Follow Fridays!: Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

It’s Friday, and it’s a long weekend (here in the States at least :D)! So what better way to kick things off than with a really great movie blog recommendation?

This time up? The super prolific “Dan the Man” of Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews! You may know Dan as CMrok93, the screen name he uses to comment and reply, he’s visited here on many occasions, in fact I’m sure many of you have seen him on your blogs as well! 

Dan’s one of the hardest working reviewers around, he’s cranking out reviews left and right… click through to read more about his site!!

Dan’s site is focused on reviews, and exclusively reviews. What makes it so unique is he has a new review up EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You want new reviews? He’s got ’em. His review of “Men in Black III” is already up. (Bastige) Last week he hit all three openings, “Battleship“, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting“, and “The Dictator“. He keeps up with what’s coming out with the best of them, and you can always expect to turn to him for the lowdown. Like clockwork!

Of course, with a daily post, you can’t just do new releases (Ha! Hollywood can’t keep up with him! :D), so Dan covers quite a bit of “Newer Classics” along the way. Recent examples include “Escape from New York“, “Men in Black II” (tie-in alert!! :D), “Confidence“, and  “Kill Bill (vol I)“.

With each review, Dan likes to lead with a joke (which is great, I enjoy his “Leads” very much), and then pepper humor occasionally throughout. He leans on his extensive expertise to provide well thought out and supported analysis and opinions. At the end, he summarizes with a 1-10 scale ratings grade, which he applies consistently… allowing you to get a really good feel for him as a reviewer, which in turn gives you a good feel for how good the movies must be as he rates them.

Dan’s site draws a bunch of comments, and he does a great job responding to them all. He’s also frequently spotted out and about in the community, leaving his thoughts on the reviews of others. Dan’s blog was one of the first I found when I was starting up, and there’s no doubt about it that he made me feel welcome into the blogosphere.

I hope you check him out! If you’re looking for a blog that defines “Power Reviewer” LOL, look no further than Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews!

17 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

  1. Nice to see a spotlight on Dan, he’s running a great blog and I always like reading his opening line of his reviews. Deserves to be followed!

    • Totally right? There’s times those opening lines crack me up!

      He’s a power blogger, there’s no other way to describe it 😀

      Thanks for the support on the pick Nostra!

  2. A well-deserved spotlight. I sometimes wonder how Dan manages to watch so many movies… and to have the energy to write full reviews for all of them all the time. 😀

    • This comment actually got caught in my spam filter S. I’m hoping its just due to the link to lead it off… just wanted to ask if you’ve noticed any other comments disappearing on you lately or anything. Dont want that to happen.

      I dont check that thing hardly at all. Hoping its just this one time.

      • I’m big on Dan the Mans movie reviews, so I enthusiastically included his link in an unnecessary fashion. However, I’ll keep links to a minimum in the future as the comment is the main idea here. Just a fan. Your filter is doing it’s job. Enjoy good movie blogs like yours, dtmmr, anomalousmats, etc. 🙂

      • I dont have any problem with you linking to anything. You have the green light, S, I trust your comments will be quality… I’m just speculating on what might have happened because I dont want you to lose comments. That sucks when it happens.

  3. Damn dude! You’re the man Fogs! I’m glad to have made you feel welcome and it’s great to see something like this up on the web when I’m here living it up at the beach. Really appreciate it man, and to everybody else. You almost just brought a tear to me. 🙂

    • Well. Now. Dont go cryin’ on the beach Dan-o! Cmon now! 😀

      It’s all good, man, you’ve got a great blog and I’m happy to let everyone know it!

      Hope you have some fun at the beach, take a break! You’ve earned it! 🙂

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