Catastrophe strikes during the President’s daughter’s humanitarian mission to an orbiting space prison, and she’s take hostage during an inmate uprising. Now she’s isolated in space, surrounded by hundreds of hostile inmates, and time is running short before the prison station’s orbit decays and it plummets to Earth.

Rescue seems impossible.

Thankfully, the country has just the guy for the job.

Wise-cracking ex-CIA agent Snow (Guy Pearce) is caught in a set-up.

After attempting to intervene and save an ex-contact’s life, Snow makes off with a valuable briefcase, but is framed for murder and treason. Captured, interrogated, and beaten, Snow is told he’ll be put into stasis for 30 years… without a trial.

However, at the same moment, events are unfolding which will lead to his opportunity for freedom. During a humanitarian investigation of the treatment of inmates aboard the orbital prison MS One, the President’s daughter (Maggie Grace) is captured during a prison uprising. She had suspected that wealthy corporations were funding research on prisoners in stasis in order to test the potential for deep space travel. She also feared that the stasis itself is harmful to prisoners, potentially causing dementia. While interviewing a prisoner, however, her team is the catalyst in the escape that leads to the mass awakening and freeing of the prisoners, and her subsequent captivity.

A direct assault on the prison is deemed too dangerous, both for the President’s daughter, and to the stability of the station. Should the station fall out of orbit, it could obliterate the eastern seaboard. So the plan becomes to send in a single operative to attempt to rescue her.


Even though it sounds like a suicide mission, Snow accepts. It’s his only chance to escape stasis, and his associate who hid the briefcase is on the station. He’s going in.

Onboard, a cheesy action movie with a dash of action movie romance ensues. Snow is a wise cracking, exasperated pessimist, and yet sparks fly between he and the President’s daughter. In a nearby space station, the President and the Secret Service try to coordinate his mission remotely, giving plenty of opportunity for Snow to balk at directions and crack wise. The villains are wonderfully menacing, and often are their own worst enemies. There’s plenty of fun to be had watching them chew scenery, threaten hostages, and fight with each other. And of course, eventually the station loses orbit, so the countdown clock to destruction is on.

Pearce is fun as the singly named Snow, and Grace gives him someone to trade barbs with nicely. There arent that many great action scenes, per se, but the story manages to keep your interest pretty well, and then the characters move it along.

It’s a fun enough movie, but never really over the top enough for me to fully enjoy it as cheese. Nor is it quite serious enough for me to embrace it as a straightforward actioner. As it is, it’s kind of a light, disposable, don’t think too hard action flick, but I doubt it’s anything that would make a “Cheese-Tastic Classic” one day. Were one of the mind to, you could easily pick a thousand holes in it, or point out some of the occasionally bad CGI, or the low-budget acting, but the movie knows what it is and just tries to give you some entertainment for your ticket price.


26 thoughts on “Lockout

  1. I really liked it. I thought it struck the right balance of cheese actually. Sure there were problems it wasn’t a four star movie but they did just enough to change up a really classic story. And Guy Pierce rocked – I’ve never liked him in anything, I can remember anyway, so it was nice to finally enjoy a performance. Cheers.

    • Really? Pearce has been in some pretty good things. Though admittedly it’s been awhile since his last awesome role.

      But yeah, I enjoyed it for what it was, I just can’t go too overboard about it. You know what I mean I think if you’ve seen it.

      • I may just be arguing the difference between a 7 and an 8 really…so I get what you mean.

        I went and looked up Pearce’s filmography and found a couple popular ones which are probably the ones you mean…he has such an ability to change I perhaps just didn’t make the connection.

        🙂 Thanks!

  2. I think I recently completed this mission in Mass Effect 2. This does look like a good time will have to try and check it out. Probably via streaming or red box as I have a ton of stuff coming out at the theater that I need to review.

    Nice review as usual Fogs 🙂

  3. I’ll wait for the rental, this reeks of “Snake Plisken” anti-hero wise-crackin’ to me!
    Great Actor, to be able to play a royal toff in The Kings Speech, to an action hero in Lockout, not to mention LA Confidential, The Proposition…. and er…. Momento!!! can’t wait to see him in Prometheus.
    I remember him from his Aussi soap days in Neighbours, as Mike in the 80’s, he’s come a long way!, Russell Crowe, incidentally played at the same time as Guy in Neighbours ( I really, need to get out more)

    • Yeah, it’s got a bit of Ecaspe from ____ to it. But the two characters arent that similar beyond the situations I didnt think. This guy’s way more gruff.

      I cant wait for everything about Prometheus. LOL. Got to see the trailer last night 1 out 0f 3 movies, so I was pleased enough! Love it. Its gonna be sick!

  4. I think I’m going to give this a go. Shame it doesn’t go the whole cheese-fest though. Does it take itself a tad too seriously then?

  5. As previously mentioned, this does invoke “Escape” which to me is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m kind of a sucker for this sort of film, but will most likely wait for netflix.

    • Yeah, there are shades of it. But Escape had a lot more charm and uniqueness. To an extent this movie had some standard genre elements and didnt go the cheese route fully…

      Easily a checkout on Netflix flick though.

  6. Man. I didn’t read your review. I am still finishing mine. But I did scan down to see what you scored it. haha. wow, we do we disagree! I will finish my review and come back to see the details, but I can’t wait to share my thoughts with ya! haha

    • Well, its an easy film to pick apart if someone were so inclined.

      And it’s not one I plan on defending too much, so if you want to destroy it I’d waive the white flag AWFUL fast. LOL

      I just found it decent enough popcorn entertainmment, go in, sit down, shut off your brain and have a little fun with it.

      Of course, I’ll be by to check out that review anyways. 😀

  7. My favorite part was where is is playing the video game and riding the motorcycle through the city… or maybe the 37.5 seconds it takes to parachute from space to Earth… yeah, that was a good one too hahaha

  8. Finally saw this last night. Fogs, I like how you mention the “occassionally bad CGI.” I guess that means you missed the high-speed motorcycle chase that looked like a PS2-era video game cutscene. But other than that, I agree it was a fairly entertaining action movie providing you don’t expect too much.

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