For Your Consideration: Best Reviewer

The final of my “For Your Consideration” posts for the 2012 Lammys. I want to thank all of you for bearing with me through this process, I realize that this isn’t necessarily the kind of content you’re out to read each day…

But I know that these posts have been well received within the Lamb, and hopefully I’ve picked up a vote or two along the way.

The final category I present for your consideration is “Best Reviewer”, a category which I’ve been nominated in along with five other bloggers. Sam Fragoso of Duke & the Movies, Ryan McNeil of The Matinee, Andy Buckle of The Film Emporium, Dan O’Neill of Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews, and James Blake Ewing of Cinema Sights.

I’ve included links to a sampling of each nominee’s work, so that you can get a feeling for their style!

Andy Buckle – The Film Emporium

Andy Buckle is a reviewer from Australia, and is part of the Film Critics Circle of Australia. He’s also a contributor to Anomalous Materials. He’s currently working through a number of reviews from the 15th annual Spanish Film Festival.

Andy posts daily, and has also received a nomination for most prolific. Check out a sampling of his most recent reviews below:

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Moonrise Kingdom


Ryan McNeil – The Matinee

Ryan McNeil makes a bid for one of the few Lammys didn’t win last year ( 🙂 dig!), Best Reviewer. Ryan’s Blog is the highly acclaimed Matinee (née Dark of the Matinee), nominated for seven Lammys this year, and winner of 5 in 2011.

With reviews being such a substantial portion of his content, and with so many awards to his blog’s credit, it stands to reason that Ryan is a well-respected and admired reviewer!


Moonrise Kingdom

Dark Shadows

Dan O’Neill – Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

Dan the Man! Dan was the focus of my most recent “Follow Fridays” post, he’s one of the hardest working bloggers out there, without a doubt. He has you covered on the weekends with the reviews of all the latest releases, and then circles back to movies that have been out for a while to keep the content cranked up during the week!

Here’s three of his most recent theatrical release reviews:


Moonrise Kingdom

Snow White and the Huntsman

James Blake Ewing – Cinema Sights

James isn’t as focused on theatrical reviews, but covers a ton of smaller films and/or older films that people might not have heard of otherwise. His reviews are an eclectic mix of movies including theatrical releases, classics, and indy and foreign films.

I honed in on some of the bigger titles he’s put reviews out on recently, here’s a sampling below!

The Avengers

The Hunger Games

The Cabin in the Woods

Sam Fragoso – Duke & the Movies

Sam is a young reviewer and blogger who has already made a number of contributions to many online publications, including Anomalous Material, Cut Print Review, Epinions,, and Never Mind Popular Film. He’s a very active member of the Lamb and a frequent guest on the Lambcast… I’d also just like to take a second to thank him for putting together the official listing of nominees, which I’ve been utilizing HEAVILY as I go through this process. Thank you Sam!

Check out some of Sam’s most recent reviews below.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Snow White and the Huntsman

Men in Black III

Dan Fogarty – Fogs’ Movie Reviews

As with all the categories I’ve been nominated in, it’s an honor to be included in such company.

I work hard every week, trying to cover all the of the biggest new releases, sometimes hitting up to three movies a week. I frequently, but not always, mix humor into my reviews. So occasionally, you may wind up getting an “Auld Lang Cyanide” LOL. But more often than not I try to create a down to earth review that’s going to give you a feel for the movie you’re getting into!


Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Snow White and the Huntsman

Well, that does it for the 2012 Lammy For Your Consideration posts. Thank you all again for bearing with me, starting with tomorrow’s “Tossin’ It Out There” we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled content!

21 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Best Reviewer

    • Well, I think that’s actually going to be one of my suggestions following this thing up.

      I think there should be a history of the awards available somewhere on the Lamb. You know, who won what when… that would have been very helpful for me. And it would be nice to preserve that going forward…

      😀 Hopefully I can make that three years in a row for you, buddy 😉

      • Right, but I gotta think that could work both ways.

        For instance, if someone looks at the scoreboard and sees that in the two years there’s been a Lammy for Best Podcast that it went to me both times, might that not plant a seed to mark down another name to change things up?

        You might very well make it three years in a row; I actually fully expect to come up empty-handed this year. Competition is really tight all around!

      • I wasn’t necessarily thinking of the listing as a campaigning tool, or how it might or might not influence voting…

        I think it should be there as part of the record, and as an additional way to preserve people’s recognition.

        This is the 5th annual Lammys. Shouldn’t it be easier on me to find out who won Best Blog the last 4 years? LOL. And wouldnt those winners want their wins recalled? I would think they would…

        Of course, you can speak to that. 😀

  1. I really like the format for these posts. The past two weeks have been a great guidepost to check other blogs and I think today’s was the best yet. I was able to quickly read Andy Buckle’s and Ryan’s reviews of “Prometheus’, something I’m greatly interested in. I know you already do this on “Follow Fridays” as well as links to other reviewers work. Often the links are buried in a long list of comments and are easy to overlook. Openly linking other reviews, cross pollinating as it were, can only increase traffic, discussion and comments. Especially if they represent opposing view points.Enjoyed Ryan’s review by the way.

    • Prometheus. Agreed in principal on some points, e.g. better to ask questions without answers than not ask at all. You’re not gonna left that “snarky filler” go are you? I swear I pulled it off your site as a self description term. Dan’s picked it up. He used “snarky” in a blog. Very British term.

      • I wouldn’t hang on to it if it didn’t amuse me – it never insulted me, quite the contrary actually.
        Glad you liked the PROMETHEUS review…I think I worked longer on that piece than any review I’ve written.

      • experiment, I hoped that I could express my love for the movies through my writing. Sometimes my writing is nothing but snarky filler.” there you go, copied and pasted, from the Matinee.And you say things like “cheeky bugger”! How Brit! I hear the Brits are worried they might win Euro 2012, then no one would be left sober enough to drive the Trains!

      • Ahhhhh…now I see it.
        I really should have emphasized the “sometimes” in that sentence, but I certainly can’t accuse you of not doing your research.

        Well played sir.

  2. The recognition can be preserved by the banners on the individuals site. I agree with Ryan. Making a full list would probably influence future voters.

    • At the very least, it should be made available to Lammies interested in learning about the history of the Lamb. Does it need to be promoted in conjuction with the Lammys? No. Maybe each year during winners announcements would be nice, but I wouldnt be stuck on it.

      I’m pretty strongly of the mind that the record should be kept somewhere and made available to those curious though…

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