Follow Fridays!: Paragraph Film Reviews


And with Friday comes another edition of our blog spotlight series, “Follow Fridays”! This week, it’s Paragraph Film Reviews, the movie blog where you can get your reviews in a single paragraph format!

Click through and check out what they have going on!

Paragraph Film Reviews uses the unique format of putting doing their reviews in a single paragraph. Short and sweet. Succinct! It also lends itself to a large volume of reviews… They post frequently and have developed quite a catalogue!

Paragraph Film Reviews reviews a broad spectrum of movies… from recent releases such as “21 Jump Street”, “John Carter”, “Safe House” and “The Woman in Black”, to older movies such as to “Undercover Brother”, “Bound” and “The French Connection”, to foreign films such as “Trishna”, “Riki-Oh”, and the “Hunger Games” foreign predecessor “Battle Royale”.

This week, they celebrated hitting their 500th post (“Seraphim Falls”) by inviting guest authors to contribute. I was happy to join in and took advantage of the opportunity by doing a Paragraph Review of one of my top 100, “Searching for Bobby Fischer”!

So check it out! It’s a great source for your movie reviews needs! 😀

14 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: Paragraph Film Reviews

  1. Dude, cheers for the shout out! Muchos unexpected and very appreciated. Picked up a cineworld card last year, which helps me get all the new films seen (not necessarily reviewed though).

    Think I’m going to make the guest review thing more regular as it’s a sweet way of branching out, and opens up my eyes to some films I’d never usually see – I’m looking at you Bobby Fischer!

    ANYONE – please get in touch if you want to post a review.

    Cheers again Fogs!

    • No problem! I was happy to contribute this week, and it gave me a nice reason to spotlight your blog… I’ve been over there frequently, myself. Hopefully you can get some more guest reviews worked in, that was a nice touch this week, and i think it’ll really help with networking and connections for everyone involved on both sides of the equation! 😀

  2. Case I haven’t mentioned this already, this is a great idea for a running feature. Nifty spin on a Twitter trend.


  3. Your fans follow you everywhere! Your guest review has garnered more ratings than anyone! “Bobby Fischer” was a great flik for this chess fiend! Had to laugh at “Paragraph’s” Vulgar Movie Name Game. Bad taste, but still funny!

    • LOL… I dont know about all that, but there were a couple of comments over there, that’s always nice wherever you write something. As to their name game, yeah, I decided not to reference it in the referral post here, but I’m glad you enjoyed it, LOL.

  4. Great idea, I agree that something like this at least personally catches my interest a lot more than a blogroll which I almost never click through. Will have to go back and check out some more of these from you.

    • Thats the idea, Bubba! Lol. I file them all under the “guest blogger” category…

      It’s a good way for everyone to see the blogs of the people who hang around, too! Hope you check ’em out, a lot of cool bloggers around!

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