Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of Charlize Theron?

“Snow White and the Huntsman” last week, “Prometheus this week. No doubt about it, Charlize Theron is front and center right now.

She began with “2 Days in the Valley” and has put together 41 credits on IMDb. She has the two movies this year, and three in various stages of pre-production – she’s definitely hardworking. She won an Oscar for her role as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in “Monster”, and was nominated for another a few years later for “North Country”. Her filmography has a wide variety of movies, and even includes a brief stint on the comedy “Arrested Development”

So what do YOU think of Charlize? Can’t get enough of her? Sick of her yet? Overrated? Underrated? Was the biggest fallacy of “Snow White and the Huntsman” that Kristen Stewart could ever be considered fairer than the lovely Ms. Theron? 😀

Whatever it is, we want to hear it, let us know! What do YOU think of Charlize Theron?

77 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of Charlize Theron?

  1. It seems I haven’t actually seen her in any films except The Italian Job, and I’m not going to judge anybody based on that pale shadow of a remake. She was decent in it, but I don’t really remember much of her role. So I guess the only question I can really answer is the Stewart/Theron comparison, in which case, yes, it’s an absurd comparison.

  2. She’s mostly a miss for me, but there are a few movies I like that she happens to be in. 🙂
    Haven’t seen Monster or Snow White, so I don’t have a full glimpse of her work.

    Favorite movie with that she happens to be in is The Italian Job.

    • I agree – the hype around this woman is laughable. The media really has a way of turning ordinary attention whores into superhumans. Her acting, looks and attitude are all meh.

  3. Well, this should be succinct: she’s immensely talented, highly versatile, and one of the single most beautiful humans walking the face of this Earth today. She’ll always be a favorite of mine. Done.

  4. Charlize is one of my all-time favs as a leading lady. She has proven she can play any role from “Monster” to “The Most Beautiful of Them All”. She totally stole the show in “Snow ….” . First time I rooted for “The Wicked Stepmother”. Can’t wait to see “Prometheus” !!

  5. Read something this weekend that I’ve been dying to mention. Charlize has a production company “Denver and Delilah” that in conjunction with David Fincher has sold a series to HBO called “Mind Hunter”. Apparently about hunting serial killers. Sound intriguing? Hell Yeah! Fincher and HBO. Wow!

  6. Overrated in every sense of the word. A sad example of hollywood hype twisting human perception. But sheeple will be sheeple I suppose.

  7. Kind of overrated. Her range isn’t as extensive as it’s touted to be, and I was actually not entirely impressed with her turn as Eileen Wuornos. *ducking for cover* But I can’t remember who else was up for a Best Actress Oscar the year she won, so perhaps she had it in the bag.

    Looks-wise, she’s a pretty lady. But she’s too prototypical for my taste; there’s nothing interesting or captivating about her face. Is she one of the most beautiful women on Earth? Hmm … I have to think about that, so, probably not. Travel the world and you will find that there are some absolutely jaw-droppingly stunning women out there — in places and professions as far from the arts, entertainment, and fashion industries as you can get. If Charlize weren’t a celebrity and I saw her in a casual situation, I’d probably turn around to get another look only because she’s so tall.

    • Ohhh man! You crazy! Charlize is gorgeous! Your theory about “traveling the world” would apply to any celeb. We’ve got to pick from what we know! 😀

      I dont think she’s overrated at all… she can basically do everything. From comedy (Arrested Development) to drama, with all kinds of different roles, Charlize is one of the most talented actresses around!

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