I’d be honored if you’d consider FMR for your Lammy Nominations!

Hey everyone, how’s it going?

The 2012 Lammys kicked off officially last night, and I wanted to make my post today an appeal to my fellow Lammies for their consideration for nominations.

I’m sure everyone knows by now that I’m a huge fan of the LAMB, and that I’ve tried to be very involved since I joined up.

I know that several Lammies frequent FMR, and that others will be stopping by to check it out due to my campaigning. Everyone knows I’m not shy about self-promoting anyways LOL, so I wanted to take some time, break down the categories that I might stand a chance in, and briefly set out some qualifications, shamelessly plug myself, and hopefully earn your nominations!! 😀

Read on!

Best Blog  

It’s a crazy idea, but I’m not big on limiting my potential by shying away from things. FMR is less than a year old, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have already reached the top. Just something to consider…  

Best Community Builder/Networking LAMB 

In other forums or elsewhere, I’d probably drop my stats on people… comment counts, page views, yada yada. But not here. Because here people have seen how we’ve “Built a Community”. Yeah, ya have. This is an award I’d really be proud of, because to me, this is what FMR is ALL ABOUT. Seriously.

Most Prolific    

Some quick math! As of this moment, this blog has been up 327 days. I’ve made 466 posts. That’s an average of 1.42 posts per day.

Funniest Writer

I dunno, I say some funny shit now and then… so why not?

Brainiac Award

See what I’m saying? That’s funny, right there!

Best Running Feature    

I’ve run my “Movies That Everyone Should See” columns once a week every week beginning a few months after opening. Since then I’ve written up 42 movies. With each one, I try to remind people why the movie is great. I know that people have enjoyed reading them, now I hope you’ll support them with your nominations!

Best Festival/Awards Coverage  

Been awhile since I went, but I did cover Comic-Con 2011 here for FMR. I brought back video of several panels, including Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson presenting Tintin. My coverage of the last day was Freshly Pressed! Have a look back through and see if you’d consider it!

Best New LAMB  

FMR is less than a year old, but I’ve already built quite an archives, a healthy commenting community, a thriving podcast. Each week you know you can count on reviews of the biggest releases, a lively discussion thread, and a look back at a classic. I think we rock here, and I’m hoping you agree!

Best Podcast  

The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs is also less than a year old. But we’re coming up on 25 episodes, including a brand new one today. You know you can count on us for opinion and entertainment each week! If I had a single episode to hold up, it might be the 80s draft, as that was very well received… but every episode is fun. Tanski and I have a great time together, putting out a weekly show for everyone!

Best Movie Reviewer  

Where else are you getting reviews like this? Who else is unafraid to bust out the A++? You know you love the reviews here, come on now! For all your hyperbole needs, you know where to come each week! LOL.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Well, there you have it. The Lammys are upon us, and I’m not afraid to say that I’d love to add “Award Winning” to the FMR résumé. I know that people enjoy it here, I see the comments, I see the feedback… Now I’m asking for your support. I hope you’ll give some thought to Fogs’ Movie Reviews when it comes time to submit your nominations in any or all of the categories above (Well, Braniac was a joke, let’s be serious).

It’s been a pleasure creating and maintaining this blog, and this is just another fun opportunity that I’ve been given through it. I look forward to making my nominations and showing my support for others, as well! Thanks for taking your time to check this post out, I appreciate it!! 😀

53 thoughts on “I’d be honored if you’d consider FMR for your Lammy Nominations!

  1. I’ll think about it! 😉 only joking buddy. Without blowing smoke too far up your arse, I genuinely think you have a great chance. I definitely vote for you.

      • Lol. I’m just about to vote now if they’ll let me. I’m still waiting on my Lamb entry to go though. I submitted it last month but it could take up to 50 days apparently. Anyway, I’ll try and vote an see what happens. Good luck mate. I’ll be generous.

      • Sorry Mark, voting is only for LAMB members that have gotten their LAMB number. But I’m always glad to see pending members being active within our community.

  2. “The award for most humble and modest goes to….” I guess the voting is for blog hosts only, otherwise you would rule the roost like when the Lamb changed the “movie of the month” voting. Remember? How did that happen again? I hope others remember.

    • LOL. If they HAD an award for “Most humble and modest” I’d pimp for that one too, you know I would. 😀

      Yes though, only Lambs are allowed to vote. Doesn’t mean your support isn’t appreciated, though, as I’m sure you realize.

      I’ll be elligible to re-enter movie of the month again soon, too! MUAH HA HA HA!!

      • You forgot to mention your Friday Posts. Since your blog-roll failed you started writing up other sites. This was the best possible way to get to know other bloggers, way better than a blog-roll or a mere mention of a site. Thanx! I hope they thank you as well.

    • One a week buddy, they wind up adding up.

      I dont know if you saw on twitter, but I might be mantioning TWS on my ballot, perhaps. LOL. Naw, definitely am, in more than one category, as well…

      Dont forget to push your “Movie Project” for best series man. That horse can fly… 😉

  3. I’d vote for you for most un-obnoxious self-promotion. Nicely handled. Really. And DEFinitely best community building. FMR feels like a safe place to play and that’s due to you. I’m no lamb and don’t know what that means, so sorry my op’ ultimately does you no good.

    • Oh, that is totally not true. Your opinion matters a LOT to me Jan.

      Having FMR called “A Safe place to play” just made my day, I kid you not. I’ve got a big old grin on over here.

      I can be obnoxious though, its ok. I try to keep it in check as best I can 😉

  4. I’m torn because I want the traffic boosts and recognition that even being nominated would surely mean for ACVF, but I’m also disinclined to self-promote by my very nature.

    That said, I know who I’ll be voting for in most of these categories. So there’s that.

    • Yeah, unfortunately you cant vote for yourself. LOL. I know I would. I’m that guy.

      You should play it up man, ACVF is great – tell people as much. You aint lyin.

      I’ll be plugging people as I go, too and trying to assist and call attention to my fellow Lammies, too. ACVF is very worthy of consideration and I’ll be telling people as much.

      • Well, I appreciate that. I’m capable of the self-promotion thing, it’ll just seem really half-assed and/or forced on my part.

        Plugging other people, though, isn’t out of the question.

  5. I’m not a LAMB…but I am big fan. If it were up to me, You’d clean up at the Lammys! You’re funny and able to make your material relevant to anyone who reads your blog. I love that! Community builder…yeah! There is some serious interaction going on there…..I feel like I know some of these people personally now. I won’t even get into the podcast….no comparison that I have heard. You and Tank rock that! I could continue to gush, and I know you would let me….but all in all, you’ve done a great job…and absolutely have earned the right to gloat……ummm……I mean self promote. Congrats on a job well done, and good luck at the Lammys!! 😀

    • Not to mention, you are so awesome, people have license plates promoting you……does it get cooler than that?!?!?! LOL

    • Little “Edit Magic” for you. 😉 For future use (del) = strikethrough (em) = italics (strong) = bold and then you need to put (/whichever) on the other side of what you write!

      For example (del)joke(/del) would give a crossout.

      Except the symbols to use are > and < instead of ( and ) If I actually wrote those with the <s it would just do the formatting

      Cant even use the arrows in correct direction or they vanish, LOL.

      Play with it Deb, you'll figure it out.

      • Thanks! I should practice.but I don’t want to appear too smart

        God I hope this works, or I will look like a real idiot! (which will add to the hilarity of your blog….so in a sense, it’s a win win for you. 🙂

      • Nope, see, there you go.

        I wish people could post pics here, but apparently WP reserves that power for the blogger… trust me… THEN we’d get to a whole new level of insanity here. LOL!!

      • I have to admit….scary pushing the “post” button on that one…..hahaha Pretty cool, that fulfilled my “you learn something everyday” quota. Thx Dan!

    • Meanwhile, thank you as always for your enthusiastic support. It means a ton to me, there’s no doubt about it.

      That’s the point on the whole “Community” thing, eventually people do get to know each other. I can attest that you can definitely make solid friendships on line, there are a handful of folks around here who I go back with over a decade now. 😀

      • As always….you are most welcome! Keep doing what you’re doing, it helps me pass the time at my job. 🙂

  6. You have my Bow and my Axe and my Vote! I haven’t been visiting long, but I love the atmosphere here. Hope your very successful this year.

  7. I’m still researching all the Lambs (trying to check out as many pages as possible so I can be objective), but you’re a front-runner in several of these categories for me at the moment!

    On a totally separate note, I’m sorry to see that the “follow up comments by email” function has been lost, as I always use it to see your great responses! Did WP take away the option for people (which would suck), or did they just change the default (which just means some new training for folks who don’t want it)?

    • The latter. Except, I dont want to “Train” people… here’s why. I’m acutely aware of it – actively angered. I’ve been submitting support tickets, railing against it in the forums and on twitter, and I still forget it!!

      I wind up needing to “Manage Subscriptions”, which I dont want, myself!

      So, yeah, I recognize some people like it. Temporarily, I have to go this way buddy, its the best for the majority, I think.

      In happier news, thank you very much. Flattered to hear you say it, and you can rest assured I’ll be trying to plug you and your cause along the way too! 😀

      • That makes sense to me. And in other news, you’re now training me to try to remember to check back instead of just reading your response through my email, which probably helps your site views!

        See everyone: Just another way that Fogs is one of the best “Community Builder/Networking LAMBS”!!!

  8. You’ve done a really impressive job Dan with this blog over the past year or so, you definitely got my vote in many if not all of these categories sir!

    • [Sharp Salute] Thank you SIR! 😀

      AM will be getting a couple of nods from me at least. Including Best Blog. The “Big Kahuna” as Shep put it. 😀

      I appreciate your continues support Castor. And it was good to see you kicking ass in “The Avengers” 😀

  9. It’s like one of those Oscar ADs you see in Entertainment Weekly or Variety. Anyway, done and done. I’ll vote for you on all categories, buddy! Wait, vote or nominate…I guess nominate is a better word for it. Anyway, I hope you win at least one categories.

      • Awe, snap…not a Lammie 😦 If I was tho, I would vote for you…believe dat (in a Samuel L. Jackson voice, aka yelling)

  10. So what’s in it for me, eh, eh?

    Ha! Only joking! I’ll be heading over there and making some noms for FMR that’s for sure. Heck it’s the birthplace of my very favourite January Jones face! How could I not?

  11. I tried to make a FYC poster for my post, but couldn’t make a good one ;( But personally i am not sure yet who i am nominating,but i will try to factor you in my decisions 🙂

  12. You can count on it, man! I mean it doesn’t get more fun than FMR as far as movie blogs go! One thing for sure, the Best Community Builder award should be a shoo-in for you, amongst many others 😀

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