New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

It’s Wednesday! That means a brand new (title pending) episode!

This week, I touch on Madagascar 3, and then the Tank and I discuss Ridley Scott’s new epic, “Prometheus”! There’s a lot of wildly varying opinions on this movie… I honestly don’t think there’s any consensus at all on it. Find out what Tanker and I think by listening in!

From there we use “Prometheus” to launch a discussion about the “Alien” franchise. It’s a storied series, with 4 very different films on its roster. We break ’em down for you, and go over our thoughts on them, including – which is better, Alien or Aliens? Plus our feelings on the Alien 3 “Assembly Cut”.

All that, plus the Box Office Roundup, “Has Tank Seen Scarface” and our look ahead at what’s on the radar. It’s a great episode, check it out, you wont want to miss it! 😀 You can download it directly here or search for (title pending) or Tank and Fogs on iTunes!

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4 thoughts on “New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

  1. Fogs, you’re correct. Alien is the better film of the two. Tank is just blinded by nostalgia (but at least he admits it).

    I am one of the few defenders of Alien 3. I rather liked the dark tone. It made the alien race seem very menacing, a feeling I brought into the other films with me. Though I know I’m in the strong minority there.
    As for Prometheus, I am trying really hard not to let what happened to tank happen to me. I walked out feeling great about that movie, and I refuse to let the naysayers bring my opinion down!

    • Ohhh yeah. Well, remember that when you get to this most recent one Ian. LOL. We do try. Sometimes they just…. fall a little flat. LOL

      I hear you on Prometheus, I had… issues, but I can see being a fan, Ian. Lets put it this way, it’s not a movie I’d try to talk sense into someone for being a big fan of. I can see it. I’m there.

      You know? Ah. Aliens 3 though… might be different. There’s some really funky elements involved in that that I dont get behind 100% Have you seen the “Assembly Cut?” It IS significantly better. I still dont think its that great or anything, but it is a lot better…

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