For Your Consideration: Most Prolific

“Most Prolific”

The folks who really crank the content out.

Hell yeah, it’s an honor to be recognized in this category. I’m putting up content daily, often multiple posts in the same day.

Nominees in this category aside from myself include: “Never Too Early Movie Predictions”, “The Matinee”, “Anomalous Material”, and “The Film Emporium”.

Click through to get the lowdown on each of the Nominees for “Most Prolific”!

Never Too Early Movie Predictions

Never Too Early Movie Predictions specializes in Academy Awards related predictions and coverage, but that’s not all that he has going on. NTEMP also posts reviews and is very active in the Lamb Community. So much so that he’s been nominated for “Best Community Builder” as well. So far, NTEMP has identified 2,227 Academy Members  published 435 posts, and made predictions in 119 Oscar categories (All statistics provided by NTEMP, thanks brother!). All of that from one guy?

Anomalous Material

In a strict assessment of the contenders, AM is a multi-contributor site. I don’t know if voters will hold that against them or not. Regardless, content is usually posted there more than once a day. Plus, Castor Troy is one of the most prolific newsmen in the business. He has you covered on everything. News, new trailers, new posters, casting rumors… I’m telling you. And with all that content pouring in from contributors, you’re guaranteed there’s something new for you everytime you check in with Anomalous Material!

The Film Emporium

Andy Buckle over at The FIlm Emporium blogging since March of 2010, and recently posted his 1,000th post.  According to his calculations, he usually surpasses 40 posts per month. 40 posts a month is ten a week, which is right about where I’m at as well… so apparently Andy has his nose to the grindstone and is churning out the content, too! His content includes reviews, news and festivals coverage. Be sure to check him out!

The Matinee

The reigning champion in this category. The Maitnee puts up daily posts and a weekly podcast. He received 8 nominations and last year, and won 5 Lammys. Including Best Blog and Best Podcast. He’s been nominated for another 7 Lammys this year. The dropoff from 8 to 7? It’s only because the Lammys eliminated a category that he was nominated in last year.

Mmm, yeah. Ryan is going to be a highly ranked contender in any category he’s in, and he’s in a lot of them.

Fogs’ Movie Reviews

It really wasn’t a planned thing, but this just so happens to be my 500th post.

Seeing as FMR is still two weeks shy of its first birthday, quick math will tell you that averages out to 10 posts a week. That’s a daily post, plus a second post on two out of the seven days… and then a podcast.

Since Friday, I’ve posted three “For Your Consideration” posts, two theatrical reviews, one review of the newest cable offering, and an essay extolling the virtues of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”!

Plus, with the exception of my “Tossin’ It Out There” posts, which are just topics for discussion, all of the posts I regularly put up are pretty high quality (not to impugn the quality of anyone else’s). Yesterday’s MTESS was a 1,600+ word post! Not that we should get points for verbosity, I’m simply trying to illustrate that quality does not suffer for quantity’s sake here at FMR.

Yup. I’m cranking it out AND crankin’ it up. LOL 😀 Hopefully you’ll give me some consideration in this category when you fill out your ballots!

44 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Most Prolific

  1. I have to say this is a tough category. I have actually poked around a couple of these sites before….AM, is a definite contender! (covers virtually anything you want to know). But I have to say….you’re a one man show, and that speaks volumes! The quality (and diversity) of material you put out is fantastic. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of time that goes into your blog in order to produce 10+ entries a week. This is a pretty cool category to be nominated in! 🙂

    • Amazingly, I get it all done on my lunch break at work. Usually only Monday and Tuesday’s lunch breaks. After I eat. You know, eat, bs a bit with my coworkers, blog for a couple of minutes. All set. Boom.


      It’s a lot of work, definitely, but its fun. If it wasnt so much fun, I wouldnt commit to it like I have. For example, wait’ll you hear tomorrow’s (title pending) LOL. Putting it up a day early due to the Lammys. If you cant hear the fun we had doing it shining through then… well, I dont know what to say.

      😀 It’s going to be a… memorable episode.

      • I can’t wait….that’s what I do during work….put the buds in and off we go. It’s always fun to hear me laughing, when no one can hear what I am laughing at. (after a couple of episodes, I learned that unless I am completely alone….I don’t run it through my speakers….you know, given my job…..haha)

  2. Out of all the blogs I follow, you are the probably the most prolific along with Jessica at The Velvet Cafe. You have a good shout for this award Fogs. I really hope it comes through for you.

      • I hear you man! You definitely deserve something. You obviously commit a lot of time and the material is quality. Unfortunately, I don’t get a vote as my registration is still pending for The Lamb, so I’ll have to rely on others to do my voting for me.

      • I hear you Adam! I applied straight after your recommendation and recieved an email saying it would take about 50 days but everything’s been halted now apparently. Anyway, hopefully it won’t be too long after The Lammy’s and after Fogs has raked a few in. 😉

      • LOL… hopefully buddy, hopefully.

        Yeah, be patient. I think the other Mark (Themarknight) applied as well and is on hold.

        You have to consider – the people that run that place all have their own stuff going on, too. And this Lammy thing is a massive amount of work for them…

        You wont mind when its your turn to be involved next year! 😀

      • Yeah man, I completely understand. There’s no rush but I’ll just be glad to be in. I must have just missed out the voting though. Damn blast.!

  3. Do you really only do it during lunch? Yikes. That’s insane.

    I think it speaks volumes that you have the same amount of content (or the same rate of content at least) as a multi-contributor site. Volumes.

    • Noooo… 😀 That was a joke. I work a LOT. Mainly on the weekends, but I do write a lot.

      I appreciate you noticing Mark. It’s great to get recognized for the work, you know? Thanks!

      • Ok I was going to say…
        I’m trying to up the number of posts I write each week and I was blogging non-stop this weekend to have stuff waiting in the wings that I could easily post during the week – and it took all weekend to get stuff done for just the next five days. Crazy.

  4. I just dropped in on The Matinee and was very impressed. His thumbnail lead-ins to write-ups is a very good idea. Quite alot on one page and the page counter at the bottom says 191 pages! Wow! So far of all the blogs you’ve written up his is the most interesting. I can’t say Ryan writes as well though. You’re by far the best pensmith. He gave a very nice nod (and link) to you and Tank for Title Pending. I can’t say being the most prolific is that important if the quality isn’t there. Or do you agree with Woody Allen, “The food was terrible and there wasn’t enough of it”!

    • “Pensmith” Ha! That’s a word for you…

      I like the Woody Allen quote, too, but no I disagree with that philosophy.

      Ryan’s a force to be reckoned with… he has a whole shelf full of wooly statuettes from last year alone! And I dont know if he got any before that!

      The Matineecast is really good too. I’ve listened to it myself on numerous occasions, its a good listen. So, unfortunately we’re going to be going head to head in a lot of these categories….

      • You’ve been turning people on to sites all year long. I hope the “community” remembers that.

      • So I’m just getting on board this whole Lammy thing – it’s kind of a lot to take in. I just applied to be one, so hopefully that will come to fruition in the next few weeks. But I have a couple of questions – when are the actual winners announced? Is it going to be on a podcast? Thanks for any help!

      • Well, first of all, good thinking… If you’re a blogger, being part of the Lamb is a lot of fun, and can really give you a lot of good tricks and tips, plus it’s a great opportunity to network.

        The nominations were announced last week, and the final voting poll opened this weekend. Voting is restricted to current members only, and runs for two weeks.

        I’m not sure how they’ll announce winners. Last year they posted winners on the Lamb blog, unfortunately kind of stringing it out, you know, one or two at a time. Not the way I’d prefer it as a nominee… But as a blogger, I understand the motivations.

        Good to hear you signed up, be patient, I think they’re waiting to clear the Lammys up before getting back to admitting new members!

  5. Congratulations on the 500th post!

    Great job reviewing all of us. This is a tough category because we all have such different content that it makes it hard to compare. Still, I think I need to ask my boss for more lunch breaks!!! 🙂

    • LOL!

      I was happy you did one of these for yourself, man, made my job easy! 😀

      Best of luck, everyone here is really cranking out the content, it’s a tough decision for people to make for sure.

  6. “I can’t say Ryan writes as well though…”

    He knows I can read pretty well, right?

    Jokes aside, thanks again for the plug Fogs – especially on a week like this where my choice to write about two lower-exposure films has dropped my readership.

    One other thing I noticed; despite the growing number of multi-contributor sites, I found it kind of interesting that four of the five sites nominated are one-man-shows. I’m quite impressed to see such love for the solo operations!

    • He knows I can read pretty well, right?


      Yeah, he dont care though. LOL

      I’m sure your “Trough” due to your two reviews this week will completely encumber your chances. Whoo hoo. I’m on easy street now! (LOL, I need a roll eyes smiley here bad!!) 😀

  7. I’m beginning to think you don’t sleep much at all Fogs! 😀 Yes you definitely are prolific and you don’t even have hardly any guest blogger to help you out. You put my wee blog to shame, really.

    • Stop stayin stuff like that…

      Uh… didnt Flixchatter actually get nominated for “Best Blog”? 😀

      And I’m schitzophrenic like Tyler Durden. That’s the trick. 😀

      • Ah so that’s it then? Figures. I need to do what Michael Keaton did in Multiplicity, but I’ll stop at just 3 😀

  8. You know Fogs the more I think about it ….. I think pehaps going forward The Lamb should have two catagories for this Lammy, single contributor and multi-contributor. It just seems to make more sense that a site with 5-6 writers is going to be able to crank out a lot more content than a solo site.

    • I absolutely agree with this – there is no way that someone with one contributor is going to be able to pump out the same amount of posts as a multi-contributor – no matter how hard they try.

      Although… if a single contributor site were to win against a multi-contributor site, that would be pretty awesome…

    • True, true.

      I’d probably bitch about it more if it wasn’t Castor… because Castor is a pretty prolific dude himself, you know? And I know how hard he works.

      But yeah, that is kind of sensible.

    • Yeah man! I’ve got to jump on the bandwagon with this one also. Short of it taking over your whole life, there’s definitely an unfair advantage involved.

      • Duly noted, duly noted. I wouldnt lodge protest or anything if AM wins, I think they’re great, and I’m a big fan of Castor, he was super super cool to me when I was first starting up, and still is.

        But after the whole thing wraps, I’ll drop this off as a suggestion somewhere.

      • Your probably right! Anything said now, would just be bad timing and possible sour grapes. You never know though, it could happen. The Lone Fogster! 😉

  9. Duuuuude. I don’t know how you keep putting out consistently great material day after day. It’s one thing to be prolific but another to have the goods to back it up. I feel like I miss a ton if I don’t stop by here every couple days… Keep up the good work, buddy.

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