New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

What’s up everybody?? We’re back with another episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast!!

This week we hit the box office roundup and see if anything can dethrone the Hunger Games, then head into our featured review of the week, “American Reunion”! In addition to our thoughts on the movie, we cover how we feel about previous installments, and discuss if there’s any possibility that they continue the series on beyond this.

Then, for our “Extra Feature” this week, in honor of its re-release in 3D, Tank and I discuss “Titanic” – our thoughts about the movie, the phenomenon, its place in history, and whether or not we feel it was worthy of its Academy Award.

Oh yeah. Let’s just say you’re gonna wanna hear this. 😀

It’s another great episode of (title pending) movie goodness! It’s going to be a fun listen, there’s no doubt. You can download or listen to the show directly, here, or look for us on iTunes. If you do, leave us a rating and review! They really help us out!

You can give us a like on Facebook here as well… I have a feeling this will be a fun week to watch the fireworks, LOL.

21 thoughts on “New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

  1. Tank is right; Titanic deserved the Oscar. And I don’t think alot of people do remember LA Confidential other than we movie nerds. Good Will Hunting is probably still in the populus’ mind, but its no where near the levels of Titanic.

    • Obviously Titanic is higher on the pop-culture food chain than all three, but saying that people have “forgotten” the others is ludicrous. They’re all very popular movies in their own right.

      • No, I dont think that’s true 100%. It can be, but at the very least pop culture is a barometer for how widespread the appeal is and how well its remembered can also be a sign of quality or lack thereof.

        Obviously it’s not the deciding factor (or I would have waived the white flag in the face of the Titanic juggernaut), but it’s a card to be played when comparing between two films.

        There’s usually some kind of valid root to pop culture opinions at some level if you trace them back far enough…

      • Pop Culture retention has kept us quoting “I’d buy that for a dollar” for 30 years, and yet none of us, I think, would have used Robocop as an example of a film of high enough quality to challenge for an Oscar (your April Fool’s gag notwithstanding). Airplane! is one of the most quotable movies ever made, and one which pop-culture has enshrined forever, but a quality piece of art it aint. Meanwhile a film like Tree of Life may only be seen by a handful of people, and appreciated by even less, but it certainly is qualified to be in that rarified company of “Best Picture” candidates. IMHO

      • “Airplane! is one of the most quotable movies ever made, and one which pop-culture has enshrined forever, but a quality piece of art it aint.”




  2. Wow…great episode guys. The biggest laugh for me was not the musical opening, which was great by the way, but the Sarah Maclaughlin background music during the iTunes review plea. Hilarious, Fogs! I’m a sucker for production work because I know how much goes into it.

    As far as Titanic and best picture…I would definitely put L.A. Confidential above it as my personal choice. I’d put Titanic above Good Will Hunting and As Good As It Gets…never seen Full Monty and unless strapped in a torture chair, never will. But even though I’d choose L.A. Confidential, the shear scale of the production that Cameron pulled off was definitely Oscar worthy for the time. It’s a very detailed movie, down to like the china in the dining room if I remember correctly, and that should be (I guess) respected. I agree with Fogs, that the script is not the strong suit, but I guess that’s why it wasn’t nominated.

    Titanic to me has become the new Gone With The Wind in that, I have to appease the wife once every couple of years and dedicate 3 hours of time to watch it. I will say this though, I do have a fascination with deep sea excursions because of Titanic. We’ve both watched many a TV special with Robert Ballard trying to find a long lost ship…some of the time I think the story is built up too much and I get left with the Al Capone vault feeling, but the whole sunken treasure and historical value is high when watching those type of shows. You get some of that with Titanic if you don’t buy into the love story. I guess that’s where guys and gals differ most, as I watch Titanic mainly for the historical value and many gals view it for the romanticized qualities.

    • And Tank watches it for the tunes.

      LOL 😀

      Listen, its a good movie, I’m not even going to front. And the special effects during the sinking sequences are fantastic. But I would choose LA Confidential over it 100 out of 100 times.

      Even backing out the “Personal Preference” – which I admit, is strong. I still think its a way better movie. Titanic just was a masterstroke of populist appeal.

      Thats me, that’s where I’m at with it

      • I understand. Not trying to change your hierarchy. I would choose L.A. Confidential 100 times too. Kinda sounded to me on the podcast like you didn’t think it was worthy of best picture, I’ll be the first to admit Titanic probably wasn’t the best out of the class, but I didn’t have a problem with it getting the nod.

  3. Another fine pcast. Hilarious intro!

    Looking forward to AReunion. Imagine Stifler to be classically crass and have enjoy Scott in other films esp The Rundown (and recently Goon). Levy and Coolidge as you mentioned have shared chemistry in many a Christopher Guest film, so that should be a fun clip too.

    Watched Titanic (2D) back in the day, but not in a rush to ever see that all the way through again; production value and historical value will remain high unlike most movies.
    Maybe this is more of a marketing discussion, idk.

    Good As It Gets is very enjoyable to rewatch for both performance and movie fun.
    LA Confidential is a solid film with great cast. Good Will Hunting was great first time through but not big on my rewatch list though I’d watch that several times before another Titanic.

    Nice work guys. 😉

    • Glad you enjoyed it S, really am.

      I thought the intro was hysterical this week, too. My only issue is… how do we top THAT? LOL

      Next week is bound to disappoint.

      But yeah, really funny, totally not coordinated, he did it without letting me know, then I set the tunes to it and returned the favor, cause he didnt know those were coming.

      If you’ve got that kind of anticipation for American Reunion, I cant imagine it letting you down. I thought it was really funny.

      Meanwhile, thanks for continuing to confirm that people haven’t forgotten those other three movies! And of coure… thanks for listening! 😀 This stuff makes it all worth the while!

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