Now Showing on Cable: “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

Premiering on HBO this weekend was last year’s comedy about romance, “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

In it, Steve Carell stars as a man whose wife suddenly requests a divorce. Left depressed and disillusioned, Carell is offered advice by a local lothario (Ryan Gosling) for regaining his masculinity. Thus begins a comedy about romance, relationships and resiliency.

With an all-star cast and a fun script, “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” was a very entertaining comedy, and an easy movie to recommend to you all.

One evening at dinner, Cal (Steve Carell) is told by his wife of many years (Julianne Moore) that she wants a divorce. It’s stunning news to him, shocking even. She soon compounds it by confessing that she’s recently had an affair. The news is too much for him to handle… he’s devastated. In a semi-comatose daze, he agrees to do whatever she wants in terms of their relationship.

After moving out on his own, he takes to frequenting the local bars. Unfortunately, he’s a complete wreck, and he doesn’t hide it well. He’ll tell anyone who will listen – and many who won’t – exactly what is going on in his life. That his wife was cheating on him, that she left him, that they’re getting divorced… He’s so pathetic that he draws the attention of Jacob (Ryan Gosling), a ladies man who prowls the bars that Cal has been making a scene of himself at. Taking pity on him, Jacob sits Cal down, and gives him some tough-love advice.

He tells Cal he lost his wife because he lost his way as a man.

Thus begins a comedic mentor/mentee relationship, where Jacob trains Cal in the ways of being a not just a man again, but being a ladies man. Eventually, Both Carell and Gosling’s characters are given choices about their behaviours, their relationships and the way they treat women. There’s a number of other comedic subplots going on as well, including the affect the separation is having on Cal’s children, the awkwardness Moore’s character experiences with her lover (Kevin Bacon) now that the shield of being in a marriage has been taken away, and multiple comedies of misunderstanding revolving around the couple’s babysitter. Towards the end, as the relationships build towards their resolutions, the movie mixes in some madcap antics expertly, really amping up the comedy quotient nicely.

With a great cast that also includes Emma Stone and Marisa Tormei, “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” is overflowing with talent, has a great script and a good heart. I found myself enjoying the movie quite a bit, and have no reservations recommending it to people.


49 thoughts on “Now Showing on Cable: “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

    • LOL. Gonna feel weird calling you Kim and not klling 😀

      Agreed though, wasn’t it fun? I thought it was a blast. Gosling had an incredible year last year, just crazy…

      • haha~ be my guest to call me klling if that works for you! I just changed the flower so thought it’d make sense to use my own name also 🙂

        I didn’t see anything else from Gosling last year except for this but I’ve liked a lot of the movies he’s been in before 2011…What other movies did he have? Drive?

      • LOL, Kim is fine, just messing around, thats all.

        Yeah, Drive and Ides of March, and he was great in both. I had some problems watching Ides of March because the last thing in the world I wanted to watch is a politcal movie right now, but it was very high quality.

        Drive I loved though. excellent flick, I recommend it, its really bad ass. 😀

  1. This movie is way better than the average rom-com. It’s not so much the plot but the characters that make this enjoyable. They all manage to be funny and thoughtful without any snarkiness(Aha). Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone make this a treat. They’re America’s best new go to performers. Emma Stone is a sweetheart, the all-American girl next door. Thank God it wasn’t Jen Aniston in the part, but if it was offered to her and she turned it down, she’s a fool! Ryan Gosling, well he’s gettin’ there, if only he could develop more facial gesture, that’s all he’s lacking. I quite liked it. Wish they were all this caliber.

    • Total agreement on Emma Stone. She’s obviously “The Chosen One” now, she’s been annoited by hollywood as America’s Sweetheart, just like you point out. And I agree, she’s great. Cute, funny, attractive, talented… what’s not to like?

      I dont know about Golsing though, I think he’s already arrived! Did you catch Drive yet? I thought he was wickedly good there. Seriously. He was awesome.

      You’re right though, tragedy averted with Aniston turning this part down. Totally.

      • Drive? I’ve seen it twice and it’s in my instant queue! Possibly the best night time driving scenes in L.A. ever filmed. But Gosling was a stone face in that and he needs more flexibility for comedy. Is he well known enough to be the lead in a major flik? Drive is sorta indie.

      • I think he’s been in a lot of major flicks, yeah. He’s a superstar now! That’s my assessment… definitely.

        I thought Drive he was restrained, purposely. But you night be right, I’ll keep an eye out on it and see if my opinion changes…

  2. When I first saw the trailers for this movie I just wrote it off as another dumb, predictable rom com that I might go see if I was bored one weekend solely based on the fact that Ryan Gosling was in it. That weekend never came though and I forgot about the film until my roommate last year told me I HAD TO WATCH IT! I was so surprised! All of the characters are wonderful, it made me laugh out loud on several occasions, and everything just came together wonderfully! It is definitely a breath of fresh air in the romantic comedy genre. I completely agree with your A!

    • I dont know where my reply went on this one Nicole, I’m sorry about that 😦

      Anyways, Exactly. Dump, predictable Rom Com. Thats how I saw it too… But I was really really surprised… frist off, this movie is PRETTY unpredictable. LOL. There’s a lot of stuff in here where you just do NOT see it coming. LOL. Right? 😀

      And then, yeah, I was laughing too… I had a great time with it.

      The A gets seconded! Huzzah!! 😀

      • No worries!
        And yeah I’m usually good at seeing things like that coming, but it went completely over my head. Probably because I was too wrapped up in how good the actual movie was! And then that scene where everything just hits the fan. Hilarious! Movie gold.
        I really want to watch it again now =P

  3. I was digging this movie until the last 15 minutes or so. That nearly ruined it for me. It should have ended after the big fight scene. Everything from the graduation speech on felt forced and unnecessary. Other than that, this was a decent comedy.

    • Ah. Ok.

      I liked that scene, actually. I can see where you’d have issues, I mean, it does get far fetched a bit, but I liked it.

      Hence, the differences in our opinions, Sih!

  4. When we saw this one last summer, i was completely of the mindset that it was going to be mindless filler – which I *totally needed* considering I was in the final throes of launching the revamped Matinee..

    Colour me shocked when it turned out to be truly beautiful, smartly written, and funny as hell.
    This was a 4/4 movie for me and I count myself a huge fan.

    • I agree. I remember everyone raving about it after it came out and I was like, seriously? “Crazy Stupid Love?”

      But yeah, I guess they were right after all. LOL. 😀

      Surprising. Absolutely.

    • I cant believe that like half of my replies on this thread got lost somehow… Damn “Reply by Mail” I think its messed up for realz right now.

      Glad as always when we agree Mrs Marett. Always nice. 😀 Tomei’s a very funny lady, I’ll tell you, she’s great. I like her a lot.

      • You know? I didn’t… but something happened yesterday to a BUNCH of my replies. Every other comment on this thread, the reply was missing, and I had responded to all of them, so…

        Wouldnt surprise me if that one got lost somehow too. I’ll swing back this morning 😉

        Replying via GMail is easiest for me to stay on top of everything, but it definitely has some funky effects sometimes.

    • That equals a vote of confidence to me!

      Gotta say, me either… I normally would never choose to watch a Rom Com (outside of blogging) but i enjoyed this one quite a bit.

      Probably because the emphasis – the balance – was tipped towards the comedy. You know? It wasn’t a romance with comedic elements, it was a comedy about romance. Subtle difference, but critical here

  5. I guess it gave a lot of people that avoidance feel. I never considered seeing this for those same reasons posted above. But I will give it a view, when I can. Nice reveiw!

  6. I might watch this for Steve Carrell… I always laugh just looking at him, there’s something about his face! I think I’m the only girl who doesn’t think Gosling is sexy, he’s ripped all right but sexy, nah.

    • Well, Carell was really good here… Im not a huge fan or anything either, typically, but here I was happy to say I enjoyed him in this role quite a bit.

      I cant answer to whether or not Gosling is sexy… but he definitely was a manly man in this flick. LOL.

      • I took my mother to see this one with me on her birthday and she said after the movie that Gosling is really hot 😛 It was odd to hear, she usually prefers guys like Javier Bardem – had to see Eat Prey Love with her because he was in it :/

  7. Really glad to see you give this one A! Loved the film and it’s honestly one of the best rom coms of last few years for me – Gosling was so funny and Carrel is always entertaining to watch – they had great chemistry together. Plus Stone and Moore added ridiculous amounts of charm here.

    • Sati! 😀

      Yes! A for sure here. I loved it too. Great flick, totally a good one.

      Carell and Gosling did bring out the best in each other, didnt they? How cool was it at the end when the tables got turned and Carell got to do a little slapping? 😀

  8. Steve Carell really came onto my radar after I saw this movie, but I was really surprised with Gosling too, and my respect for him actually went up even though I don’t like his character – just seeing the variety of people he is able to play – from Driver to a hotshot lawyer to a ladies man – means that he’s not just a pretty face, he’s a decent actor as well. I’m glad you liked this one, it made me laugh out loud a LOT and very few movies can do that!

    • Agreed. Totally. He had a hell of a year last year. From this to Drive to Ides of March. Three very different roles, three different characters, great in all of them. He’s earning my respect FAST. Absolutely.

      Glad you agree Livi, I was laughing too… and that’s a sure fire sign of a good comedy. 😉

  9. I don’t know what it was about me and this film, but it just didn’t really do anything for me. Gosling, Carrel, and Stone were all great in their roles, but the film doesn’t help them out all that much because sometimes it will be smart and honest, then others, it will try to be funny and it doesn’t work. I don’t know. Good review though Fogs. I liked it enough to give it a 6.5, so I guess it doesn’t matter in the end.

    • I wouldnt sweat it here. I DID like the movie quite a bit, but its not one I’d give grief about though.

      I’m a softy, too, Dan, keep that in mind… 😀 Easy Grader, buddy. Eaaaaasy.

  10. I watched this movie on a whim last summer after hearing a few good things, and it was a lot of fun. There were a few parts that didn’t work as well for me (especially Marisa Tomei’s character), but I still really enjoyed it. It was a fun surprise with a great cast.

    • “Fun Surprise” should be the tagline of this flick. LOL. I think everyone is in agreement on that.

      I liked Tormei, though. I can see where you’re coming from, her melt down in the parent teacher conference was a bit of a stretch, I suppose.

      Maybe its just that I like her as an actress, I was willing to be forgiving.

  11. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this one. Really great story, good script and a delightful cast. Highly recommended. Good review Fogs.

    • Thanks Dan! I’ll echo that, it’s been something that I think is really tied in to my thinking on the movie… what a “surprise” it was.

      Glad to see you agree, I liked this one quite a bit and a lot of people have been validating that, I think this one pretty much has a consensus of being really good!

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