For Your Consideration: Best Podcast

Today’s “For Your Consideration” is the category of “Best Podcast”. The people who get together each week and put on the headsets so that you have .mp3 fodder for your work week.

We have a pretty diverse mix of podcasters in this category, including Chris “Tank” Tanski’s and my’s (title pending)!

The other nominees are: “The Milfcast”, “The Matineecast”, “Frankly My Dear”, and “Reel Insight” Click through to see what everyone has to offer!

The Milfcast

Kai and Heather don’t review films. NO! LOL 😀 Instead, they get together with guests from around the blogosphere, discuss what they’ve been watching recently, and then play a bunch of games! The Milfcast is a zany riot of a show where they play “Kai’s Always Right” by making guests do all sorts of randomly goofy things, encourage bad impersonations, etc. Then they finish up with a game they call “The Game”, where you’re trying to guess the movie with a series of clues of increasing help value, but worth a steadily decreasing number of points. It’s a fun, fun show where everyone’s focus is on having a good time. Highly recommended.

Frankly, My Dear

“Frankly My Dear” is the podcast of Scott and Whitney, a husband and wife duo. Each week they go over listener feedback by reading and responding to listener emails. They then go over the news of the week (Cleverly heralded by “Up’s” News on the March), before heading into their main review and “The Final Countdown”, a weekly top five countdown. And yes, they use the Europe song to introduce it. 😀 They’re definitely pretty funny, they mix in some killer tune drops along the way, and the married element brings a definite charm to the proceedings. I hadn’t heard of them prior to this, but I’ve checked out a couple of episodes through this process, and they’re definitely worth you checking them out!

The Matineecast

The reigning champion in this category (for at least two years running), the Matineecast is the official podcast of last year’s “Best Blog” winner, The Matinee. Hosted by Ryan McNeil, The Matineecast is a bi-weekly show that invites a different guest into the co-pilots seat each week. Ryan then gets to know them a little better via an interview segment called “Know your enemy”.  He then goes over listener feedback before he and his guests do an in-depth review of a movie. Ryan’s well spoken and a great host… coupled with the fact that he’s bringing in a new blogger each week to guest, “The Matineecast” is a great listen, and a serious contender for another Best Podcast Lammy.

Reel Insight

The Reel Insight podcast is a weekly show hosted by Jess and Rachel. The two of them both began blogging 5 years ago, and met through the LAMB back in its early days. They soon started a podcast together, and now have merged their blogging and podcasting efforts together into a single blog/podcast, Reel Insight During their show, they address listener feedback, What they’ve been watching, a random topic and then discuss the career of a different star every week. Last year, they were runner-up in this category, they have a great show, and with their deep roots in the LAMB, they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with!

The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs

Every week, my co-host Chris Tanski and I bring you the lowdown on the latest happenings in the world of movies. Beginning with the previous weekend’s box office results in our “Box Office Roundup”, followed by reviews of all the latest releases, and capped off by a topical movie related discussion, you’re guaranteed to be kept up to speed on everything going on at the Megaplex!

But we’ve also developed a unique camaraderie and chemistry. We have a lot of fun recording, and do our best to let that shine through! Lately, Tanski’s taken to opening each episode with some kind of song or another, and I’ve been busting his balls over never having seen Scarface.

This week we have something very special to offer listeners and Lammy voters. VERY special. If you’ve never tuned in? This is the week. If you’re a Lammy voter, and you haven’t checked our show out yet, please give us ten minutes, and check it out – at least the first ten minutes of this episode. We have a very special offering “For Your Consideration” entitled “Nom or Lammy?” 😀

Best of luck to all the hardworking podcasters in this category, everyone puts out fun and informative shows, so whichever one wins is deserving!

10 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Best Podcast

  1. Went back to the Matinee for his latest Podcast. His 5 years of experience show in this it’s quite smooth. Although bashing the Red Sox is a no-no! Toronto birds indeed! I know I’m not getting you any votes by saying nice things about other blogs, but I’ll take your writing over his “snarky filler” any day of the week!

      • I did now. Snarky filler is his terminology. The Matinee is the only other site I would visit regularly. I can see real competition brewing.

    • “Snarky filler”?

      That does sound like something I’d say, but not in reference to my own writing. Interesting.

      As for the Sox dig (which, after episode 54, is the second such instance this year) I gotta get ’em in where I can. the team has been such a monster for so long, that seeing them (and The Yankees) having a tough start to the season is one of the few moments of joy I get as a Jays fan. You can remind me I said that at the all-star break when my team is five games under .500

      As for the feedback on the show, thanks! It can be a real process sometimes creating all this content – there are moments where I wonder if I’m watching to podcast, or podcast because I watch – but the people I’ve met through the show have made it a very rewarding exercise.

      Good luck Fogs!

      • Thanks Ryan. You’re a monster in this category. Prohibitive favorite. You’re two time champ with a great show, and on top of which your show format (not that this is your intention, I’m not THAT cynical) is a recipe to sew up votes from people “Oh! I guested on that show!”

        😀 Glad to see you can make it through my vigorous campaigning in order to leave friendly comments!

        Dont mind Ray, he’s… mildly imbalanced. 😀

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