For Your Consideration: Best New Lamb

Today’s “FYC” post is for the category of “Best New Lamb”.

In addition to my blog, we have four other blogs who have joined the LAMB within this last year: Cinematic Corner, Public Transportation SnobThe Velvet Cafe, The Droid You’re Looking For.

Everyone has good stuff to offer, and they’re all great additions to the LAMB community. If you’ll click through, I’ll break down what each of them have to offer!

Cinematic Corner

It looks to me as if Sati has been blogging since 2010, but that Cinematic Corner just joined the LAMB this year.

Cinematic Corner has this really cool look to it… kind of a washed out color scheme, and is very visually oriented with a lot of .gifs in use and stuff. I hadn’t stopped by prior to this, and it immediately made an impression. That’s pretty cool, and probably a big reason why it was nominated for “Best Design”.

Sati does a lot of reviewing, but she also uses different days of the week to come up with different types of posts. (As so many of us do, LOL) Wednesdays are for soundtracks, for example. Rambling Fridays – for random topics. Saturdays are for television posts. Sundays are for Horror Movies. She also has several running features, such as the scene of the week, where she breaks down a given scene in great detail.

She’s drawing a bunch of comments, so people are responding well to her blog… I’m happy to have come across it through this process!

The Droid You’re Looking For

“The Droid You’re Looking For” is the blog of John LaRue. In addition to being nominated here, John’s blog has also received two other nominations – “Funniest Blog” and “Best Blog”, the Big Kahuna.

With that kind of respect, you know he’s running a great blog. In order to explain for you what he’s got going on there, I thought that this was very enlightening. Here’s the last four titles of John’s last four posts (as of this writing). I find the mix to be very informative. 😀 😀

Deconstructing Citizen Kane (1941)

Japan and the Criterion Collection: A Winning Combination

Re-Watchterpiece Theatre: Jean de Florette/Manon des Sources (1986)

Chart: The Number of References by Bodily Function in A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

The Velvet Cafe

Jessica over at “The Velvet Cafe” covers a wide variety of reviews on her blog – in her own words, “whatever movie related thought that comes into my mind – reviews as well as general ranting”. She has thoughts up already for “Moonrise Kingdom” and “Prometheus” (Grrrr for getting to see “Moonrise Kingdom” already, LOL) if you want to check them out!

Check out her reation post to her Lammy nom, I think that that picture is awesome, AND perfect for the occasion. LOL 😀 Nice selection, Jessica!

Jess really makes lets her personality shine through in her writing, you can tell why she’s connected so well with so many Lammies!

Public Transportation Snob

“Public Transportation Snob” is the movie blog of Dan Heaton, who I’ve gotten to know through the LAMB and on twitter. I had the pleasure of doing the Jurassic Park franchise look back Lambcast with him, and we get to do another one this Sunday for the MOTM, “American Werewolf in London”

From a bio blurb on (Which Dan currently contributes), I picked up that Dan has been writing about movies for over 10 years now. In addition to the aforementioned PopMatters, I see Dan’s been a contributor to, and SoundOn The phrase I’m reaching for is “Loaded Resume” LOL. 

Dan site is focused on reviews, and one thing I noticed is he actually works in Reader’s Choice reviews, I thought that that was a cool idea, and might eventually steal that and work it in here! 😀 He’s a great guy with a great site… be sure to click through and have a look!

Fogs’ Movie Reviews

The LAMB is a great place. It’s a great idea.

I’m sure a lot of bloggers can relate when I say that when you put your heart into it, you wind up getting very connected to your blog. Thus when there’s something out there which can help it out, you wind up very appreciative. Grateful. Aside from picking up a bunch of pointers in the forums, and making a bunch of new social contacts, the LAMB has helped me promote my blog through twitter, the LAMB site itself, and allowed me to gain exposure through the Lambcast.

In turn, I’ve tried to promote it as best that I can, and participate as fully as I can. When big events like this come around, I try to celebrate them and share the excitement with others… so that they can see one of the coolest things the LAMB offers, and would want to join in themselves. I’ve strongarmed recruited a few new lambs, and hopefully inspired a few bloggers that I don’t even know about to check it out and consider joining.

FMR obviously did very well for itself during the Lammy nominations, so if this is a best new blog sort of category, I think my qualifications in that regard are on record. I hope that if people are voting with the mindset of a “Best New Member”… they’ll keep in mind that I try to be the type of member you’d want involved; active, enthusiastic and evangelical. 😀

34 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Best New Lamb

  1. Probably the toughest category for me to vote on besides Best Podcast (spoiler alert: I didn’t vote for myself at all this year).

    All of y’all have so many great things to bring to the table, and it seems like with every LAMB that gets added comes in with bigger and badder guns than the newbies that did in years past (myself included).

    This is a great category and a great class of bloggers – my guess is that it’ll be a tight vote.

    • That’s because when we come in, there’s already a bunch of helpful people there waiting to give advice and stuff and pull us up, you know? 😀 Seriously, I know for me, I got a lot of guidance from Castor and the threads in the forum…

      😀 I’m going to trust in the anonymity of the voting process and keep my votes top secret. LOL

    • Well, Ryan, allow me to campaign for myself for a second. Where else can you find French film reviews and charts about poop jokes?!?

      Actually, I probably just lost votes by pointing that out.

      • No, man… Round here, people probably dig your style.

        I just hope we’re still on speaking terms tomorrow after I publish my “Unfunniest Lamb” report. LOL 😀

        Sent from my iPad

  2. I’m a little bit afraid of what to say about you since I know that anything I say can be used in your campaign. 🙂

    But honestly, all your nominations are super impressive for being a new lamb. Can’t believe how well you’ve done!

    I guess many people will just summarize it and think that you logically should be appointed best new lamb.

    My hope is that people would like to spread the love a little bit and see as many LAMB members as possible getting a Lammy to be proud of rather than a few getting everything.

    As you know I’m not campaigning myself. I put my trust in that people will think back over the last year and what they’ve taken away from our blogs during this time without paying too much attention to our marketing attention. I guess I’m a bit naïve in this. Well, soon we’ll know, won’t we?

    • LOL. That’s NTEMP’s gimmick. 😀 Unlike Joel, I dont steal other people’s campaigning tricks!

      Thank you though, I’m surprised myself. I’m very flattered by all the nominations, and no matter what happens, that’s an honor to be proud of… getting brought up so many times.

      I dont think you’re bieng naive, I’m not sure how much people will actually be swayed by “Campaigning”. But for me, its a way to live this to the fullest you know? It’s a celebration of the experience… plus it helps me connect with all the other nominees a little. So…

      Eveyone knows your site and thinks really highly of you too, obviously, so I think like Joel says below, its anybody’s game! 😀

    • Yeah, I havent gotten into “Snubs” too much. I think Awesomely Shitty should have been considered for funniest, and it blows my mind how Dan the Man didnt get nommed for most prolific…

      NTEMP here, though is a big one, too. Youre right.

      His name is on the voting board a few times though, so that’s cool at least

  3. Fogs, thanks for pulling all this information on this excellent group of nominees! I feel like this category is just as loaded as Best Blog, if not more. And I’m not just saying that because my blog is in here. This group is great company for sure.

    As far as campaigning, I’ve just been trying to just do strong content and stay involved in the LAMB and see what happens. No matter who wins, I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

    • Totally loaded man. No doubt. I was impressed by the qualifications as I pulled them all together, and everyone has a sick blog.

      I am too. This is a ton of fun for me, and I’m enjoying it all immensly…

      Dude, I never knew you’d been doing this stuff this long. For real, you’ve been at it a decade now?

      • It’s actually more like 13+ years, scarily enough. I was a Journalism and English major back in college and did a bit of movie reviewing there for the student magazine. I started doing DVD reviews online right when that was taking off around 1999. They’re not easy to count because Digitally Obsessed has a messy site, but I probably did several hundred, and that’s a conservative estimate.

        I’ll say that writing for the blog in the past year has been the most fun of any of them because of all the interaction with other movie fans. I haven’t gotten much of that from other sites in the past. Also, it’s cool to mix it up more instead of doing straight-up reviews, where you can get stuck in a certain formula. It’s been a great time. I wish that I’d started the blog years ago!

      • Wow man. That is a long track record. Seriously impressive…

        I will second that feeling though about wishing you had started your blog earlier. I feel the same way. Absolutely. 😀

      • Lol. That could be one way of putting it. Yes! 😉 But that being said, it would be a privilege to share a nomination with such great blogs. That in itself is an award. Well done to you all. It’s deserved.

    • I put it in my header image!

      I know that’s kind of a jumbled mess, and maybe it doesn’t show so well… but that’s as front and center as I could put it! 😀

      I’ll think about doing the sidebar instead though, it might be better there.

  4. Baa is that ewe again! Another lammie nom? Ewe must be kidding! But seriously…. A couple of quick thoughts. My hats off to Sati for her “Repulsion” review. Making it part of Polanski’s “Apartment Trilogy” is quite inventive. Interesting name Sati, the Indian ritual immolation of a wife on her husband’s funeral pyre. I hope that’s not where it’s from. And to Dan Heaton, thanx for the great review of the Game of Thrones finale. Very insightful! It’s going to be ten months of madness waiting for #3. You’re doing quite a job with the hookups Daniel! Spreading the love that’s you all over.

    • No, my nickname is actually a short version of Satine from Moulin Rouge! one of the first movies I’ve seen ever since I fell in love with cinema 🙂

      • Satine! So much more beautiful than the most gruesome female ritual in the history of mankind. I’ll be sure to revisit, like that you do TV as well.

    • Yup. Absolutely, that’s one of the coolest things about this Ray. If nothing else, I get to connect with a lot of other Lambs and do a lot of promotion of other Lammies. I hope this event brings us all some publicity, you know? Anyways, gonna play it to the fullest. 😀

      Sati, dont be mad, but Moulin Rouge is on my havent seen it list. 😦

    • Hmm. I’m sorry to have to correct it since you thanked me for a great review, but I didn’t write a recap of the GoT finale. Still need to catch up with that show actually.

  5. I have this blog in use since October 2011 🙂 I was writing online waaaay before that, though 🙂 This is a great category indeed and I’m very proud to be in such great company!

  6. This is a really tough category. I mean, everyone is so great! I won’t say who I voted for but I will say I sat in front of my computer screen mulling it over for quite some time!

  7. Thanks for the writeup, Fogs. To be in company with that group is flattering, because I could justify voting for each and every one of them. They’re all regular visits for me.

    • You fit right in, John. I’m looking forward to checking out your site more often when things settle down here a little . You like to blend humor into the mix, and that’s something I can approve of. 😀

  8. This is a really great category, because not only are all of the blogs excellent, but everyone also has a presence through twitter, have done LAMBcasts, posted in the forums, and/or comment on other people’s blogs, etc.

    • Normally I would answer with much more humility, about how its a close battle and everyone is worthy, etc etc.

      But as my “Unfunniest Lamb Study Commission” has clearly laid out… I’m obviously the most qualified candidate in this category.


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