11. Hmmm… Will Ferrel? I am just not a fan. I’ve not seen Anchorman. I’ve not seen a lot of his films. But I’ve got no will to want to.

    Call me a curmudgeon!

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