Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of Will Smith?

“Men In Black 3” opens this weekend, and so I thought we’d turn our discussion this week to one Mr Will Smith.

“MIB:3” is his first movie in four years, so it’s only natural to wonder if he still has the kind of box office power that he’s demonstrated in the past. Smith has shown a knack for turning box office straw into gold, making massive moneymakers out of occasionally suspect films.

He began his career as a rapper and quickly earned a sitcom for himself (“The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”), which catapulted him to fame. He transitioned to the big screen with roles in such films as “Six Degrees of Separation”, “Bad Boys”, “Independence Day”, and of course, the original “Men in Black”. Smith continued to maintain his musical career throughout, and his crossover appeal helped fuel the box office success that his films enjoyed. In addition to summer blockbusters, though, Smith occasionally makes bids at “serious” roles, and in fact has earned two Oscar nominations – one for “Ali” and one for “The Pursuit of Happyness”.

So what’s YOUR take on Will Smith? Are you a fan? Take him or leave him? Does his acting impress you or no, when he takes on his serious roles? Let us hear it!

What do YOU think of Will Smith?

78 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of Will Smith?

  1. I like Will Smith as he is a charismatic star but I’m certainly frustrated that he absolutely refuses to take any risk acting-wise. I can’t believe he turned down the lead role in Django Unchained. QT would have made him so much cooler!

    • Oh wow. Yeah. Now THERE’S a really good point. I forgot all about that. And instead he’s working with M Night Shamaylan and his son on some stupid movie, right? Is that thing still happening?

      What a regretable turn of events. I’m hoping Jamie Foxx rules in that movie, he can do it.

      Would have been great for Smith though youre totally right Castor, absolutely.

  2. I dunno. Having just looked over his IMDB page I guess I was surprised at how few movies he has been in. It feels like it would be more, especially since a couple of those are sequels. I like him, but he’s not someone whose name comes up when I’m listing actors that I like.

    There’s a quote from something about someone being a movie star not an actor (actually I think it’s Entourage?). I think that fits Will Smith for the most part, especially after reading others comments. He is a movie star. He fits that description. It’s not that he doesn’t have some serious chops, it’s just that you never really see that. I feel like he’s picked films that he’s probably enjoyed making. He’s charismatic enough that the films he’s picked are good for that (plus he’s made some cash off of those selections).

    • I’m not sure of the quote you’re referring to specifically Nic, but I know what you’re saying, for sure. There’s only a handful of truky gifted actors and actresses at any given moment, and the rest are just… stars.

      As for the quantity in his filmography, you’re right, for someone with a career as long as his has been, he hasn’t been in that many movies. One of the reasons why, I think, is that he only does like that one movie a year route. He’s never been one of those Nic Cage/Ben Stiller type of guys who knock out like 5 or 6 in any given year. Which should be a good thing, its should be a sign he’s being selective. But his filmography is also a little spotty, you know?

  3. I like him. I find that I can watch and take him seriously as an actor. He is great at comedy, action, and drama…..I think all actors should have that ability, but let’s be real…not a lot of them can do all three. Plus the dude sings….although he songs aren’t great, it still manages to get stuck in my head.

    Oh a side note, he did bitch slap that reporter for kissing him, so I give him extra credit on that one! BOOM!

    • Heheh. LOL. Points!

      He is kind of an all around threat. Its funny though, he never winds up being considered one of the best in any of those arts, but he holds his own – or is even considered really good in all of them. And of course, it all adds up to massive popularity.

  4. I’m not a fan. The guy never steps out of his comfort zone, and most of his films are average at best. I’m waiting for the day where he accepts a role as the lead villain… now THAT would be awesome.

    • That WOULD be awesome. He definitely could benefit from mixing it up… Castor pointed out he turned down the lead in Django unchained. That would have been a unique film for him. Definitely.

      But you’re right, he doesn’t play against type too much. Even Hancock, where he was kind of supposed to… at the end of the day, he doesn’t.

  5. Fun actor in comedy (Hitch) and action (Enemy of the State, iRobot) who has a whole other level that shines in good dramas (Pursuit of Happyness, Ali). I’ll enjoy MIB3 just like a prize racehorse; ‘I’ll Have Another.’

    • 😀 This is an amusing exercise. I get to learn so much about how these stars are perceived. I’m responding to a string of comments at the moment, and I swear, they’ve gone positive, negative, positive, negative. LOL. He’s pretty divisive I guess! I never knew!

      I do wish he’d scale back the blockbusters though and try and give us more good dramas. You know?

  6. I am very much on the side of Will Smith. Grew up watching Fresh Prince and listening to him and Jazzy Jeff. I think he’s a great actor and has done some hugely entertaining films. He’s got some Oscar noms under his belt, and he still knows how to have fun with his roles he chooses.

    He’s got a presence and charisma that few actors in Hollywood have. He’s got charm by the bag full. Parents love him as much as kids.

    He’s gold in my book…

    “Now this is a story….”

  7. I’ve always been a fan of Will Smith! Ever since his Fresh Prince days, I could feel that he was an awesome person, and the interviews of him continue to prove that he is a nice, family-loving fellow. He’s also very funny and I feel the Fresh Prince of Bel Air will never become an outdated show; it’s such a classic and his lines on it were brilliant! What I would like to see him do occasionally is take on more serious roles, as I do feel he has talent in this area as well.

  8. As I mention to our colleague T., he’s wearing on me. I’ll still see MiB3 this weekend, but also ‘The Avengers’ in a selfish bit of hoping it keeps MiB3 from the top spot ;-). Is that wicked of me?

    • Naw. LOL. The Avengers rocks.

      I dont think there’s any way it holds #1 though. A reasonable drop off from this week would leave it at about $25-30 million, and MIB:3 would have to be a huge disappointment not to clear that. LOL 😀

  9. He seems like a nice person off the camera, as long as you stay out of his personal bubble. Then again, most people are like that, aren’t they?

    • LOL. Definitely. I mean, I’m sure you heard about the slapping thing, you might even be making reference to it… I probably might smack someone if they tried to kiss me too! LOL

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  11. He’s all right. I like him in some stuff like Bad Boys and Independence Day, but he’s not very versatile I think. He’s always Will Smith even when he’s trying to tackle a serious role. Franchise films like Men in Black suits him better IMO.

    • There’s times when it feels like he’s coasting, you know?

      Even when he’s DOING those franchise films. I say this because I just saw MIB:3 this weekend, you know?

      • Coasting is spot on, Fogs. I also don’t like the way he’s trying to make his son to be a movie star. I mean if he’s any good it should happen eventually. It’s such poor taste IMO.

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